House Training Your Rottweiler

My Very Good Girl, Rottweiler -Kory Rottweiler!

I got her at 5 weeks old, and I really did take her outside to go every three hours, round the clock, and she's never pottied in the house! I'm very proud of her, AND ME lol! :)
I got her at 5 weeks old, and I really did take her outside to go every three hours, round the clock, and she's never pottied in the house! I'm very proud of her, AND ME lol! :)

Start when they are young!


Some people will tell you that the easiest and best way to train your dog to let you know when it's time to go outside is run them to the door as soon as they've already started to do the deed, or twiddle-deed ;) on the floor! But....

  • I'm going to begin with what my very own training techniqued worked from my Rotties first day and night home! (Actually you might need to do this the first few months, but it's well worth your patience to do it!!)

It was kinda difficult, but if you want the rest of your dogs life to be happy-go-lucky and not have floor accidents, then you'll stick with this until they get it. Even if it does take a month or two or you need help with your timing!

If you're a couple with a new dog, this is a family member, so take turns doing the outside, come rain or shine to train your pet! :)

The thing about Rotties is they are extremely smart, and they LIVE to please you!

The thing that will make your Rottie (or other dog as well) your loyal protector, is treating them right. They will look to you for everything they do, and they'll do their best at being your best friend (and not going potty by the door, rather than letting you know they need to go outside! I'm not saying other dogs are not smart, but Rotts just have a way about them, that shows their intelligence, and pride! When you raise your pup with praise, it gaines good self esteem and they show it off too! Baby them, they'll be a baby, hurt them, and they lose trust in you, a rottie never needs to be taught to be protective, THEY JUST ARE loyal to the person they love most.

  • I'll fill you up with some more really cute Rottie photos of my dog, but I am sorry all of the baby photos of her are gone. But for now, let's just concentrate on getting your dog to let you know it's time to go OUTSIDE! :)

When you bring your new puppy home, treat it as if you just brought home a new baby! Seriously, you don't have to sing it to sleep lol, (you can of course) but this focus is getting that new pup to let ya know when to go out. Already have a place for your dog to call "home" it's own place, whether it is a crate, just a cute little bed or more importantly some place BY YOU.

It's your first night with your new puppy. All the excitement has calmed down and it's time for bed. NOT FOR YOU, not for the one whose going to be spending the majority of their time with the dog. Say you go to bed at 9pm. Regardless of if you have to be up at 5 to go to work, this is going to help you out in the long run, but set your clock at midnight!

  • Yes, MIDNIGHT. If you fall asleep by 10ish, you should have already taken your puppy outside, and in rain/snow/sleet/cold/hot regardless, you get an umbrella and bundle up if need be and go outside IN your nightclothes/robe.

Whether you know it or not, your dog knows your actions, and will learn that putting on a housecoat or other coat MAY mean you're leaving or going, or YIPPIE they're going too! They will learn you get this in time.

You take your puppy out, keeping the lil' thing on leash! Sit down in a comfortable chair, AWAY from your entrance. Animals already have a "mark their territory" instinct, so lets not confuse them. After all, you've been on the planet X amount of years, this baby's been here a few months! They need to LEARN. And in a positive way.

Keeping your pup close to you or in one spot, keeps consistency of where to go later, so guests don't get, um, shall we say, dirty shoes! Once you've settled yourself, talk to your new pup. Tell them "potty now Bingo"(or your pets name,) try to always use their name. In this case together you and I have a dog named Bingo! lol. Don't worry about patting their behind when you say it, it's not time to praise the dog while teaching them to potty outside. We praise them AFTER business is taken care of, and right away. This instills that the pet knows he's done the right thing!

As your chattering on at words your young pup will not yet understand for months to come, you're still in communication with your dog, and getting it used to your voice. Tell them anything from a story to the days complaints about work, spouse, etc. Keep a close watchful eye on Bingo! Your words have calmed your pet, and they've probably circled 20 times, and now they're doing what you've waited for! They squating to potty! Be very quiet, then, and let the dog do their thing. Come on now, nobody (even your pet) wants to be interrupted during this time! lol.

