Finch nests


Finch Nests - There are many different varieties of nest for finches. This picture shows a variety of the woven type.

Many finches will build their own nest in a bunch of rafia or some will spend hours building their nest by carting pieces of grasses, bark chips and feathers.

In most occasions the male will carry the nesting material to the nest while the female juggles it about to her satisfaction. Often dropping it out so the male has to pick it up again.

Some will build their nest in the wooden smaller parrot nest boxes. I have used planter pots nailed onto a piece of wood. Cut a small round hole in the top of the base and fix a perch underneath the cut out hole for the finch to rest when entering.

They will also build nests in tea tree branches pushed tightly together and wrapped in netting and hung in the aviary. This gives them more protection from mice climbing up the walls of the aviary and disrupting the breeding program.

Birds are beautiful but they need to be cared for correctly. They can become ill even if cages are kept clean, as finches especially are very small. There are many different ailments and sicknesses to watch out for.

Collecting nesting materials

Finches feeding in nest

Breeding Finches can be very rewarding

If you are thinking about breeding finches yourself then you need to start with the easier types. And you can learn more about this from another article that I wrote on how to keep and breed finches


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Comments 18 comments

katie 6 years ago

This morning I went out to water may favorite hanging planter,(it’s gorgeous with purple, red and yellow flowers – very full) and lo and behold some little house finches have made a nest smack dab in the middle of all those pretty flowers. So, now what to do? I’d like to figure a way to water it without bothering them, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to due that.

Eileen Hughes profile image

Eileen Hughes 6 years ago from Northam Western Australia Author

Katie, I would just use a cup and walk quietly over to the plant and pour the water into the side of the planter. Don't hang around after though.

If you do it quietly they will more than likely be ok.

brenda 6 years ago

I just found a female finch also in my hanging planter and had the same question about watering the plant. I noticed also that the male is sitting on the balcony ledge...they come in early in the morning and leave during the hot part of the day. I don't know if there are eggs in there or not...what happens if we (katie's problem also) water the plant? Will the birds know? Will the babies drown? or the eggs not hatch (if there are any?) I love watching them..but don't want the plant to die..thank you

Eileen Hughes profile image

Eileen Hughes 6 years ago from Northam Western Australia Author

Brenda, be vary careful how you water them don't use a hose just put some water down one side of planter away from their nest.

You need to see where the nest is first of course.

stuart 6 years ago

i have just got to finchs about three weeks ago, they are getting on well with my canary, but today i came home from work at there is an egg at the bottom of the cage, but i don't have abird cage, what is best to use as the petshop said they wouldn't do it if no nest. ? but they wrong?

Eileen Hughes profile image

Eileen Hughes 6 years ago from Northam Western Australia Author

Stuart if they are a pair, 1 male 1 female they will breed. But females do lay eggs but they will not be fertile.

Just put some grasses in the cage with a nest. And they will breed (depending on the breed of finches) Do not understand that you have no cage what have you got them in then.

Parvez 4 years ago

I have a pair of finches. They have bred and I can see kids that are now three weeks old. I can see the parents mating again. My question. Will they use the same nest? When do I separate the kids, they appear small and cannot feed themselves?

Eileen Hughes profile image

Eileen Hughes 4 years ago from Northam Western Australia Author

The parents will keep looking after their babies and normally lay their eggs in the same nest each time. Do not worry about them.

Parvez 4 years ago

My finch pair has layed five eggs and the female was sitting on them. I threw in some tissue paper bits which she readily picked up and has burried the eggs under them. She has also stopped sitting on them. Has she abandoned them? Should I remove the tissue bits from above the eggs?

Eileen Hughes profile image

Eileen Hughes 4 years ago from Northam Western Australia Author

I would not interfere with your finch nest. They know best. It also depends on which type of finches you are trying to breed from. Some will not nest if anyone looks at their nests at all. Look up some information on the internet on breeding your particular finch.

If you have no experience at breeding try some of the easier birds to breed with like zebras, firefinch and gouldians are pretty easy these days. They used to hide.

Parvez 4 years ago

Eillen thanks for reply Let me share what I did.

My female finch abandoned the nest and the eggs. I then hung another round open basket nest. The pair looked itup and started building another nest. I guess the female layed one or two more eggs in the new nest. Then, at night, when the pair was outside the nest, I used a pen torch, dug into the old nest, scooped out the seven eggs and carefully dropped them in the new one and then held my breath. Lo and behold. The beauty of the girl has started the incubation. Today is the third day and all seems OK. I will let you know when I hear the miraculous sounds of the infants.

Eileen Hughes profile image

Eileen Hughes 4 years ago from Northam Western Australia Author

thats great although it will depend on how long the eggs were layed before they sat on them. They still may not be any good. but good luck with your breeding. If no luck then just leave them to their own devices.

ChristyWrites profile image

ChristyWrites 4 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

Thanks for the great hub, I linked to it in my recent hub about a finch. Take care.

Michael Stanford 4 years ago

Hey guys!

I have here an article about house finches nest here:

I hope this will serve as a guide to help finches owners out there to deal with their finches nest...Thanks

Kenneth 3 years ago

I have a pair of Shaft Tail finches and they laid three eggs in the first next box,I see them taking turns sitting on the eggs each day. Today I noticed them starting to make a new nest in the other nest box I had set up on the other side of the cage. Is this normal or should I take out this second next box ?

Eileen Hughes profile image

Eileen Hughes 3 years ago from Northam Western Australia Author

Hi Kenneth, this does happen from time to time. Are the birds fairly young sometimes young birds will do this. Or maybe the babies died or the eggs were infertile if young pair.

I would not worry. Give them time and you also need to be patient. Do not disturb them if possible and you could be surprised.

miemie 3 years ago

Hi can a finche build nest on a wire fence

Eileen Hughes profile image

Eileen Hughes 2 years ago from Northam Western Australia Author

Finches will make their nests wherever they feel safe. although they do need access to nesting materials. I would put some nests or nesting materials under cover and then they will decide where they want to make the nest.

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