Grooming the mixed breed dog

Mixed Breed Grooming

Teddy bear look

Grooming a mixed breed dog for a groomer can put your talents to should you decide to groom your pet yourself try to achieve a look that will mirror his personality...

Many mixed breeds have very desirable traits one will look for in a dog, they are more times then not, great guardians ,a delightful companion and sometimes they require grooming.. You will find the mixed breed in all shapes sizes and coats.

Generally speaking the small dog such as a shih-poo or the like will look best in a cute cuddly look that is easy to maintain like the teddy bear.Where you clipper or scissor the body round and leave the legs a bit fuller making a round cute face.

To make such a face comb forward the front 1/2 " of hair on the head over the eyes and scissor straight across the bridge of the nose or across the eyes. Next scissor the head to blend into this line and blend into the ears and side of the face,I think it looks best to scissor the length of this section in accordance with the length of coat I leave on the body. Which in most cases will be from one to two inches in length for easy maintenance.

I normally will scissor or clipper the body starting at the base of the skull from base of ears and up to and under the jawline(omitting the head, face,beard and ears)

With a medium metal comb I fluff the entire coat to scissor evenly all ends except the tail.

Comb the facial hair downward and scissor at the base of each ear across the beard which will form a round U from the front.

Blend the sides of the face into the beard and around the U shape you have made.

Comb thru the entire coat and scissor all loose ends.( i use a metal comb)

Finish the cut by grooming the feet in a tight round cat like shape

This cut does well on dogs that resemble a shih-tzu,Yorkie,maltipoo and the sort.

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JayeWisdom profile image

JayeWisdom 5 years ago from Deep South, USA

I wish I could get the hang of using the set of clippers I bought for the purpose of grooming my dog at home, but she HATES the buzzing sound. I carefully studied the diagram I found online showing how to do the Schnauzer cut and the modified Schnauzer cut (with the "racing stripe" on the side), but she's not even happy to let the real groomer give her a haircut. Certainly, not mommy! So much for that idea....

It's not that I can't cut hair. I've cut my own for years, even though I can't see what I'm doing to the back of my head (or even to the front very well any more). I simply cut the back by "feel." Of course, I'm using scissors, not clippers. And, I don't hate getting a haircut (even a DIY one) like my Puppy Girl does! Jaye

jorja kick profile image

jorja kick 5 years ago from southeast georgia Author

Hey my husband and I had schnauzers, I had to teach him how to groom as max(male schnauzer) hated for me to clip him no matter how quiet the clipper! (quietest one is andis single speed order it from jeffers)Hubby would say thats cause he's MY son!!!

some just hate it..but usually will tolerate it,but you can't talk to them in mommy fashion when you are grooming then they aren't certain you are down to real business.. a simple you're ok...and no further talk..

crooning etc.. they know you aren't in charge they are and they may halt the process when they have had

Nikki49 profile image

Nikki49 5 years ago from Woodruff,S.C.

I can personally vouch for your handling of the awnry male schnauzer.

You did a marvelous job on UGGS!!!!


PS... I still can't get near him with a brush in hand!!

jorja kick profile image

jorja kick 5 years ago from southeast georgia Author

I think you should come "off the post office wall" and

post a pic and get with it..


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