  • As soon as that pup is done, give the dog HIGH PRIASES. USING THEIR NAME. "Bingo, you are such a good boy for going potty outside" "What a GOOD GOOD BOY" While patting them on the head, and since they're still small, just pick them up an give them a "good doggie" encouragement! Then take the dog DIRECTLY INSIDE!

This teaches your dog, that it went outside, and got praised for it. They are in the sense that children are when they vie for your attention! But ok, you're sleepy, you've got to get up in the morning! Put Bingo in his bed, you get in yours! Oh, and if you have a scared Bingo, leave a night light by his bed! It actually helps keep them quiet if for it's first few months is spent with you as close as you can be without sleeping in the same bed LOL! :)

  • Just as soon as you've gotten into a good sleep, that alarm clock is going to summons you to take Bingo outside! EVEN IF THE DOG HAS FALLEN TO SLEEP, curled up and warm, STILL, you GET OUT OF BED, grab your sweater or even umbrella, and take Bingo back outside in the place where you'll want to be deemed "potty area." Don't think Bingo will know what's going on yet. Still a baby, he will wait for you to start talking, and hearing your voice, so go ahead, talk about anything just do it softly and calmly! As soon as Bingo has done the deed, regardless of how big or small, PRAISE THAT DOG! What a good baby!!! Take him in and let him get a few laps of water, and maybe even a treat.

*****We don't ALWAYS need to treat! Don't make your dog ever think just because they've done good they are going to get a treat because they'll expect one every time. Not only are too many, not really good for your dog, but a treat is just that, a treat! Sometimes good sometimes not! You'll want your dog to obey other commands so don't make them expect a treat! I believe this is an important part of small basic training in any dogs!*****

  • You're going to have to set your alarm clock again, for 3am. SORRY but think about how much trouble this is going to save you down the road! Try to get back to sleep as quick as you can, while getting Bingo to snooze too! It might be a good idea to put a chew stick (not those cheap twisted up things, but a sow ear or something that the pet will know belongs EXCLUSIVELY TO THEM. And TELL THEM that it belongs to them! JUST THEM. "This chewy is just for Bingo, and nobody else." and say it in a soothing tone, and make sure your alarm is set for 3am and get your dreary eyes some more rest!


My Rottweiler, being cute!

Rotties like to roll around in the yard!
Rotties like to roll around in the yard!
She's such a ham!
She's such a ham!
My Rottweiler loves her Grandpa! (Cos he lets her on the sofa:::gasp:::)
My Rottweiler loves her Grandpa! (Cos he lets her on the sofa:::gasp:::)
A Rottweiler loves to be where it's owner is. They're loyal dogs, and want to know where you are all the time! I let my girl in on just about everything I possibly can! :)
A Rottweiler loves to be where it's owner is. They're loyal dogs, and want to know where you are all the time! I let my girl in on just about everything I possibly can! :)
They say a dog's smell is like our eyes reading a road map. Hers led her to the camera! lol
They say a dog's smell is like our eyes reading a road map. Hers led her to the camera! lol

Grrrr it's 3am, and the alarm is going off!


Yes I know this seems like a lot of work, but it's going to pay off, trust me! :) More importantly, trust your pet. The more they can trust you, the more they're willing to make their master happy!

That 3 am alarm has just gone off, and it's time to slip into those slippers etc. and take Bingo pup outside to that special spot! Begin telling your story, even if you talk about how sleepy you are, what a pain this is, say it in a VERY NICE TONE. Even if you're screaming "GO POTTY" in your head! :)

As soon as the job is done, pick that baby up and paise away! All the way back inside. Chances are, you've prevented the new pup from getting the chance to potty inside, so you're on your way, try to hold that patience and sleep deprivation under control!

If there are any accidents, THAT'S WHAT THEY ARE, ACCIDENTS. Clean it up, and DON'T SCOLD BINGO!

