Hachiko-the most loyal dog who ever lived....

The world we live in today is a world of fast times and sometimes, even faster friendships. People come and go out of each other's lives in a dizzying whirl, words spoken, faces forgotten. This is what makes it even easier to appreciate those friends who have lasted, those who are near and dear to us. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I believe that sometimes, our animal companions are the most dedicated and loyal out of any human companions - the unconditional love we receive from them knows no bounds. So when I came across a story of an Akita dog whose love for his master was limitless, I had to write about it. This is the story of that dog - the story of Hachiko.

In 1925, Professor Ueno Elizaburo walked every day to the station to take the train to his job at what is now known as Tokyo University. His dog Hachiko accompanied him every day to the station. Of course, he could not go with the Professor to his job but every day at 3:00, when the Professor returned to the station, Hachiko was waiting faithfully at the gates for him, come rain or shine.

On May 21 of that year, Professor Ueno died of a stroke whilst at work. Hachiko was at the station that day, waiting for his master to come home. On this day he waited, and waited. Did he know something was wrong? I often wonder if he knew in his mind that his master would not return. But did this stop Hachiko from going to the station everyday? The answer is a resounding no.

Every day, for nearly 10 years, Hachiko went to Shibuya station at 3:00 and sat in the same spot he always sat in, waiting. He would wait until the station closed. Professor Ueno's former gardner and the stationmaster understood what the dog was doing and fed him and gave him shelter. Soon word spread of this loyal dog. The Japanese culture is focused on family and loyalty. Hachiko was seen as a prime example of what humans should aspire to. People began travelling to see him, to feed him, or just to touch his head for luck. On March 7th, 1934, Hachiko was found dead on the platform where he had waited for the Professor for so long. He had continued his pilgramage, even when old age and arthritis began to make it more and more difficult.

Hachiko's death made the papers in Japan nationwide and a day of mourning was declared. Contributions from mourners all over were sent in and a statue was erected in memory of Hachiko by famed sculptor Andeo Teru - placed in the exact same spot where Hachiko had waited all those years. The statue was taken down and melted for the war effort to make weapons. The amazing thing is, after the war Andeo's son, Takeshi made another statue, which is in the same spot and stands to this day. Hachiko can also be seen stuffed in Japan's National Museum.

I often think, would a human have done this for anyone else? We all have the tendency to be a bit selfish in our lives. It's human nature. It's also human nature to move on, "get over it". Hachiko had to know that something was not right. Yet day after day after day, he waited for his master to come home. Akitas are known to sometimes be indifferent, to do their own thing, to not have the pack mentality. Yet this dog thought of nothing but waiting for his master, and even when he never showed, he continued his journey. How many of us would have given up? How many of us would have become angry - where is he? I'm not waiting for him again! I think that Hachiko really believed that his master would return and he didn't want to not be there for that homecoming. The unswerving loyalty of this dog has moved myself, and countless others, to tears.

I know people who think animals are stuipid, here for our entertainment, simple creatures who don't understand much. How wrong they are. When my husband goes on a business trip, one of our cats mourns until he comes back. Animals are not simple creatures. They are complex with a range of emotions just like ours. Simply because they cannot speak it to us doesn't mean those emotions are not there. I defy anyone to read the story of Hachiko and tell me otherwise. For me, Hachiko is a true hero who should be celebrated by all. Loyalty and love like that are very hard to find indeed.

Rest in peace, little Hachiko. You have taught us all a lesson about what unconditional love really is. If everyone acted in the manner that you have, what a wonderful world this would be.


Hachiko's statue at Shibuya station
Hachiko's statue at Shibuya station

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katie lanette kiourkas 6 years ago

this story means a lot concidering that no one would ever wait that long, nowing that that person was never coming back... when i watched this movie with my BEST FRIEND FOREVER, natalia, i was drowed in my own tears litterally:""""(, i hope this story touched you like it did to me. hachiko will ALWAYS be my true hero no matter how muck it takes!!!!

andy 6 years ago

I love hachiko

crystal j 6 years ago

This story has really opened my eyes on the way animals are. This story brought tears to my eyes it showed me the true meanin of loyalty

Kapilan 6 years ago

We all love u Hachiko!!!!Hope i get to see u in ur next generation!!!Once again We LOVE UUUU!!!

paige 6 years ago

when i watched the movie i cryed

the next day i reaserched hachiko

jennifer 6 years ago

I remember my mother telling me of this story when i was a little girl. I can't remember if I cried more then or now. I love u Hachiko :)

