Homeless (Feral) Cats and Dogs

Homeless Cat

One of many homeless animals
One of many homeless animals

What to do about feral animals

The laws differ from state to state, but for many if you are "caught" feeding or aiding a feral animal, it becomes "your" animal.  In Nebraska, that is the case.  However, a new ordinance has passed that now allows people to care for feral animal colonies.

The new ordinance in Nebraska (and one maybe you should suggest for your state) is that with a permit, people can feed and aid feral colonies and try to track them to the best of their ability.  Working with Feline Friendz, colony overseers would occasionally try to trap one of the cats in the colony and it would then be spayed or neutered (free of charge) then turned loose back into it's colony.  This would stabilize or reduce the size of the colony over time.

The cost of the permit is $25 for two years and they get the animals sterilized at no cost.  They can also get information on other resources on how to help their colony.  In my humble opinion, that is quite a deal! 

What to do about feral cats

It's always a tough decision.  Winter or summer, you know that these poor animals are hungry and alone.  Although, colonies form bonds and often, for instance, when one of the females gives birth the other cats will go out and find food for her.  On the other hand, feral colonies have been known to kill house cats who get out.

Feral cats are homeless because they have been abandoned and neglected through no fault of their own.  In my area, I have 3rd and 4th generation feral cats.  While I cannot encourage you to break the law, I would ask that you contact your local humane society and see what the laws are in your state concerning feral cats.  While the laws concerning hoarders are strictly enforced, most of the time, simply feeding feral cats is not as heavily enforced.

You can also always contact Feline Friendz or another such organization in your area.  These poor animals are lost and alone because of people.  It's that simple.  It will take people, and a lot of them to help reduce the feral population without killing them. 

Please take a stand today and do what you can for the feral colonies in your area.   

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cwarden profile image

cwarden 5 years ago from USA

Very interesting hub. If we have colonies in my city I am not aware of it but I will look into it now and try to help.

Pamela99 profile image

Pamela99 5 years ago from United States

This is an interesting article. I love cats and I hate that people are so irresponsible that they just drop them off somewhere. Thanks for the information.

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