On Sale Rhode Island Reds and Goldsex Chicks

Rhode Island Reds Day Old Chicks for Sale

We have Rhode Island RedsĀ Gold Sex Link Baby Chick's ready to ship. We are offering for this hatch FREE SHIPPING. Place your order on www.chickenhousesplus.com today to reserve your chicks. The will be hatching starting Thursday & Friday of this week, and every other week after. Get your chicks now so by winter you will be picking up your own fresh eggs. We also carry a large number of chicken coop houses if you need one to put your chicks in and books and DVD's on how to care for your chicks.

The Rhode Island is a Red bird. The plumage is a dark rich glossy red in the male, being slightly less glossy in the female. The male should only have black in his wings and tail and the female the same but can have black on her neck. The body is broad and deep and oblong in its shape. It has a broad flat back with a medium sized tail. The earlobes are red in colour as are the eyes. They have yellow legs.

Gold Sex Link are a cross of the Rhode Island Red & Rhode Island White. Supper egg layers,

Rhode Island Red Gold Sex Link Chickens

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Artemus Gordon profile image

Artemus Gordon 7 years ago

I know some chickens are better layers and others roasters. The red is a good layer but is it one of those that hybrid between the two and can be used for meat as well?

ChickenHousesPlus 7 years ago

The Gold Sex Link we use mostly for eggs, but the roosters we do use as meat birds as they get quite plump.

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