Have To Trust Your Dog

A Happy Walk

After many months of taking my Boxer Dog out in order to train him to do a 'Return' I had to admit to myself that it had failed, he .was a very high energy dog, and now after all this training I decided to go to the experts.

So after months of various training clubs, which hadn't helped at all I came to realise, once again, that my dog was just going to be one of those dogs that have to stay on a lead and watch all the obedient dogs running around the parks in enjoyment. I was full of guilt ,feeling that it was my fault..

I didn't like it ,I loved to see him galloping around and having a good time. I couldn't have him doing what he liked though, and him being in control of the situation,being my boss.

That was surely no way to have a dog treat his owner.

Something had to be done,but what!

I had tried all the best training schools and felt that this was the way it was going to be,

My dog always on a lead ,oh dear!!


He is a very friendly dog and loves being chased and chasing other dogs.

The only problem is, he doesn't always return and I have to rely on other dog people to help me to trick him into surrender.

Today the wonderful thing happened ! I was sitting on a park bench when I saw a Woman approaching with a boxer dog off the lead. If only ! I thought !

As the Woman neared me, she slowed down and said to me ,looking at my dog , with leader and choke chain on, Why don't you let him have a run ?

Before I knew it the leader and choke chain were off and I was saying 'sure you don't mind ?'


One hour went by and the Two dogs wore themselves out. They both had a great time and my new friend arranged to meet me daily in the park with her Boxer Lulu,

I am so glad that I had the nerve and confidence in my dog to let him run free.......


I have achieved what I thought was the impossible !

My dog now does a beautiful return for me,no hesitation at all. I have tested him for a few days and each time he has returned. I am delighted.

This means that the next time I go to the dog club I can take him off the lead for his dog training.

I am pleased that I trusted him that day...

Nice and relaxed after that long walk
Nice and relaxed after that long walk | Source
Good Boy
Good Boy | Source
After long walk
After long walk | Source

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