He's only been on the planet a few months, these "humans" who keep talking to them, they need to understand, they are babies! They want to please you. So when this pup sees you clean it up, he'll know, that wasn't a time he got praised. Not scolded, but ... :::snivel::: not praised either! A simple, "we do this outside Bingo" in a nice tone, will suffice!

Keep on repeating this process until your dog starts to head for the door. Even before they learn to bark when you're not watching them to the door, they'll still go! Don't leave the poor baby to sit there and wait for you!

When your dog gets to the door by themselves!

  • This is the time to start teaching them to bark or let you know they want out. Just look them in the eye and say something to them "Does Bingo want outside" and if Bingo makes one utter of a sound, pat his/her head and open that door!

Right then you're on the track of teaching your dog, baby steps to learning to go outside from the moment you bring your dog home, lessons that once learned, never have to be taught again!

Just remember, doggies have accidents, just like we spill milk by accident! They don't know better, and it's your job as it's owner to teach them! You're new puppy might not be able to wait for you by the time you get to them and might not go as smooth as mine did, but give them love and CREDIT where it's due. No puppy is due a scolding or hit. If you're ever going to hit your pet, then you just don't need to have an animal. They want nothing more in the world than to be your best friend and companion, and if you show them love, it's what you're going to get back!

Train Them Well, And They'll Respect You More!

She was trained well before this pic was taken. I had her going to bark at the door by 2 months after I got her home!
She was trained well before this pic was taken. I had her going to bark at the door by 2 months after I got her home!

Potty Training Your New Puppy

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keneddi 7 years ago

how do you do i take mine outside and it does nothing so when i take him he just does it when i'm sneezing or something.

Hi Keneddi 6 years ago

I found it both hard, and easy! Well, getting up, going outside AROUND THE CLOCK :) was the hard part, and waiting, especially in the middle of the night and you're super sleepy. But with patience, it worked, soon as she'd go, I would praise her and bring her right inside. Rotties are smart dogs, :) maybe it's just taking yours a little bit longer to get adjusted! Good luck! :)

Shannon 6 years ago

You horrible, horrible person...

Now I've got to get out of bed every 3 hours....argh...

Tongue in cheek aside, this seems like a great method and appears at though it may even work. My pup is 5 weeks old now, I only got him a few nights ago. Thus far I've got him to the stage where he knows that the little garden out the front is toilet. As soon as I plonk him down there he goes. The struggle is overnight - so far we've just let him go overnight in the kitchen but I might start giving this a crack... Will report back with results!

Katharella profile image

Katharella 6 years ago from Lost in America Author

LOL Aw, Shannon, :) trust me, this is by far the HARDEST thing you'll do the whole life of your dog! OH I can't tell you at the times I did NOT want to go outside with the umbrella and wait for deed done! But you know, you've already got day time down pat, so if you get a chance, grab a nap in the day or something, but this is how I got my girl to wake me when she had to go at night. She's now going on 11 yrs old, and everyone told me "she'll go inside at some point all dogs do" and I am very proud to say... NEVER NOT ONCE, not even after she ate staples and had to have surgery (whole other story) she still waddled to the door, me racing behind so she could go out. But not one dribble on the floor!! I have the remedy for when they get sick too... not too sure too many people would do it though... it worked for me. Keep me, when you're awake and have time! :) GOOD LUCK to you and post some pix when you can!!

Ashley 6 years ago

This is the best thing i have read on the internet by far!!! I am getting a puppy early next year and have been wondering how i could achieve what you have. Thanks and much appreciated for these wonderful tips. Ash :)

Katharella profile image

Katharella 6 years ago from Lost in America Author

Ashely if you wish, just highlight my directions and copy and paste them into your favorite writing program. Format it to your preference, because you *and anyone else reading* are more than welcome, and my love for talking about Dogs in general, are all very high on my list of things to talk about :)

