How Much Does Dog Grooming Cost?


Having your dog professionally groomed is a real convenience, but it can be a costly one. The price to groom a dog depends on your area, the size of your dog, the type of coat it has, and what services you want the groomer to perform.

At the root, the cost to get a dog groomed depends on how long it will take the groomer. The price of grooming reflects the groomer’s hourly rate. Experienced big-city groomers with a big client list who are in high demand will charge a higher price than a groomer in a small town, a smaller client base, etc.

Most groomers have a set price list. It is perfectly acceptable to phone a groomer and ask for a general guideline on how much it would cost to have your dog groomed. The groomer will ask questions about your dog’s size, coat, condition (matted, muddy, etc).

Keep in mind that your time is valuable, too! You may suffer from “sticker shock” when you find out how much it will cost to have your dog professionally groomed. Of course, you can always wash your dog yourself in your bathtub or front yard, comb out their coat, trim their fur, etc. But a full “salon treatment” can cost you the better part of a weekend afternoon.

Many owners choose the middle road, and take their dog to the groomers every 2 or 3 months. In between trips to the groomer, they will wash their dog at home, trim its claws themselves, etc.

Pet store chains like PetSmart and PetCo both offer in-house grooming services. But be aware that a small local business will often offer competitive rates, a wider range of services, more options for grooming products like shampoos and coat conditioners, and groomers who are more professional and experienced.

Dog Grooming: Cost By Size

Most groomers base their price partly on the size of a dog. It simply takes more time to groom a larger dog. The base cost for dog size usually runs between $20 for a toy dog, to $100 for a giant breed.

Dog Grooming: Cost By Coat

A dog with a thicker or longer coat will take longer to wash than a short-haired dogs. If the coat requires special treatment (like carefully trimming a poodle’s cut, or clipping mats out of a Newfoundland’s feathers) this will also take longer, and increase the cost.

Dog Grooming: Cost By Service

Most groomers offer a “bath only” service. This is the base level of grooming, and thus the most affordable. This is also excellent for short-haired dogs, who require no extra services. Claw clipping, ear cleaning, trimming or clipping the coat, and combing out mats all add to the price.

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Sam 4 years ago


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Mrs. Obvious 4 years ago from Northern California

I was a groomer for 13 years, and you sure have the right idea about the how and why of grooming charges. One thing I liked to do though was include the nails and ear cleaning with the price of the bath only service. Most people need it, even if they don't realize it, and including it in my pricing ensured that the dog would be completely taken care of regardless of what the owner understands about nail clipping and ear cleaning. Thanks for a good hub about my previous profession!

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