Hawaiian names for pets

Haven't really seen anything on this topic, so I thought I'd throw it out there in case anybody was wondering. 

If you have a name in mind that's not on this list, post a comment and I'll reply!

This picture shows hiwahiwa (bluish black)

Naming, By Physical Appearance

Nui - big

Ka'apeha - exceptionally and impressively large; giant

Li'i - Small

'Ehu - brownish golden coloration, henna

Palaunu - brown

ke'o ke'o - white

'ahinahina - grey

'ele ele - brownish-black (very dark brown, like hair color)

hiwahiwa - bluish-black

pupuka - ugly, (used to describe warriors faces, ugly yet fierce)

Mangy - Kaki'o

Weuweu - fluffy

Huluhulu - hairy

'Oni'oni'o - striped

Kikokiko - spotted (many spots)

Hana'ili - tan

'Ehu (golden brownish red)

By Personality

Sweetie/sweetheart - Ku'uipo

Kiani - frisky

Kolohe - naughty, mischievious

Lani - heavenly

Nani - cute, pretty, attractive

Ii'o - wildly energetic

Pala - mellow

Kaumaha - sad

Kohu'ole - silly

Maika'i - good, moral, right

Akamai - smart

By Circumstance

Pomaika'i - Lucky

Adopted - hanai

Stray - 'Ohuka

Common names, Translated

Kiani - frisky

popoki - cat

'ilio - dog

Kiko, Kapala - spot

hoaloha - friend, pal casually * (A friend as close as a relative and treated as such,

as most pets are, would be "hale aikane").

I'a - fish

Manu - bird

Honu - turtle

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joan4boating@aol.com 4 years ago

how do you say skunk in hawaiian i have a guinea pig that looks like a skunk

Lee 4 years ago

What is a "Panda" bear called in Hawaiian?


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