Fun Facts You Might Not Have Known About Chickens!

Ever wonder if a chicken could run? What about their daily diets? There's quite a few fun facts about chickens that are sure to be a surprise.

Fun Fact: The "Turken" - Chickens make adorable chicks when bred with a rooster. But did you know a chicken can also be bred with a turkey? The result is what's known as a Turken. The goofy turken has the long neck feature of a turkey with the short stubby body of a hen.

Fun Fact: Speed Racer - The chicken may be a mostly flightless bird, but it's certainly no slow poke. A chicken can travel up to 9 MPH! Typically a chicken will reach this speed when startled or scared, but occasionally they may do it just for fun. For a comparison, the average walking speed for a human is 3 - 4 MPH.

Fun Fact: Multiple Yolks - On average, a chicken egg only has one yolk. Occasionally a double yolk can be found. You can tell if an egg has more than one yolk by the size of the egg. Shockingly, nine yolks were once found in a single egg, the largest number of yolks ever found! Another fun fact about eggs, they can come in colors other than white and brown, such as blue or green! The color of the shell does not affect the color of the yolk.

Fun Fact: Omnivores - Chickens don't just eat veggie based food, they'll also eat meat! Including bugs, mice, and lizards. Chickens generally are not picky eaters, so be careful what you feed them - make sure you stick with a well balanced and healthy diet for your feathered friends.

Fun Fact: Social Butterfly - Chickens are very much social creatures. Often, chickens can be found lounging in the sun, "chatting" with one another. The little chirps and cheeps these birds make have meaning to their fellow birds. Don't let them fool you though, chickens require not only interaction with other hens but also humans. Once a chicken grows to understand their human companions they may even chirp responses.

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