Getting Rid of Your Dog's Gas: Use the Sensible Approach

Producing gas is a natural function of the body but not a function that everybody enjoys. There are certain breeds of dogs that are more gassy than others and some have chronic flatulence problems that stem from the dogs food or diet. If you're noticing that your dog is getting more gassy than normal it might be advisable to take them to see your veterinarian. If the veterinarian can find nothing wrong with your dog internally, then you should really look at changing your dogs diet. Sometimes good things go into your dog but bad smelly things come out.


Flatulence is methane gas that finds its way out of the body during the digestion of food. The gas can be caused by your pets inability to eat slowly and the habit of wolfing down their food. The large amounts of food going down the esophagus produces gas in the stomach which is mixed with methane gas and it has to escape somewhere. This easily escapes in the form of a burp or out of the anal opening as gas.

If your dog is eating in this fashion you may want to breakdown the food into smaller portions and allow the dog to chew the food and this puts less gas into his stomach. By doing this you cut down the amount of food that is going in but at the same time you need to have feed the dog more often. This will allow your dog to feel less hungry. You will also feel better when there is less gas in your atmosphere.

Sometimes it is not the amount of food that your dog takes in but it is the quality of food. Cheap dog food or dog food that is high in vegetable byproducts will cause your dog to have more gas. Most cheap dog foods have a small source of protein and they have a lot of filler which includes corn, wheat, soy, and ash. The cheap dog foods can cause weight gain, poor health issues, and especially bad gas.

When you want a good dog food for your dog make sure that that dog food has meat as its primary ingredient. The fillers are just that, fillers take up space and cause bad, smelly gas. When you look at the common ingredients of the dog food you will find that the most common are the most used ingredient and it is listed first in the table located on the bag. Make sure that meat and not meat additives are the first item listed on the table.


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