Thanks to the people who have voted above, they truly have helped, and strangely enough for me LOL I asked the right questions/gave right options. PLEASE grab all the rest you can for the beginning, but the best one I like, and for new dog owners to learn from (hard choice) but PATIENCE! Let me know is this new puppy you're getting picking you? It's important I think, sometimes you might bring the pup home and it falls in love with the one who is the most gentle, FEEDS IT LOL and grooms it. Rotties are really softies, the more love you show them the more they will protect you as well. I hope I emphasized that! It's one of the best things you're doing for yourself, good luck! :) (Don't forget to put an umbrella by the door, you just never know)

mo 5 years ago

hey,i was just wondering would this work even if i lived in an apartment... because it would take about three minutes longer to get to the lobby and evidently outside since i live on the 26th floor

Katharella profile image

Katharella 5 years ago from Lost in America Author

I imagine it would if you set your clock by it, but I guess I just don't understand getting a dog in an apartment or rented place because you never know when you'll have to move and can't find a place because they won't accept dogs. Plus it's not a lot of play area for a dog, cats sleep more and don't need the room to run. I just never felt it fair to get a dog unless you live somewhere you're buying and know you'll never have to get rid of the pet, they miss their owners just like owners miss them. I could have never just given my dog up, so I waited until I knew I was buying a home. Just my opinion tho. Good luck!

Kelvin 4 years ago

what if i have a puppy and its time for the dog to eat should i let the dog eat first or make it go outside before the puppy eats?

Katharella profile image

Katharella 4 years ago from Lost in America Author

I would think it depends on the dog. But personally I think if the dog has a set time to eat is that at 3am? I'd take the pup outside then feed. Plus the more patient you are with them the more likely they are to do the deed so they can come back in an eat. By the time food goes through it's system, it's time to go back outside for deeds. Don't forget to praise them for doing the right thing. Good luck!

Kelvin 4 years ago

thanks! but people tell me that a puppy is suppose to go on paper until they get their shots then they can go outside is that true?

Sleepy in Atlanta 4 years ago

We got this puppy a week ago and he is 3 mos. We have been doing this, but I am at my witts end. With pooping, he is great...will go to the door and sit so I know he needs to go out. However, with peeing; he is ok going in his crate. Yesterday, he went 7 times in his crate immediately after going outside. Tonight, he peed in his crate at 3am, I took him out. He peed again and pooped. By the time this was all done and his crate cleaned, it was 4am. I wake up at 5am to find he has peed in his crate. He has not had access to water since earlier in the evening. Help...what can I do so that he doesn't want to pee in his crate?

Katharella profile image

Katharella 4 years ago from Lost in America Author

Hi Kelvin, I never heard that. I got her at 5 weeks and began training her right away. I just learned not to take them out socializing in a place like a beach until they are at least 6 months to prevent parvo. Other than that they should be relatively healthy with the right care.

Katharella profile image

Katharella 4 years ago from Lost in America Author

Hi Sleepy, Um, I can't think of anything other than he wasn't done going?

With an inside dog they need to learn YOUR sleeping habits. And Rotts are so very easy to train. A lot of books say "they don't want to lay by their own poo or pee so make them stay there" but I feel that is mean. I just talked to my dog as if she were human.. I said, "ew potty is outside it's ok to bark to go outside" if you use the world potty and outside together, the dog associates them with each other. Ask your vet if it might have a bladder or urinary track infection. Just as humans it makes them go again shortly after going.

Always praise them for going outside and praise them for letting you know! Even if you're SO SLEEPY.. I know I was there :) But NEVER SCOLD THEM even if you're about to scream! Just talk softly and tell him, to "tell you" and only if they smack their lips at night, one or two laps to wet their mouth at night that way you're not making them sleep thirsty or over doing it. Good luck i hope that helped! Just never scold them, it will make a Rott either a whimp or aggressive in time. You want to keep that even due to the stigma media puts on them.

