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riding lessons and other horsey gifts

Got a little girl on your gift list who loves horses? If she doesn't have her own horse or pony, riding lessons are the perfect gift. What about an adult who owns a horse? If so, use this to your advantage when shopping for a birthday or Christmas gift. Horse lovers and horse owners are always searching for items that depict horses or that they can use in the care of their equines. Search online for great items, or visit your local feed and tack store. Be sure to compare prices - there's a big markup at many tack stores. I've found the best prices and the biggest selections online.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

* A grooming kit. This is a great gift for any horse owner. They probably already have one, but brushes wear out quickly and have to be replaced.

* A lead rope and matching halter. You can never have too many lead ropes. Also, halters are often lost when the horse rubs his head against a fence post. I don't know how many hours I've spent searching the pasture for lost halters!

* Find out what breed of horse your pal owns or is interested in, and find a breed-specific item online. These include tee shirts, coffee mugs, mouse pads, coaster sets, handbags, and calendars.

* A book offering training tips will be much appreciated by any horse aficionado. A book about different breeds and their history would also be a good choice.

* A throw or blanket depicting horses.

* A silver horse charm for a necklace or bracelet. You can also find horse earrings.

* A big jar of horse treats.

* Gloves. These don't need to be riding gloves - just regular work gloves will do. Horsemen spend a lot of time handling hay and hauling feed and water. The gloves will come in handy to protect hands from the cold, too.

* A gift certificate to a feed store or a tack shop.

* A model of a horse. Breyer's has some nice ones, including ones for specific breeds.

* A framed photo or poster of your friend's horse.

* Horse movies. Find some DVDs about horses, like Seabiscuit, The Horse Whisperer, International Velvet, National Velvet, Running Free, The Long Shot, The Princess Stallion, and The Silver Stallion. Amazon has some great titles, or check the bins at Walmart.

* If your horse lover doesn't have her own horse, you could give her (or him) riding lessons or a weekend trip to a guest ranch.

Be sure to view the great gifts for horse lovers below:

To read more about horse, ponies, and training tips, click the article links below the Amazon products.

An OLD Arabian mare. She's kid safe, though!
An OLD Arabian mare. She's kid safe, though!

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Anne Coyle profile image

Anne Coyle 7 years ago from Bronxville, NY

With Christmas around the corner (not to mention birthdays), you have some wonderful ideas about gifts for horse lovers. It was enlightening to see your observation from experience that the best prices and selections can be found online as opposed to tack shops that probably have big markups. Your list of DVDs with horse-related themes sure brought back a lot of great memories!

habee profile image

habee 7 years ago from Georgia Author

Thanks, Anne! Yep, I've always loved horses, and my granddaughter is enamored by them! Her 6th birthday is tomorrow, and I got her a pony!

Anne Coyle profile image

Anne Coyle 7 years ago from Bronxville, NY

That was a great gift indeed!

habee profile image

habee 7 years ago from Georgia Author

Thanks, Anne...another horse lover...YAY!!

Sally's Trove profile image

Sally's Trove 7 years ago from Southeastern Pennsylvania

Wonderful suggestions! My daughter (annemaeve on HubPages) is a horsewoman, and ever since she realized her passion as a little girl, we've always been challenged at gift-giving times, since neither myself nor any of our family knew anything about horses.

I'd like to add a suggestion...give a gift of a weekend away at a dude ranch or sanctuary or farm, and let this special person in your life show you the ropes.

habee profile image

habee 7 years ago from Georgia Author

That's a great idea, Sally! I'll add it!

susan benson 6 years ago

Don't forget tha great series of horse stories The Bonnie Books featuring Bonnie "The Sweet Running Filly" and her owner Julie. AS a rescued TB race horse Bonnie endures mystery and intrigue with her owner Julie. They make a great gift.

Gifts to India 6 years ago

The Tall Horse Pendant is nice and it would look great if someone wears it.This is something unique and these are designed thinking horse in the mind..gr8!

habee profile image

habee 6 years ago from Georgia Author

Thanks, Susan! I'll have to check those out.

Thanks, Gifts!

taracunning profile image

taracunning 6 years ago

Would definitely love the big jar of horse treats!

habee profile image

habee 6 years ago from Georgia Author

Hope Santa brings you some!

Cutie 5 years ago

I have a horse farm along with more than 50 horses and I have no clue what to get my daughter who is horse crazzzy. Any ideas. It is hard because she almost has 50 horses because because she loves them all sooo much. She is also at the age that she is starting to help me with lessons so I am so worried that I won't find anything for her?????

george 5 years ago

Got some great difts! ;-)

Sarah Louise 5 years ago

maybe try finding something different maybe something like a cameraa or something. then she can take lots of pictures of them!

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