Fertile Chicken Hatching Eggs for Sale

Fertile Chicken Eggs for Sale

Chickenhousesplus.com has fertile chicken eggs for sale. We have Rhode
Island Red mixed with New Hamsphire red eggs - we have quite a few of
these to ship so take advance of this special offer. we carry the
chicken egg incubator, chicken houses and chicken coops so your baby
chickens will be well taken care of. We ship eggs every Monday and
Tuesday USPS Priority Mail so you will have them in good time to put to

Fertilized Chicken Eggs

Our free range fertile chicken eggs
Our free range fertile chicken eggs

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samuel rader 7 years ago

hi i may be interested in you fertile RI x NH eggs how old are the eggs when you ship them are the eggs turned every day before shipping how many can you ship at one lot also the cost per egg shipped to 45619 i do need another supplier of the sex links let me know thanks


Suzie 7 years ago

Hi, I can supply weekly 10 dz of the Rhode Island Red mixed with New Hampshire reds. I can also supply weekly 5-8 dz of the Pure Breed Rhode Island Reds, and buffs.

let me know what quantity are are looking for a week and I will get back to you on prices. We ship our eggs once a week Priority Mail. To ship 1 dz cost with insurance $7.95

garrett 7 years ago

is the shipping free and how much does fertile chicken eggs cost.

Don 7 years ago

I'm very interested in buying some eggs. can you send me an email with all relevant information: price, how old, etc.


einron profile image

einron 7 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

My uncle used to breed Rhode Island Red and Leg Horn for some time and then he quitted.

May God grant you success in your business.

randy 7 years ago

i am looking for rhode island reds. do you ship to zip 38351 and how much per dozen. email me at sportscards24@aol.com

ChickenHouses profile image

ChickenHouses 7 years ago from North Central Florida Author

we have the rir eggs - go to my website www.chickenhousesplus.com and place your order there.

Salah 7 years ago

Dear Sir:

please try only to replay this e mail and send your telephone nomber...we would like to make business with you.thank you.

StAcy 6 years ago

I have several questions. Can I call you or you call me937-623-5534

Lisa 6 years ago

Do you still have fertilized chicken eggs for sale? Our free range buff orvington has become so broody and after weeks and weeks, we are thinking we should simply give in and get her a few fertilized eggs.

chickenhouses 6 years ago

Yes we do visit our website at chickenhousesplus.com their you will find our fertile eggs

o de A 6 years ago

can you ship those eggs abroad, for instance in Africa?

ChickenHouses 6 years ago

we can only ship to your freight forwarder in the USA then they will have to forward to you.

thunderstar21@catlover.com 6 years ago

hi. Can someone send me some fertilized chicken eggs? It doesn't matter what type. The only thing is, I don't have a credit card, so I can't send money that way. I would send money through the mail.

PS. If your getting rid of chickens/roosters/ or chicks, i'll gladdly take them.

Email me at thunderstar21@catlover.com with info.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks

shannon 6 years ago

HEllo I see that you have some blue eggs do you have any araucana's?

sarah 6 years ago

Hi can anyone tell me the regulations on shipping from uk to usa and is there any paper work involved??

ChickenHousesPlus 6 years ago

You need to check with your USDA in your area. I just send my NPIP certificate with my orders that I ship outside the usa and mark on the box DO NOT X RAY FERTILE EGGS. I also have my customers make sure that they can import the eggs from the usa.

Peter Morakinyo 6 years ago

I am interested in your fartile eggs & i will like to invest in shipping it to Afica.Please send me the prie list & procedure of shipping.Kind regards

ChickenHousesPlus 6 years ago

Hi, you will find the prices on our website www.chickenhousespluscom

Rosemary Cowen-Knight 6 years ago

We would like some eggs to hatch in a class room and then to take home for egg production. Please call me at 510 774 8810 Thank you!!!