Trin 4 years ago

My puppy is 17 weeks and ive been taken her out sence I got her at 8 weeks and she still want go outside she jus pees and poops wen she gets in..i need sum extra advice please. My email is

Why is my rottweiler not as smart as everyone says it should be 4 years ago

Week 4, consistent reward/praise for going outside, has demonstrated the ability to hold it for 5+ hours. 12 week old female, sometimes decides just to go in her cage 1/2 hour after she's done business outside. It's so random, it really kills my day. My husky didn't do this to me. Everyone says these dogs are smart, and amazing, etc. etc. but I find that hard to believe, I'm at the end of my rope with taking her out every 2-3 hours, and her still not getting it. I feel like she just likes to destroy my quality of life.

Katharella profile image

Katharella 4 years ago from Lost in America Author

Dear Trin, please post here so everyone can read. After your dog goes outside are you praising her for doing the deed outside? That lets them know that's the right thing to do.

Also never scold or hit them when they go inside because it instills fear of you in your dog and can make her nervous and that can cause them to have accidents inside. There is also the possibility that your dog is not done. Sometimes they need to walk around a minute and go more. It happens, so try and give her more time. Be gentle and patient with your pup!

Katharella profile image

Katharella 4 years ago from Lost in America Author

Dear Why.. maybe your Rottweiler isn't the dog for you. I have learned that the animal picks us, we do not pick them. If you feel your dog wants to destroy your quality of life, please find a home for her where there is patience and love. Dogs are very smart, some of course smarter than others, but they can sense how you feel and your aggravation could be making your dog nervous. They're not all perfect but Rottweilers do love to please their owners. But maybe you are not the owner of the dog. It is a fact a dog picks the owner. A lot of times they pick a child they feel protective over. Dad might have bought the dog for the family, and yes the family is the dog's "pack" but they do tend to pick a family member as theirs.

TO anyone reading these messages. Remember if you do not have the patience to raise a pup or you're letting someone else feed the dog or you are crating them too long you're pushing away the dogs affection for you. The dog will favor the person who feeds it, pets it and or plays with it. If you want it to be a family dog, then please take turns so the dog learns to obey and treat each family member as part of the "family pack." Good luck to all of you.

Chloe 4 years ago

Do you know the average age for rottie pups to be house trained? Cause mine is 18 weeks tomorrow and still making mistakes. Two of my other dogs were HT at 17 weeks.

Found your information really interested and it worked with my friend and seeming to work my my pup :D

Katharella profile image

Katharella 4 years ago from Lost in America Author

Well if you really think about it, the lil' babes haven't been on the planet that long so be patient and remember to not scold them but run them outside! Some might make mistakes and that's life right? Rotts are really easy to train and love their owners and want to please them so just remember the high praises when they go outside they love the positive attention and will remember they get that when they go out. After they get it down pat, if they ever have an accident it is most likely a vie for attention! Give the babes a chance and you'll have a great dog for a long time that loves you no matter what! :)

Arricca 4 years ago

I got a rott puppy a week ago he is 7 weeks old his name {Diesel} the first day was great with potty. I actually am doing every 2 hours today I'm totally exhausted. My question is how do u know he is done sometimes he goes either one or the other outside then when he gets in he does the other. I am using praise and I'm a stay at home mom so me and Diesel are together 24/7 I take him everywhere with me.My aunt had 3 rotts when I was growing up and she came over and gave me great tips like touch therapy to make sure they don't mind there toes, nails, ears touched since you have to clip nails ext. I have been taking him around dogs young and old at least 3x a week to help with him getting used to other animals{we have out door cats} also taking him around kids and baby's and letting them pick and play so he won't get aggravated easily. He really is amazing I just need this potty issue to hurry and be done lol :) Any Advice

Catalina 4 years ago

This is really really difficult if you're a 13 year old who has school the next morning. Would it work if I walked him after diner, before bed, and first thing in the morning?

Katharella profile image

Katharella 4 years ago from Lost in America Author

Hi Arrica, it is exhausting but please don't give up! If I were you even though you are tired still maybe stay out a little longer. When I was going through the traing and I'd still try to stay out long enough for her to sniff around and look around for a bit. If you think about it, they love being outdoors with Thierry owners and spending time. So the problem could be as simple as just spending that few extra minutes outside.