Hairril 6 years ago

I cried throughout the show when Hachiko did not know that his master had died.Hachiko did not gave up waiting for his master at the station. I feel that we should all be kind to animals as they too have feelings and...I LOVE YOU HACHIKO:(

beth 6 years ago

i watched the move and i couldn't stop crying! it was so sad!

kendraro 6 years ago

oh no! don't watch that movie! it is way too sad! my dog Buddy and I say go for a walk instead:)

much less likely to make u cry

Mary 6 years ago

I too cryed and was so sad for days, thinking of that poor dog and what he would have gone through for 9-10 years of not having his master show up..missing him... mourning him. How sad, I still cry when I think about it. But as we know this is not the only case of dog loyalty for examply Greyfriars Bobby who sat on his masters grave for years till he also died on the grave. It goes on and on. I love dogs and cats for that matter all animals they are wonderful and we should treat them all as special and look after them cause they look after us no matter what.

Eric M 6 years ago

He looks a little bit like my Chow Chow "Oso" aka bear(RIP)12~13 yrs old. A well raised dog will never let his master/friend down. (Sigh) They'll even take a bullet for you.

keyboard_hunter311@yahoo.com 6 years ago

i really luv this movie coz i can't stop my tears falling

down even im a boy.. but my gf is crying while watching that movie.. coz it too sad.. and

a true story between man best friend..(Hachiko)..

aubry 6 years ago

he is my hiro

deeuling 6 years ago

i love u hachiko,, u are the best inspirate for my life.. cu with your generation...

Maya Lonsdale 6 years ago

after i watched the movie i cried so hard the next day i went to Shibuya to honor his statue. R.I.P, Hachkio I love you.

monia 6 years ago

this good story for as he gave us moral lesson

sherry tan 6 years ago

Hachiko is a loyal dog he is very cute i think he will never give up when he can"t find back his owner.CUTE!

loved hachi 5 years ago

but at the end , hachi with his master together, i believe, RIP

sherrytan 5 years ago

I cry when I watch the clip if it is my dog i will keep him till i died hachiko always find back his family member and if he cannot find and in the end the poor cute dog died. :(

tay love hachi 5 years ago

love you hachiko the loyal and brave little poor dog that died ......



Frances 5 years ago


Anagha 5 years ago

My family loves you .you really brought tears in our eyes.you are a great hero

Wayfinder 5 years ago

your 1 of the best loyal dog... in our world...

fieydah ieydah 5 years ago

i watching this story and i cant stop crying..so sad...

Arif 5 years ago

I watched the movie on TV tonight after my wife told me about it. A great lesson on undivided love, devotion and loyalty. If I travel to Tokyo, I must visit Shibuya to pay my respects to Hachiko.

jazo 5 years ago

wonderful movie for me i rememver my dead dog but i think my dog is safety now..i learn how to love animals tnx hachiko

Garth 5 years ago

my coment is HACHIKO was a very kinly and loyalty

cheda 5 years ago

I've heard this touching sad story from my former primary school teacher. When I read this story again, I cried my self to sleep. I believe this story should be an inspiration for us to be better human beings... luv Hachiko-you're the true hero!

mel 5 years ago

it is the most touching story of a dog i've ever watched!

leandro 5 years ago




sherry 5 years ago

the most loyal dog

cj rosolada 5 years ago

his story was so entertaining and crying scenes

jean enriquez 5 years ago

Hachiko was a brave dog so loyal to his master..

I thank Hachiko because he open my heart.. Hachiko wait so many years,, y cant I? Wen i saw this my eyes tears cant stop from falling.. huhuuh

mlj12 :)love hachiko 5 years ago

thank you hachiko for the values! i think that's an amazing story but it has so many crying scenes that i really cry out loud :(( i wish ur not dead i wish ur still alive so i can visit japan always anytime i want just for you

ccp loves hachiko :)) 5 years ago

i just watched this movie today...then after watching it, i researched about hachiko right away...

Hachiko's story made cry and cry and cry...my tears did not stop until the end.. :(( T_T

The story really inspired many people like me..

I think when a million of people watch this movie at the same time, and at the same spot...that specific spot would be flooded by tears.. :((

Hachiko you will always stay in my heart and mind..you will always be an inspiration, not only to me, but also to everyone who have watched your story.. :))


maya 5 years ago

animals are 100% betr tan humans..especialy d great hachiko.LOVE U HACHIKO.....u brought tears into ma eyes...

emanuel 5 years ago

when i watched the movie hachiko on you-tube i was focus only on the dog actor...its cute, but when i start understanding the meaning of the story implies on the movie, i felt something within i can't understand, i remember our dog named tiger, he was the same with hachiko, loyal and loving to us... long live all dogs like them!!!

bea 5 years ago

i love u hachiko mhuaaa i mizz u ur the most loyal dog!!

tan 5 years ago

in the end master of hachiko died in many many years ago tan hai xin

tan 5 years ago

in the end master of hachiko died in many many years ago tan hai xin

tan 5 years ago

in the end master of hachiko died in many many years ago tan hai xin

Matija 5 years ago

we all love you hachiko :) forever

Matheus 5 years ago

a eu quero ir nessa estátua. nossa um cachorro excelente grande companheiro que sempre esteve com o seu dono.

hachiko sempre.

