Rabbit Breed profile: Holland Lops


The Holland Lop is a small, lop eared rabbit breed. Best known for their small size, adorable floppy ears and, on average, sweet temperaments, Holland Lops are a very popular rabbit breed among pet owners. Holland lops are adorable and can make amazing pets, but please always make sure to do your research before adding a new pet into your home.

Breed History:

With some breeds of animals it can be hard to track their history. Records of when they first showed up and how they where produced can be hazy, if they are present at all. This, however, is not true of the Holland Lop. The Holland Lop breed was produced by a Dutch rabbit breeder named Adrian de Cock. His goal was to combine the features of the French Lop and the Netherland Dwarf into a single breed.

The original Holland Lops where produced from a combination of French Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, and English Lops. The breed was first imported into the United States in 1976 and was first recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders' Association in 1979.


Much of the Holland Lops popularity as a pet is probably due, in part, to their compact size. Ideally these adorable little rabbits should weight only between 3 and 4 pounds. Holland Lops, as their name implies, normally have lopped ears. Their faces are rounded and they normally have stocky muscular looking bodies. The Holland Lop is recognized in over 20 colors, including black, blue eyed white, ruby eyed white, tortoise shell, chestnut, chocolate, agouti, chinchilla, lynx, opal, blue, lilac, siamese sable, cream, fawn, orange, red, and broken patterning (white with splashes of color).


Holland Lops, on average, have pleasant temperaments. They are sometimes described as being 'dog like". They are generally calm and laid back rabbits with a streak of playfulness for good measure. Holland Lops, if raised and cared for well, are often times curious, friendly, and interactive pets. Keep in mind though, that every animal is an individual. Not all Holland Lops will have the breeds characteristic personality.


Well care for domestic rabbits, especially smaller breed rabbits, generally live an average of between 7 - 12 years. Holland Lops, in general, follow this trend. They are a generally healthy breed, but there are a few health issues that they can be prone to. Because of their smaller, rounded faces, Holland Lops can be more prone to having dental issues. Because of their lopped ears, they are also more likely to suffer from ear ailments such as bacterial or yeast infections inside the ears. It's important to fully research rabbit care before adding one of these adorable animals to your home. Many of the most common rabbit health risks can be greatly reduced or eliminated by caring for your rabbit properly.

Holland Lops are amazing, adorable little rabbits that can make great pets for the right people. Before you decide to bring one into your home, make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. Rabbits are cute and if you're lucky yours will be friendly, but they are also a 10+ year commitment. Rabbits require regular medical care just like cats and dogs do, and care should be taken to make sure you provide for them properly. Do your research to set yourself up for success, and you should be able to enjoy many many years with your furry friend.

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can I breed an orange to a chinchilla holland lop?

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