I also would carry a cheese chunk out side and tell her after both Potts were done there a special treat! Dogs love cheese so you can't go wrong there :)

Thanks for stopping! Hope this helps!

Katharella profile image

Katharella 4 years ago from Lost in America Author

Hi Catalina' while every dog is different' a puppy's bladder and knowledge is very limited. They've been on the planet so very little time they can't wait that long to go epically if between dinner and morning are so many houses. It's also wise to not let them get into the habit of night or morning 'accidents' because it gives the pup an "it's ok once in awhile" feeling when it's not and its not fair of course to scold it when it's not the pups fault. Just try hard to keep it in mind it's only a few weeks that will bring years of love and loyalty to you and your daughter!

Good luck and hang in there it's so very worth it I promise. :)

Paula2828 3 years ago

I have a 4 yr old rottie. We've had him for 3wks. He was a cruelty case and been in animal rescue kennels for a year so used to messing inside. We let him out every hour during day but he still tends to mess inside even after he's been out for his walks twice a day. Would your advice still work at his age and history ? Thanks

Katharella profile image

Katharella 3 years ago from Lost in America Author

Hi Paula2828, I would think it couldn't hurt to try. But still 4 years isn't hard to train a Rottie. My personal opinion is with a cruelty case you don't really know what sort of cruelty the dog endured before you came to his rescue. (Thank you I love hearing of those who take in these dogs rather than going to a breeder.) Maybe it could help to just keep on reinforcing PRAISE when he does go outside and talk to him while inside asking him frequently if he wants to go outside. Not to "play" but Rotts are smart, just saying "want to go outside to potty?" I think if the dogs abuse didn't surround him going inside then it should only take a few weeks to get him to go to the door or at least go by the door which is a step in the right direction.

Cheese chunks are one of the best training tools I've ever used! One key is to get your dog to look at YOUR FACE to learn YOU too. So the closer to your face, the sooner your dog will begin to look at you when you ask him to go outside and potty. Not every time gets a treat, although with an abused dog, I would most likely use his favorite treat to use to train him. Good Luck and please post and let me know how things go. Sorry for the delay in response :)

Joni 3 years ago

My rott pup will be born any day now. I work first shift and my boyfriend works third shift, should I have my boyfriend wake up every three hours during the day, also, to let him outside? Will it be bad to keep my pup crated All day like that?

Joni 3 years ago

Also, my boyfriend has a husky that he doesn't allow on furniture. Is it bad to allow the puppy on furniture while still a puppy then when he gets bigger to not? Just curious on how he will react when we don't allow him anymore. It's ridiculously hard to resist a puppy lol

Katharella profile image

Katharella 3 years ago from Lost in America Author

For your first question Joni I would say CONGRATS :) on your new puppy :)! But if he's into this as you are, and it'll also show his dedication to both you and your puppy that yes I would! Because it keeps the puppy in a cycle that's not broken! Plus yes, being in a crate all day :( aw, they are babies it's seems sort of icky to make them sit with their accident all day! A Rottie will live to please you and when it goes outside and gets praised each time, they are happy, even if it's chilly or raining! Soon as they're done and get that "what a good baby" love, they'll be ready as either of you to get back inside. I used cleaned off some wet feet plenty of times, but it was SO WORTH IT!

You know it could make the husky jealous and aw, we don't want our lovies with hurt feelings if one gets to get on the sofa and the other not! Plus letting them, then telling them no, you'll get THE SAD PUPPY FACE, and trust me when you love your pets they know, and know how to make you fall for it! What I personally would do, is get myself a pillow (and maybe your bf too) and sit on the floor with your puppy. That way, there's no rivalry, no more teaching them no later! It seems you've got it down how hard it is to resist that face looking at you "but I used too *sniff*" lol, but they learn how to manipulate us just like children with crying!