Shane luke mannas 5 years ago

Miss u buddy.

bacasno 5 years ago

when i watch your movie hachi... i cry.. i ? u hachiko,,,

wbf 5 years ago

amber 5 years ago

that was so sad I even cryed i love you hachi

mimmo 4 years ago

There are no one can do what he did... !

the word of here, it's nothing in exchange for what he did, and the great lesson he left behind in order to learn the human beings the true meaning of LOYALTY and REAL LOVE.

I have tried hard to didn't cry when I was watching this movie for the first time, but I failed.

Failed because it is hard TOO find some one who's loves all of this limit, even if he was one of your family or even your son.

Rest in peace & love you hachiko

Sunil 4 years ago

Hachi You are great….

I am your greatest fan

U showed the real meaning of LOVE and LOYALTY.

Your story actually made me too sad that I am thinking of u more time.

Rest in peace Hachi with your master in heaven….At last I hope you both met each other in heaven. Hachi your love is greatest than any love in this world…i guarantee it…u r great

amey 4 years ago

i like this story. .

although i didn't like dogs but i love hachiko..

Carol 4 years ago

Thanks Richard Gere for making a great movie with all

your star actors.

I agree, I don't think a human being would do what

Hachi had done. He truly loved his master. What

a connection the two of them had. That is how I feel

about my late dog, Lady. I know she is waiting at

Rainbow Bridge for me. I can't wait until I see her


Tears, flood of tears come to one's eyes as they watch

this movie. This dog didn't want anyone else.

He truly was sad and lonely for his master and

love beyond belief.

Thanks again

Carol Pierce

Darlin and Skye

joe 4 years ago

rest in pease

sruthi 4 years ago

after i read the book "hachiko-the faithful dog" tears came out of my eyes.i also have a dog which is very faithful to me.i am sure that one day or the other its statue will be there in the chennai railway station.love u hachiko.

avinash 4 years ago

rearly an very meaning full movie

i cried for an hours rearly this movie touch my heart....

mica marie fontanilla 4 years ago

when i watch this movie i feel sad and i cried !

i ? u hachiko

Anne0309 4 years ago

I read about Hachiko few years ago since I love dogs and I used to breed Pomeranias. They look like a mini Akita to me.hachiko story moved me like no other creature or anyone has. His loyalty and his greatness made him the best animal and hero for anyone. It's beautiful to know that animals love their Master and he was a very good example of loyalty. I think he knew his Master had passed away. When my own grandfather passed away his dog passed away from not eating and beign sad. There is a true message behind this beautiful Dog in Japan. He is loved by many.. Hachiko I love you and you inspire me all the time. Thank you for the writers who decided to make a movie in memory of Hachiko. And let's not forget his Master who loved this dog so much and that love was return for 9 more years..RIP

nishani 4 years ago

I didn't know that a dog can do a miracle lyk dis... even a human forgets things so soon bt 9 years oh god how many day to him morning to evening hes eyes might pain to serching for him....i dnt ave a word to tel you.. you'll be in heavn with your owner nw so happly.. lov u sooo much huchiko....

RHENZ 4 years ago


DD& TanTan 4 years ago

Lost my 2 dogs, DD&TanTan last summer aften 16 GREAT years.! And this story and the movie killed me!

Marja de Korte 3 years ago

What a lovely Dog with such god feelings for his Boss So long waiting on his him R.I.P. dear Haikito

bryar 2 years ago

When l grow up I'm going to get a dog just like Haikito. R.I.P Haikito l love you.

fk 22 months ago

It always make me cry...love u hachiko

Mona 18 months ago

when I watched that movie it made me cry ! huhuhu! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH HACHICHO!!

Robin, Minnesota 12 months ago

What a wonderful movie. I cried so hard. So much love and devotion of both master and dog. Yes, it reminded me of my son's Chow chow, "Bear" who lived with me while my son was in the service , he too, was very devoted and protective of me. He passed away five years ago. Wouldn't it be awesome if animals could communicate other than with their eyes. Thank you so much for this movie.

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