Ferret Care Made Easy


If you have a ferret, you can enjoy the little furry beast for up to ten years or more. This longevity is dependent on how you care for them. Ferrets are most healthy when you give them poultry products that are high in protein and low in fat. There is nothing as unhealthy as a fat ferret. Your ferret should not have anything with sugar or high carbohydrates because they will not burn up the calories as a human would. Your ferret should also have plenty of water. They are high energy animals and can be dehydrated easily.

The ferret's cage needs to stay clean and be big enough for the ferret to have plenty of room to exercise and nest. An ideal ferret cage needs to be about eighteen inches wide and thirty inches high. You can have a basic cage for your ferret or you can buy a multilevel cage that will allow your ferret to move around more. Ferrets like to play, so provide plenty of toys for the little guy so he or she can amuse themselves while you are away.

Ferrets are like cats when it comes to toilet training. Provide them with a litter box with plenty of clean litter and you should have no problem keeping them from going on the carpet. Vet visits on a regular basis is also a good idea for your ferret. You need to get them vaccinated because sometimes they are susceptible to diseases that other pets may carry. A healthy ferret is a happy ferret and with care you can enjoy them for years to come


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