Later in life when they're too old to get on the furniture you'll be glad you did that. Sadly I lost my lovie baby of 15 years to cancer, and found myself laying on the floor by her and feeding her one bite of food at a time when she would eat. I knew her time was limited and I was getting older too, but I knew my pain was 1. going to be horrible when it came time to put her down. 2. Something I would never regret later, I'd put on a few lbs over the years so it wasn't easy getting up & down but I did it just to make sure I could get her bites of food (and cheese squares) and I could tip water so she wouldn't have to get up and go to her bowl.

It gets hard to resist them no matter what, but it'll be easier on you when years from now you never have to look back with a regret.

Good luck and btw, rotts are smart to know the names of their toys, so I told my girl "if you want sun/moon to last you can't chew it up or it'll be gone!" Sun/moon was a fluffy baby toy with floppy arms n' legs (I took the sound thing out & sewed it back up) and to this day, I still have sun/moon as my girls fav toy. You've made a great choice in puppies! Good luck and please find me so you can show pix I'd love to see them!

Mindy Gill 2 years ago

Currently we are confused on the following problems or things that are going on:

1) I have some questions about potty training him. We usually take him outside in the backyard from the time he wakes up in the morning to evening BUT for the night time potty we wake up and take him out for a potty on our gated sundeck. We do this because we have some pretty aggressive raccoons in our area. A week ago they killed our neighbours cat.

He is sleeping in his crate no problems but sometimes I can't tell the difference with a whine or when he tells us that he needs to go out! I know this is our fault for not differentiating. We have had him for 1.5 weeks and he has only soiled his crate 2 times which is our fault for missing the cues.

Then sometimes he pees inside the house after playing on our sun deck in the day time or on the deck. Are we confusing him?? by having 2 different potty places?

For your method did you constantly stay with your dog 100 % of the time supervising it?

Another thing is that he loves to be on our deck, sometimes when we are doing our chores or cooking dinner etc... we have him play on our gated patio/ deck & then when we allow him back in our house he pees inside…. I’m not sure how to housebreak him or if you can guide us into doing the proper thing?? We have puppy training pads outside on the deck and sometimes he pees on them/ sometime he poops on them or sometimes he just rips them up.

He is good with sleeping in his create and waking up and taking a pee (we usually take him out every couple of hours in the middle of night) The crate is not a problem for us, it’s just the housebreaking that is? & play biting. Not sure how to address the play biting as well...

Katharella profile image

Katharella 20 months ago from Lost in America Author

Hi Mindy. I personally wouldn't encourage play biting because there might come a time when your pup is bigger and around children. All children seem to come running when they see animals. Just to avoid any chance of them getting nipped even playfully puts a bad name on a good dog! Always encourage them to play with toys and since they are smart, I can tell you from experience that they will learn which toys are theirs and not chew your shoes or furniture. It's people that let that behavior be encouraged that have problems. Good luck! Remember they are smart and learn even your face expression so there's never really any reason to crate them too long. Thanks for stopping in!

rottiemom 15 months ago

We have an 11 week old rottie and at first I was taking him out often and he was doing great! He pees and poops on command like a charm, however we are wanting him to start to let us know he has to go. I am afraid of this method because now he is having accidents every now and then if we don't catch him. I feel he needs to have a few accidents though so he knows it isn't ok to go inside. Before, I took him so much that he didn't have a chance to have an accident. How can I get him to let us know? We don't want to use bells because he thinks they are a toy.

Katharella profile image

Katharella 7 months ago from Lost in America Author

Sorry for the delay Rottiemom,

It might be a good idea to randomly say "outside" or before you take your dog outside set him/her down at the door and open it while saying, "let's go outside to potty." Then maybe it will get the idea that he needs to go to the door.

In the case they scratch at it rather than bark, you might want to put a guard on the door. You can find them at any pet shop.

Im really sorry for not replying sooner, I hope this helps. Remember, they can still be taught and retrained. It just takes finding the right thing your dog responds to the best. Good luck!

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