Five Animals That Are Smarter Than You May Think They Are

Most people realize that dogs are pretty intelligent animals. A lot of people also realize that horses are fairly bright as well. But have you ever wondered about other animals? Are some animals smarter than others? If so, just how smart are they? As it turns out, there are indeed many intelligent creatures out there with intellects that vary across a wide range. Let us take a look at a few of the smartest animals of the world...


One of the most surprisingly intelligent animals is the crow. They are known to be adept at puzzle solving and are considered to be resourcefully creative. They also interact with other crows in complex ways, including communicating with family members with a unique language that other crows cannot understand. Crows are known to play tricks on each other and are capable of using tools in the daily routine.


The octopus is one of the smartest creatures of the sea. They often play games with each other and have demonstrated problem solving abilities. Little is known about these amazing creatures, but researchers are still discovering more and more astounding facts that continue to indicate the octopus is a really smart fellow.


Squirrels are considered one of the most clever animals in all of nature. Though their native habitat is the wild, they have easily adapted to living alongside humans in even the most metropolitan areas. While other animals flee man's advances into their domain, squirrels simply change their habits to welcome their new neighbors.

Squirrels have demonstrated significant learning abilities, often play games with their companions and use deception to confuse potential thieves when hiding their food supply. Squirrels often live in colonies that demonstrate complex organization. They have exceptional abilities such as excellent long term memory and advanced recognition skills. These resourceful little critters may have brains as small as the nuts the save for winter, but they put those tiny brains to full use!


Raccoons are some of the craftiest creatures you will ever find. They are unusual in the animal kingdom in that they have human-like hands with thumbs, though their thumbs are not opposable. Raccoons use their hands to perform many human-like chores. They live in complex communities and develop complicated relationships with one another. In many ways, raccoons are practically human.


Pigeons are probably best known for their homing abilities and their popularity as flying messengers. This is indeed an indication of their intelligence, with their ability to remember locations and people being virtually unmatched in the animal kingdom. But the truly amazing things about pigeons is their ability to multitask, allowing them to more quickly accomplish a complex array of tasks.

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gail641 profile image

gail641 4 years ago from Mason City

The animals are so intelligent and resouceful. The photos are wonderful. Pigeons have been long known for the homing abilities. The squirrels playing cards is really cute. Nice Hub.

Esmeowl12 profile image

Esmeowl12 4 years ago from Sevierville, TN

The others I knew about but it wasn't until recently that I learned how smart crows are. We watched a nature special about them and it was so interesting. They can even recognize faces! Thanks for an informative hub.

MissDoolittle profile image

MissDoolittle 4 years ago from Sussex, UK

I knew squirrels were intelligent. Around my way there are lots of them, and a family of them now live in some of the trees in my garden. They are forever winding up my cats and dog, but because they are so intelligent, my cats and dog cannot get near them!

GetitScene profile image

GetitScene 3 years ago from The High Seas

Always been a fan of all of these animals, but you forgot my other, favorite critter, the elephant!

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