Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Control for Dogs

Dangers of Fleas & Ticks to Dogs

If dogs are man's best friend, then fleas and ticks can easily be considered dogs' worst enemies.  Day in and day out, year after year these continue to be major problems for dog owners everywhere.  Both of these pests which crawl onto you or your dogs can be harmful to your pet's health as well as your own.  Fleas may carry worms or other diseases, such as Anemia, tapeworms, Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD) and Plague, which is characterized by high fever, dehydration and enlarged lymph nodes.  Also, many people or animals are allergic to flea bites so they can cause a lot of irritation with your household. 

Ticks are a dangerous bloodsucking menace which can really cause serious problems both you and your pet.  They tend to crawl onto your dog and then dig into its skin to suck blood.  In the process they may be transmitting disease.  Ticks are second place to only mosquitoes in terms of transmitting arthropod born human diseases.  These harmful and debilitating diseases include Rocky Mountain spotted fever as well as Lyme disease which can be very serious when contracted by humans. 

As you can tell, both fleas and ticks insects can enter your home to cause a multitude of problems, so stopping them is highly necessary!

Notes about Frontline Products

You may have some concerns about using the Frontline Product with your pet's particular circumstances.  It's important to know some of the facts.  The company Merial which manufacturers Frontline has a sales policy under which they only sell the product to veterinarians.  This is their policy because they believe the vet will best service the health concerns of your pet in an appropriate manner. 

Once you have the product, the Frontline typically takes up to 24 hours after its application to be fully active on your dog and ready to kill fleas and ticks.  You may see even more fleas on your dog after the Frontline has been applied but this is a strong indicator that the product is working, as it's causing the fleas to go crazy and surface.  Also, the product once applied, will last over the course of a full month before it needs to be re-applied.

Frontline can be applied to dogs as young as 8 weeks old.  There's been no known negative effects when using Frontline with a dog that is on medication, so this shouldn't be a worry.  Also, there is no expiration date on Frontline products, but the company recommends you store the products at room temperature, sealed in the original package to avoid the product becoming expired.

Frontline Plus Product for Dogs

The best way to rid your dog of fleas and ticks is a very useful product known as Frontline Plus.  It's a veterinarian-recommended, highly effective flea and tick protection product for your pet dog.  It's been known to work very quickly, stopping up to 100% of fleas 12 hours after it has first been applied to your dog. Ticks will typically be killed by Frontline within 48 hours of coming into contact with your dog's coat.  The Frontline products also lasts long.  Frontline Plus works to kill fleas and ticks over the course of the entire month after it's been applied.  It's approved for small puppies as well as dogs who are pregnant or lactating.  Also, the Frontline Plus product is waterproof so it will continue to protect your dog even if your dog has become wet by being in the rain, swimming or through bathing.

The active ingredient used in Frontline Plus is something called "fipronil".  When Frontline Plus is applied, the fipronil becomes stored under the oil glands in your dog's skin.  From there it is continuously distributed through the dog's hair follicles by a process called "translocation".  Translocation can take up to 24 hours to complete, but when it's finished the Frontline will provide constant protection against fleas and ticks.  This constant protection also works to break the life cycle of fleas so infestations do not occur.

How to use Frontline Plus

Where to Buy Frontline Plus Product

Buying Frontline Plus

Most customers fully support the Frontline product as an effective means of flea and tick control for their pet dogs.  Since it's also highly-recommended by many veterinarians, Frontline definitely carries a strong reputation and seal of approval.  If you want to ensure the safety and well-being of both you and your pet, then Frontline is definitely the product to buy.  Since Frontline typically sells for about $25 and up, it's a relatively small investment to make to prevent future health problems from happening to your pet.

The Merial Frontline Plus for Flea and Tick Control product can be acquired from your veterinarian, as well as purchased online at good prices at both eBay and  Both of these popular online retailers sell the product which will effectively rid your family's pet dog of fleas and ticks.  A single box usually contains 3 or 6 doses of the Frontline product which each provide 30 days protection against fleas and ticks.  A 3 dose box can be used for 3 months and a 6 dose box for 6 months.

Frontline is sold based on the size of your dog so make sure to order the proper Frontline Plus that corresponds to your particular pet. 

The Frontline product sizes for dogs are as follows:

Orange: Dog's weight is 0-22 lbs
Blue: Dog's weight is 23-44 lbs
Purple: Dog's weight is 45-88 lbs
Red: Dog's weight is 89-132 lbs

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