Homemade Dog Toys for Our Beagle Max

Homemade Dog Toys for Maximus the Beagle

I'm sure glad I learned how to make homemade dog toys.

We love our Beagle, Maximus, but he sure can be destructive.

I can't remember all of the items that Max has chewed on, or chewed up, here are a few of the most notable.

He chewed up my wife's cell phone, a thick plastic glass, just about all of our wooden furniture have chew marks. Our young daughters have lost a number of various toys to Max's chewing on things. Beagle chewing problem

The thing he chewed on that upset me the most, was the rubber hose on my outdoor grill. He chewed up the hose from the propane tank to the grill (thankfully I had the gas valve off).

We try to protect Max from himself, but it is difficult. I don't know where he gets some of the things he chews on, he is very good at finding things he should not be chewing on.

We have tried to entertain Max and distract him from chewing on things by buying him chew bones, rawhide treats etc. Instead of chewing on these things, he hides and buries them.

We have also bought Max a number of toys to play with, that he can also chew on. He loves these toys, but tends to chew them up quickly and buying these toys was getting expensive.

I got tired of spending too much money on dog toys that Max would chew up way too quickly.

So, I thought about making my own dog toys. I noticed a lot of those expensive store bought toys were nothing more than some rope, tennis balls - things I had laying around the house, or things that would not cost much to buy.

Before I got started I decide to look online to see if I could find instructions on how to build some of the dog toys I had in mind.

I'm sure glad I looked. I found a great book that teaches you how to make a number of homemade dog toys, just like those you would find at your pet superstore, but for a much lower cost.

This book provides the recipes for the homemade dog toys. It provides the materials required, and detailed instructions - saving me a lot of time and making more dog toys than I would have thought of on my own.

If you are spending too much money on dog toys that are way too expensive, it's time you started making your own homemade dog toys. It's not hard to do, it's actually fun and you can save a ton of money.

Max still chews his toys up, but I can replace them quickly and the homemade dog toys are so inexpensive it's no big deal.

Max The Beagle

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honestway profile image

honestway 8 years ago from Spain

Hey Mike, nice hub and what a great looking beagle you have!


GA-PEACHES profile image

GA-PEACHES 7 years ago

Max is sure a cute little pup. And I know first hand at how much it can cost to keep them in toys. So thanks for the site info.

Jen 6 years ago

That site is no longer there--- any suggestions you have for making them at home????

ThriftyOwner 6 years ago

Jen's right, that link sadly no longer works. I've just set up a site with money-saving ideas to keep your dog happy, including homemade dog toys. Have a look at http://www.thriftydog.net/

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