Get Rid Of Carpet Fleas

Your Unwanted House Guest

Carpet Fleas

With warm weather coming on fleas are trying to hitch a ride on your dog or cat so they can get a piece of the ultimate in flea real estate, your carpet.  Carpet fleas are disgusting.  You know you have a serious problem when you walk into the room and the little buggers leap up from the carpet and land on your legs looking for a new source of blood.

But what to do?  How do you get rid of carpet fleas and how can you keep them from coming back?

Creating A Flea Desert

Let's tackle the "how to get rid of" question first as the reason you're reading this is probably because these guys have already paid you a visit.

Well it's not rocket science that will rid your carpet of the critters, it's your vacuum cleaner.

According to a study done at Kansas University, a good thorough vacuuming job can pick up half of the flea colony in one go.  That of course leaves 50% of the fleas still occupying your carpet and that means continual vacuuming.  And it means vacuuming everywhere.  Move the sofa and other furniture to get at these pests.

Ideally you would dispose of the vacuum bag in the outdoor trash after every vacuuming.  However, if you want to extend the life of the bag, cut up a flea collar and add a few pieces to it and you have an instant flea gas chamber.

Remember that these little devils don't only like your carpet.  They're fond of anyplace your pet goes, like the pet bed, or your bed, or a favorite towel and these have to be washed to kill off the "highlanders" who live above the carpet.

What About The Flea Eggs

Even while you are attacking them with the Hoover, fleas are merrily propagating away and leaving the larvae deep in the nap of your carpet.  Vacuuming probably won't get all these and they will hatch and start the whole process over again. 

One way to create a virtual flea desert that will deny the larvae the moisture they need is to treat the carpet with boric acid.  The most practical way to do this is with a cleaner like Boraxo.  Sprinkle it liberally on the carpet and then use a garden rake and really work it in.  Leave it on for four hours and then vacuum.

Of course there are services and commercial sprays that are available as well.  But if you don't like the idea of having your kids or your pets or yourself exposed to chemicals while on the floor, give these natural ways to rid carpet fleas a shot.

Flea Bus

Preventing Carpet Fleas

The obvious way to limit exposure to fleas in the carpet is to keep your pets flea free.  Treating them with a formula like FrontLine or giving them regular flea baths are key to keeping the pests out.

But your pets aren't the only ones who act like the flea express bus.  You can do the same thing as your pet.  Fleas hang out on the tips of grass just looking to hitch a ride and that ride could be you.

You can spray your yard with a flea killer to control the problem or you can spray yourself with a flea repellent. 

Regardless what you do some will find their way into the home so a careful and regular cleaning is probably the best defense.

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