French Bulldogs: A comprehensive Guide


The French bulldog is a small brand of domestic dog. Also popularly referred to as “Frenchies”, these well-liked canines were as a result of crossbreeding between bulldog ancestors from England and the locally found ratters in Paris. It was ranked among the top five domesticated dogs in Europe and the Americas in a 2014 survey. This article highlights some notable attributes of this dog breed. Continue reading to understand the key aspects of the French bulldog.

1. History

The exact origins of the present day French bulldog is traced from the Molossians pets, an ancient Greek tribe that has left a great footprint in the history of animal domestication. The dogs are believed to have popularized in various parts of the world by the globetrotting Phoenician traders. It is these Molossian breeds that birthed other currently popular pet breeds such as the Mastiff. Apart from the Mastiff, there about ten other dog breeds that have been traced to this era.

While the involving inquest into the development of French bulldogs is a dauntingly taxing task, the European Industrial Revolution that led to the settlement of the French people in Normandy is a notable phenomenon that led to the start of these widely appreciated canines. It is around that time that the dogs became particularly trendy in France. By 1860, the French bulldogs were a ubiquitous household possession. From 1860 to this day, the canines spread to other European countries before later finding their way to the Americas. However, the breed did not reach Latin America until about hundred years after finding its way to North American countries.


2. Appearance

French bulldogs are generally smaller than other dog breeds and hybrids out there. They have characteristic bat-like ears that are usually larger than that of others pets of their bulk. With a rounded forehead, their soft coat comes in a wide range of colors such as brindle, fawn, white, and sometimes a combination of brindle/fawn with white speckles/spots. Rather than square, the French bulldogs tend to be quite pear-shaped – with a broader dimension at the shoulders that at the area around the head. The average French bulldog weighs 25 to 28 pounds. Further, the pets can grow to be about 12 inches long. With a lean fur, the French bulldog is easy to groom at home. You really don’t have to hire professional grooming services unless you simply don’t feel like doing the grooming yourself.

3. Temperament

French bulldogs are highly sociable animals that treasure being close to their masters. The trusty pet may resort to incessant barking and get highly irritable if left alone for long hours. However, the breed is not very active and thus requires minimal exercising. A walk per day is enough for the average French bulldog. For their ubiquitously calm disposition, these pets are an excellent pick for apartment dwellers. Again, they get along well with children although they may often charge menacingly if provoked by little ones. As such, it is not prudent to let children play with the dog for long without adult superintendence.

4. Health

According to global surveys conducted in the United Kingdom in 2014, the average lifespan of a French bulldog was found to be 8 to 10 years. These pets have a major health problem because their bodies are unable to naturally regulate the body temperatures. Again, commercial flights have banned traveling with these breeds due to the high number of airborne fatalities. The dogs are additionally prone to patellar luxation, which may be caused by injuries of congenital deformities


5. Birth and Reproduction

French bulldogs respond well to artificial insemination. However, an estimated 80% of their pups are born through caesarean operation. This is because most of these canines are largely incapable of breeding naturally. One of the reasons for poor natural breeding is that many of them have very slim hips that cannot allow a natural birth. Another setback is that the females may suffer silent’ heat bouts that may not draw the attention of the available means. These silent heat seasons may be occasioned by thyroid diseases or other related health complications.

6. French Bulldogs for Sale

Regardless of where you live, there are many centers and individual-owned kennels that offer French bulldogs for sale. Even if you cannot locally find a brick-and-mortar facility that sales French bulldog pups, you can take your search online. A simple search on the internet will give many results but always make your due diligence and search for a reputable breeder.

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