If Dog Is A Man's Best Friend, Then A Cat Is A Woman's Best Friend

As I gazed back in time, I stumbled upon a loss memory of mine. An incident that could not be erased completely from the minds of my family members.

Once upon a time, we used to have a pet cat whom we have named it "Heidi" She was a grey-coloured fur cat, which belongs in the well-known cat-type category. Heidi was raised ever since she was a kitten. She was raised properly, toilet-trained & well-loved by all of us in the family. She never failed to fill the gap in our family's heart whenever a "void" is felt. Little did we know that there will be a calm before the storm. The happiness that we shared with our cat didn't last forever...

Our beloved family cat of 7 years died instantly on the 14th of August 2000. This happened due to the heartless, careless darn car driver, who took Heidi's life. Heck, the ignorant driver didn't possibly care what a cat meant to the family.

It was a nice, breezy morning. As a daily routine of being a full-time housewife, my mother was getting ready to hang the laundry out to dry. Living on the ground floor, has an advantage for us, as our backdoor entrance has an area which makes it possible for my mom to dry the clothes. Our cat, Heidi, didn't really like strangers. Due to that, our doors are left wide open but our gates are locked. Around 15 minutes passed 8am, my cat ran out of the house (along Corporation Drive) after spotting a canary across the street, at Jurong Park. My mom did not anticipated that Heidi will strayed very far from our house. Although she was startled when the cat dashed in between her legs, my mom would called upon Heidi's name, as she will be fed after my mom finished hanging out the laundry. Suddenly, a fast approaching red SUV, caught my mom's eyes. My mom reacts, following her instincts, immediately dashing out towards the street, frantically motioning that particular SUV to slow down. Her shouts and screams falls on deaf ears as there is no response from the driver. Instead, the loud wail had caught the attention of our close neighbours and me. Madam Ros, Aunty Olivia and Aunty Amy had run out of their houses to see what was going on.

In the end, the vehicle which did not even slows down, went over my petit cat. Heidi died immediately on the spot. I gave a short chase after that car but to no avail as the driver did not stop either. It's damn hard to imagine that he didn't know the ongoing commotion, let alone noticing that someone was chasing behind after his car.

Our cat has been with us for a good and quite memorable years. When the rest of my family members were not at home, for some 10 hours a day and my younger brother are schooling, working and studying respectively. The cat served as my ageing mother's only companion. She was so definitely precious to us. She was fun loving, obedient and always wanted & had our attention. Despite being petit, Heidi protected my house from being invaded by mice and indicates by mewing whenever any strangers approached our house. On top of that, she rarely ran out of the house & behave appropriately.

Nonetheless, she wasn't given a second chance to learn from her mistake. That cat was part of our family and lives. Unexpectedly, in a matter of seconds, the irresponsible driver took her little life away so tragically. Heidi, our pet cat, was robbed off our lives forever. Words could not be conveyed on how devastated my mother felt as she cradle Heidi's little, lifeless body in her arms. The cat's eyes were protruded out of the eyes' sockets and her legs were crashed from the impact. She was also bleeding from her mouth. The once cute cat we loved so dear suddenly looked almost frightening to us.

I've never seen my mother in such grief again, ever since my grandmother passed away over 10 years ago. The truth is, the loss of a beloved animal companion can be as emotionally significant as the loss of a human relative.

To the responsible driver who did this:

Our lives changed in a matter of seconds, and nothing can bring our lovely pet back to us. The pain is very deep & very real and maybe only time will heal such a profound loss. You could have avoided all this from happening.

To all pet owners out there, reading this:

Please don't take it for granted that a vehicle will stop upon seeing an animal on the street.



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