Chickenhouses 6 years ago

We have the variety dozen on sale now from $19.97 to $10.00. Order online and we will get the eggs out to you within 48 hours.

doina 6 years ago

I need to buy some cuckoo maran fertile eggs, and can not find any. do you know any body that have some for sale.

thank you

ChickenHouses 6 years ago

Yes we have our hens starting to lay. go to www.chickenhousesplus.com and click on Fertile Chicken Eggs, there you will find the cuckoo marans eggs to buy.

Raven 6 years ago

i would like to buy one how much

michelle turner 6 years ago

how many can i have at a time and how much are they pure breed

ian tate 6 years ago

i want to buy some eggs for hatching, but dont have a incubater, my bantam chicken are really brudy. do u think they will be ok to let the chickens do naturally?

Nick 6 years ago

How much are chicken eggs??

Do you have a incubator??

If you don't do you know a good place to get a 6 egg miney incubator

ChickenHousePlus 6 years ago

Hi Nick,

Visit our website at http://www.chickenhousesplus.com, you will find the prices on eggs and mini incubators.

James 6 years ago


Where can I find list of the UK's leading hetcharies. Someone who would be able to supply more than 200 000 eggs per week.

Any help or advise appreciated

ChickenHousesPlus 6 years ago

you will have to search the internet for UK suppliers, in the usa to ship to the uk you will need a permit.

KOROS HENRY 6 years ago


Cheyanne 6 years ago


I really need some fertile chicken eggs locally and you seem to be perfect. Do you still sell chicken eggs? If so do you have any other kind? Is it still eight dollars for a dozen?

Roger 6 years ago

Have fertile chicken eggs for sale $.50 ea.

Have about 200 Chicks for sale, mostly males $1. ea.

all RI Reds



Seth 5 years ago

Does the offer still stand on the Rhode Island Reds? Do you have them daily? I would like 2 dozen fresh, if you have them. How much would you charge for shipping to New York?

Chickenhouses 5 years ago


we have the RIR's laying now, go to my website at

www.chickenhousesplus.com for prices on eggs and shipping.

Ahmed Amur Ambusaidi 5 years ago

Dear Sir;

I would like to buy from your farm Chicken Hatching eggs (COBB 500) on a long term business. I need presently 78800 chicken hatching eggs each month, 19700 per week. This amount will be doubled in nearby future. Can you please send to me your quotation for the above amount of eggs including CIF price to Muscat International Airport, Oman. Also, Can you include (on your quotation) information about the quality and the hatchability rate of eggs, method of payment, # of days for shipment to arrive to Muscat airport.

Thank you

Ahmed Amur Ambusaidi


Mobile: 00968 99447125

E-mail: ambu2020@windowslive.com

maisam niser 5 years ago

plz send us price list of 5 containers to angola fob and all details that releated to u adress

chickenhousesplus 5 years ago

we do not ship out eggs outside the usa. sorry

benedict chibueze 5 years ago

Dear Sir;

I would like to buy from your farm Chicken Hatching eggs on a long term business. I need up to 90,000 chicken hatching eggs each month, 25000 per week.Can you please send to me your quotation for the above amount of eggs and whatit will take including the price of shipping it to apapa International Airport,lagos nigeria Also, Can you include (on your quotation) information about the quality and the hatchability rate of the eggs, method of payment and possibly your contact number.

this is my e-mail address chibykko@yahoo.com

Thank you

Chickenhousesplus.com 5 years ago

sorry we cannot supply that amount of eggs at one time, and we do not ship international.

natalie 5 years ago

would like to buy one chicken egg but how much would it be

SuzieO profile image

SuzieO 5 years ago from Florida

here is the link to purchase a single eggs


Melissa 5 years ago

are you still selling because I need at least 6 eggs vary soon for like next week.

Chickenhouses 5 years ago

Yes we sell year around

R4roses 4 years ago

How much are they each how long would they take to ship

ali 4 years ago

HI can i purchase 100 rhode island reds eggs and have it ship to the turks and caicos island

ChickenHouses profile image

ChickenHouses 4 years ago from North Central Florida Author

sorry we do not ship outside of the usa

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