Five Tips for Keeping Your Pet Safe this Winter


As winter approaches, it is important to think about the safety of your furry friends. They don’t have the option of just throwing on a couple more layers of clothes like we do so we have to make sure they are nice and cozy so they don’t freeze. Here are five things you can do this winter to make sure your pet stays warm.

1. Let them build up a tolerance to the cold. Many animals have to ability to increase their winter coat, meaning that they can grow fur and build up a tolerance to the cold. But this only happens if they are introduced to the cold gradually. If your pet spends most of their time indoors, make sure they don’t spend long periods of time outdoors. You can, however, help them build up their tolerance to the cold by allowing them to spend short amounts of time outside as the temperature goes down to help them get used to the colder weather.

2. Get them a coat. Many short haired pets will not build up a significant tolerance to the frigid weather. For pets like this, you should get a coat for them to wear when you take them outdoors. You can find coats for pets in a wide variety of designs and colors so you can have fun dressing your pet up as the winter months approach.

3. Avoid giving them holiday foods and decorations. As the colder months approach, so do the holidays. This means lots of extra foods, desserts and decorations around the house. You should never give your pets chocolate because it can speed up their heart rates to dangerous or fatal levels. Also, avoid giving your dog any bones, alcohol or other things that you enjoy during the holiday times. Also, holly berries and mistletoe can be poisonous so either keep these out of your home during the holidays or find a way to ensure that your pet doesn’t get to them.

4. Don’t leave your pets in the car for long periods. Being locked in the back seat of your car for long periods of time is just as dangerous for your pets during the winter months as it is during the summer months. If you can’t bring them into the places you are going while you are out and about, leave them at home.

5. Give your pets a comfortable and cozy bed to sleep on. Regardless of how warm your house or apartment may be, the floor is probably cold. Even with carpeting, the cool air can seep up and cause your pet to be cold, especially since they are closer to the ground than we are. To help them stay warm, get them a nice and cozy bed that they can sleep on to keep them from sleeping on the cold floor. If you don’t have a pet bed, at least put a couple blankets on the floor for them to lie on to help them stay warm.

If you’re like many pet owners, your pet is simply part of your family. You wouldn’t want your children to be too cold or uncomfortable, so why would you let your pet freeze? These tips should help them stay warm until the springtime arrives and they can run around outside once again.

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