Gazebo Bird House Feeders - Enhance Your Backyard Décor

Gazebo bird feeders are one of the most popular of the decorative bird feeders. Gazebos have always had a certain charm to them. These feeders are great way to dress up the yard, front or back, inexpensively. They are like a 5-star hotel for the birds! You have to wonder if the birds feel more special in these large feeders, because they sure look grand! Here's a look at the history of gazebos, and why they are so popular.

Gazebo in Ocean Park
Gazebo in Ocean Park | Source

What Exactly Is A Gazebo and Where Did They Come From?

Gazebos have been popular in the United States for decades, but they date back centuries in history. In the US, the first presidents had gazebos on their plantations or estates. The history of the gazebo goes back much further in time to Egypt and Persian gardens as well.

A gazebo is often a freestanding structure or building. It normally has regularly spaced sides, often in the 8-sided shape of an octagon. It's signature feature would be the roof, which serves not only to protect from the sun and precipitation, but is often the most distinctive decoration on the building. Often but not always they had open sides. They were often used as community gathering spaces or bandstands in the past, and so continue as a gathering area today.

In the same sense a gazebo bird feeder acts as a small community space for your avian friends. The open sides of gazebo feeder make it easy to access, but the limited sides can help keep some of the larger predator birds away from the food.

Gazebo Bird Feeders

Backyard birding has a following of over 50 million people in the US alone who are engaged in the sport. Many folks have binoculars ready on the counter or near the windowsill to view a unique looking bird visiting one of their feeders. It counts as one of the most popular natural hobbies for older Americans. Since we all like to put a unique stamp or spin on our participation, choosing a decorative bird feeder is a simple way to add your personality to birding.

The gazebo feeders are open sided, and often serve as a fly through feeder. Depending on the bird feed you use, they can successfully attract titmice, finches, nuthatches, chickadees, and woodpeckers, to name just a few. They come in a wide price range, from just about $10 to well over $100.

Do You Have A Gazebo Bird Feeder?

Keeping Your Bird Feeder Clean

It is very important to keep the feeder clean and free of old clumps of seed that may form when moisture sneaks into the feeder. Just as we clean our dishes before using them again, creatures need bacteria-free eating forums. You will find that the birds will not show up on the feeder if there is a problem.

Use clean water, do not use soap, rinse it out, wipe with a clean paper towel, and let the product dry thoroughly before placing new seed in it (or you may be growing something!).

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Jerry Watson profile image

Jerry Watson 7 years ago from Hermitage, Tennessee

Cool feeders, John. My wife and I really enjoy watching the birds and we have a great squirrel feeder placed right in front of our large front window and I watch the squirrels all year long (when I'm not writing!). Thanks for the cool hub!

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