Have you ever thought of adopting a dog?

My Murray


Two great adopted dogs

We have been so thrilled with our adopted dogs. Ten years ago we adopted a male Pug to go with our female. We had a fine litter of pups with the two of them. They had such adorable babies. The thrill though was watching Bandit take care of his pups. We cut out a box for them so we could keep them in the same spot and keep them close for momma to feed. Being worn out from taking care and feeding Emma (momma) would leave the box to rest and also eat. That's when pops sprung into action. He would gingerly climb into the box and take care of the pups. He loved them dearly. He always put them in a row from biggest to smallest and would lick their tiny heads until they were sleeping. Then very easy like he would lay against the opposite side of the box just waiting for one of them to make a noise or move. He took excellent care of them, it was so amazing to see the male dog take care of babies as he did. Now eleven years old he is nearly blind and deaf. the poor ol' boy. He can't wait 'till I get home each nite to curl up by me and have our male bonding time. He is such a sweet little guy. I never have loved a dog like I have my little Bandit (those of us old enough remember Johnny Quest show and his dog Bandit it is where we got the name for our guy). He was an abused little one year old Pug when my wife brought him home to me. Oh the joy he has given over these years. All he ever wanted he has received here with us, just people to love him so he could love them back.


My Springer, what another great dog! I was working one day an hour from home and went into a bank for a delivery. As entered the clerk asked me if I wanted a dog. I started to say we had enough then Murray came around the corner. I was smitten! He was a lonely 4 year old English Springer Spaniel, with the most beautiful and pitiful) brown eyes I have ever seen. He came straight to me and did not want me to leave. The ladies there said how his time was up at the humane society and he could not go back. They were in a position that he was going to be sent elsewhere possibly to be put down. I could not let that happen.


I called my wife and sent her a picture from my cell phone and said we just had to get him. So she drives an hour one way and sees just how he looked. It was if he was saying please take me home. So we adopted another dog. He has ended up being an awesome dog, fun loving, spoiled beyond spoiling and a defender of the home. He barks at people but is letting them know he will protect if needed. It is so funny when someone new comes to our house. As much as he may play and like them he makes sure they do not come between him and my wife. We tell people if they come over just don't raise your hand towards Tammy because he will quickly bring it down for you.


Springers are high energy dogs that love to play and run. He is constantly wanting to play ball and tease you when he has it. He does it so much that when we let him outside we tell him no toys outside. He will then drop his ball by the door and leave it until he comes in. On occasion we have hidden it while he is outside and he hasn't bothered to want it anymore that day. A few days later however he sniffs it out regardless of where we have it hidden and the games are on again.


Bandit and Murray have never failed to amaze us with the devotion they have to us and the love they show. We never could have gone to a breeder and bought dogs more lovable and loyal than these two guys have been. They are best friends and we are so blessed to have them. Bandit is now eleven and Murray is six we hope they have plenty more good years as we love them so much. All they ever wanted is attention and love, well, they are in the right house for that! So next time you are interested in a dog check the local humane society or pound to see what you may find, after all they just want some lovin'.

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Michael Adams1959 profile image

Michael Adams1959 6 years ago from Wherever God leads us. Author

Will ad photos later they are not downloading tonite for some reason

fred allen profile image

fred allen 6 years ago from Myrtle Beach SC

If only more people could display this type of good nature and loyalty it would be a better world! Great hub!

Michael Adams1959 profile image

Michael Adams1959 6 years ago from Wherever God leads us. Author

Thanks, these two boys have brought us great joy!

Katieman profile image

Katieman 6 years ago from Atlanta

They are so cute!

I'm glad there are still good people in the world. :]

lifegate profile image

lifegate 6 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA

lifegate profile image

lifegate 6 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA

Michael, I have two dogs also, and I'd be lost without them. Thanks for sharing the pics as well as the hub.

Michael Adams1959 profile image

Michael Adams1959 6 years ago from Wherever God leads us. Author

Katieman, thanks for your comment, I just love these two guys so much, they are awesome pets.

Peggy W profile image

Peggy W 6 years ago from Houston, Texas

Most all of our animals through the years have come from shelters or have been rescued. They make the finest of pets! Yours sound like sweeties. Hope you enjoy them (and they, you) for many years to come.

Michael Adams1959 profile image

Michael Adams1959 6 years ago from Wherever God leads us. Author

Peggy, We do enjoy these two guys. What a blessing they are! My Springer I take each morning to get a newspaper. It is the highlight of his day. Once we get home he grabs the paper and takes it in to "mom".

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