Giving Your Old Hunting Dog a Nutritious Diet


Hunting dogs need to be given a healthy diet so they don't become overweight because they have to be in good shape to hunt. Greyhounds need particular care with their diet because they'll become bloated if they eat large amounts of food at a time. They should be feed three small meals every day. Some owners of hunting dogs recommend the Pro Balanced Formula for the best nutrition for your hunting dog. They say that the high protein it contains give the extra energy a working dog has to have.

These working dogs definitely need special care and attention. Remember that they incur more injuries and need their immune system functioning as well as it can. Also, fat and protein will give them the energy they need. Your hunting dog is a friend and a fellow sportsman that depends on you for training, love, and his health needs and he will need your help more as he ages.

Your hunting dog depends on their legs more than the average house breed for running and hunting. As they get older their joints become sore and they do not move as well as they used to. The ideal solution is hip repair by supplement. Glucosamine is the best on the market and senior dog product companies are making chewies, snacks, and dog food that has glucosamine included to help your old dog's hips and knees. If your dog is picky, buy some glucosamine capsules and pull them apart and sprinkle the powder on their wet food. Stir it in well because most dogs will not eat the food if they smell the powder.


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