Herbs For Geriatric Dogs

Many alternative therapies can help dogs live longer and healthier lives than modern, Western medicines. They can also treat specific diseases if you know the right combinations of the right herbs to distribute to the dog. Herbs are generally mild and can affect your dogs system simultaneously and act as a great, general body cleanser and body tonic. They are the ideal therapy for dogs whose physiology is not up to any form of severe stress, or for the animal that simply need to pick me up and they could be an additive for acupuncture or acupressure.

Many of these culinary herbs are gentle yet powerful tonics and provide high levels of antioxidants - substances which provide anti-aging properties. Some of these herbs include basil, oregano, turmeric, and thyme and any of the mints. And most herbs, in addition to the medicinal purposes, when sprinkled over the geriatric dog's food, will provide that extra little zest for their appetite when they may need it most.

These herbs have a whole menu of bioactive ingredients so any one plant might be helpful for preventing several specific diseases. One example is the dandelion root which acts as a diuretic and it acts as a tonic for the entire body but especially the urinary system and liver. Dandelion root is also known for its helpful properties against kidney and liver diseases.

Specifically for the heart is the hawthorn berry. This berry acts as a cardiotonic by enhancing the metabolism to include the heart muscles. These berries also help to strengthen the digestive system and the dog's appetite, as well as a great remedy for insomnia and nervousness. It's been said that "medicine is food and food is medicine" herbal medicines can be a valuable addition to an overall wellness plan especially for canine geriatric dogs.


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