Doctor fish in the Metro Manila

Fish Spa in Ocean Park

The fishes are nibbling at my feet and tickling me.
The fishes are nibbling at my feet and tickling me.

Twenty minutes fish spa at Oceanarium

Yesterday, me, my husband and son went to the Manila Ocean Park to relax and introduce my two-year old son to marine living species.  The first time we went there was in 2008, and the oceanarium was still bare and lack some interactive activities.

We got package A which includes entrance to the oceanarium, boat ride, and fish spa worth P500. I actually ignored the fish spa because I had no idea, what it was. I was more excited with the boat ride. After touring the oceanarium, we headed straight to the fish spa. What I saw surprised me.

There it was, two small pool with fishes inside and the people had their tired feet dipped in it. It got me excited because I kind of like the feeling of fish tickling my feet. I am actually fond of going to a foot spa, where they massage my tired feet with their bare hands. I wonder how the fishes nibbling at my feet would feel.

As expected, the feeling was heaven. the fish spa was tickling and strange at first. You would imagine small piranhas biting your feet but they are actually harmless.  My husband was squirming and giggling and there was even a point where he let out a loud shriek. He was really a ticklish person, especially under his soles. I find it tickling but relaxing. The spa lasted for twenty minutes  and since I can't seem to get enough of it, I ask the one manning the booth if I could extend for another 10 minutes since my son was not able to use it. He is 10 times ticklish and squirmish than his Dad.

The doctor fish, plenty of them, surrounded my feet and legs and start nibbling at them. The doctor fish or garra rufa, as I read on the wall, is actually nibbling at the dead skin cells. There were plenty of doctor fish around my feet, so it means I have plenty of dead skin cells?

After the ten minute extension, the person called my name and said it is over. The experience was different. It was kind of addicting. I even thought of breeding my own doctor fish at home so that I could dip in my feet anytime.

If we did not get the package, twenty minutes of fish spa costs P120. We passed by star city before going homeand walk inside for awhile. And what do you know, they also have fish spa and costs only P50 per twenty minutes. I was tempted to dip in again but did not.

I am actually contemplating to breed that kind of fish. Seriously.

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jade 6 years ago

were you able to find a supplier of this fish in manila? ii'm curious, i would like to have some myself too..

mamymaldy 4 years ago Author

No, have not really tried finding one.

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