Five Best Chicken Coops for your Backyard Flock

Little Red Wagon 2-3 hens
Little Red Wagon 2-3 hens | Source
Great chicken coop for bantams or 2 regular size hens
Great chicken coop for bantams or 2 regular size hens | Source
Chicky Hilton - Large Chicken Coop
Chicky Hilton - Large Chicken Coop

Different Size Chicken Coops for your Backyard

Raising your own chickens can be a rewarding experience, but the right chicken coop makes a big difference to the success of your flock.  It's important that your flock is kept safe from predators, that they are warm and dry, and have an enclosed section for roosting.  Additionally, you will want a chicken coop that blends in with the landscape of your backyard.  Following you will find just a few of the chicken coops that are available to meet the needs of your flock:

Chicken Coop Cabin - This chicken coop provides a safe roost for four to six hens and has an elegant look.  This coop is built to last, using quality materials including top grade lumber, rustproof galvanized wire, non-toxic stain, and a shingle roof that is waterproof.  The two screened front panels are removable for easy cleaning and access to the hens.  Additionally, this coop features a side access door, rear-access door, and a removable wooden side panel.  The attachable access ramp, lift-out floor panels, and four removable roosts makes it easy to raise a small flock.

4' x 6' Unique Chicken Coop House - This chicken coop is very unique and packed with features.  It features a 6' tall ceiling and a 24" x 62" entry door.  The next box is designed in a "lean to" style, making the coop very efficient.  The large entrance door, higher ceiling, and three slider windows make the coop easy to access and clean.  Your flock is kept safe thanks to the vinyl coated wire that is used in its construction.  An optional automatic door can be added that will automatically open in the morning and close in the evening.  There are two options for the automatic door; one that uses a light sensor to open the door and dawn and shut it at dusk or one that features a timer that the user sets.

Chicken Coop for Free Range Chickens - This coop is ideal for four to six hens and allows for easy viewing of the flock while they are kept safe in their home.  It is constructed of high quality materials, including top grade lumber, rustproof galvanized wire, non-toxic stain, and a waterproof shingled roof.  The large front door, removable side panel, and rear access door make access and clean-up easy.  It features lift-out floor panels, two removable roosts, covered screen porch, attachable access ramp, and a storage compartment.

 Portable Barn Style Chicken House (5 x 8) - This attractive chicken coop is Amish built and it provides a secure home for a flock of up to twenty chickens.  This coop features eight roomy nesting boxes, providing a cozy spot for laying eggs.  The ceiling is six feet high, allowing for easy access through the keyed entry door.  This coop also features two slider windows that are screened with vinyl coated, predator resistant wire. 

Backyard Chicken House - This small and portable chicken coop is custom built using wood, PVC, screen, glue, and screws.  This coop will comfortably house four hens, features two doors and holds two optional nesting boxes.  Because this portable coop is custom made, allow 7-10 for construction.

This is just a sample of the available chicken coops that will provide comfort and security for your flock.  While each of these options are attractive, they can be painted to blend with your landscape.

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