Frankie the Menace

FRANKIE THE MENACE-Taken by my niece
FRANKIE THE MENACE-Taken by my niece

Ok, my niece has a dog named Frankie which she spoils to death, with scheduled trips to the vet for bathing, special day cares for dogs, and training sessions which Frankie is most obedient. In fact he acts like an angel with my niece and does most everything from fetch the newspaper to lay he head on her lap for snuggle time.

Only problem is once in a while I’m asks to watch Frankie, when her and her husband go on shorts trips together. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Frankie too, but he just doesn’t want to listen to me. The other day I put Frankie in the back yard for a short period of time, when I opened the door and called his name I watched as he ran behind a tree and proceeded to hide from me. I could see his snout sticking out on one side of the tree, so I proceeded to walk outside into the yard and call him again, only this time he inched closer to the tree hiding his snout not making a peep. I thought let’s see what happens when I walk back inside the house. Once inside the house I looked out the window, first I saw Frankie’s head peek around the corner of the tree as if to say “Is the coast clear?” than out from the tree skidding around the yard with his ball. After a number of attempts I finally got Frankie back into the house.

It never fails that every time I call Frankie to come inside he hides, sometimes I’m in a hurry to do something and getting him inside is a nightmare. I know I only have him for a short period of time, and other than that Frankie is the best dog in the world, if only he would come when I call…I already tried treats, putting a leash around his neck, which really turned into a nightmare with him crying to the point where I couldn’t take it, also it wouldn’t hurt if I had a small back yard, but I don’t which makes finding Frankie who hide even more problematic. My yard is fenced in so he can’t go far, but unfortunately I’m unable to walk with Frankie every time he wants to go outside, for I may have dinner cooking or something else going on. Two more days of Frankie’s hiding, then it‘s home he goes, I just don‘t understand why he doesn‘t hide with my niece, but he does so with me, maybe because he knows he can….

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Alison Dittmar profile image

Alison Dittmar 5 years ago from PA

As a dog lover, I could truly relate to this "tail" haha. I would suggest the next time you are asked to Frankie-sit, to use a leash for potty times. Like, if you are in a hurry and just need him to GO, then a leash will get him back in the house quicker. If, he is just out for fresh air and play, then don't worry... he'll eventually get hungry/lonely/bored and beg to come back in! :) He sounds so cute...

smarty2pop profile image

smarty2pop 5 years ago Author

Oh he is cute and diffenately has his own mind. Frankie does what Frankie wants to do, until you catch him. After I gave my bad progress report to my niece, I got the previledge of watching him lick her face while she scolded and hugged him at the same time, then follow her out to the car ever so obediately!

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