Frizzle Chickens

Photo credit Flickr/Just Chaos
Photo credit Flickr/Just Chaos

What is a Frizzle Chicken?

Frizzle chickens result from a genetic mutation which causes the feathers to curl up, instead of lying flat against the chicken’s body.  A frizzle chicken is fluffy, with feathers sticking out like a curly head of hair.  They are often said to look like Mum flowers.

What Breed is a Frizzle Chicken?

Any breed can be “frizzled.”  Frizzle is not technically a chicken breed, although many people refer to “white frizzle” or “red frizzle,” instead of the more technically correct “Leghorn frizzle” or “Rhode Island Red frizzle.”  Polish, with its big topknot, is a very popular breed as a frizzle.

The frizzle gene is dominant.  This means that if you breed a frizzle chicken to a non-frizzle chicken, the chicks (which will each be half frizzles) will show the frizzled feathers. 

Where Do Frizzle Chickens Come From?

The first frizzle mutants appeared in the Pacific Rim in the 1500s.  Although silkies had been bred in China for a thousand years, the frizzle mutation was something new. 

Do Frizzled Chickens Lay Eggs? Are Frizzled Chickens Meat Birds?

Frizzles lay eggs just like their “real” breed would.  In other words, a Leghorn or Australorp frizzle will lay a lot of eggs, while a Cornish frizzle would be more appropriate as a meat bird. 

In theory you could raise a frizzle as a layer or a meat bird.  But in practice, frizzles are what’s called an “Exhibition” breed, meaning that they are bred just for show.

Because frizzles are still relatively rare, their main value lays in their coats, and not in their production.

What Is A Curly?

Experts recommend that you only breed a frizzle to a non-frizzle chicken.  If you breed a frizzle to a frizzle, then 25% of the chicks will have two frizzle genes.  This creates a bird called a “curly.”

Curly chickens have feathers which are too curly, thin, dry, and sparse.  A curly chicken is practically naked, and is considered extremely undesirable.

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what does a 2day old baby fizzled chicken look like

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