Helping Your Senior Dog Lose Weight


We've established that a dog can be overweight and this is more likely to happen as he ages. There is a twofold reason: He eats too much food or the wrong food and doesn't exercise enough. For your pet to lose weight it's necessary for you to want him to lose weight. Your grown dog doesn't need to be feed three or four times a day like when he was a puppy and he doesn't need a constant supply of food in his bowl.

Obesity isn't confined to the human population, but your dog needs you to lose weight. A pregnant or nursing dog needs more food, but we're not addressing that issue here. Some dog owners prepare special diets for their dogs from recipes that are healthier for their dogs. That's a good idea, but using table scraps to feed your dog isn't good for him. Those scraps will make him overweight, which can make him age faster and high calorie human foods are bad for your dog. Those table scraps are bad for your dog in other ways as some of the spices can be unhealthy for your pet.

There are special formulas dog foods that are made for aging dogs and these address losing weight among other health issues. One of the obvious issues is the health of your dog's heart. The best thing to do is to put your older dog on a geriatric or senior dog formula that will help keep him from becoming obese or help him lose weight and it will be more easily digested to help him get the most out of the nutrients.


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