How To Brush A Rabbit


When brushing your pet rabbit, you need to know what kinds of brushes to use. For longer haired rabbits, you should use slicker brushes and wire brushes. For shorter haired ones, you should use a bristle brush, or comb. Some people use cat hair "Tangler Wrangler's". You should also have a squirt bottle and soft bristle brush. The squirt bottle helps to brush. The soft bristle brush should be used for the rabbits belly, they have very sensitive skin there.

How To Brush

When you are brushing a long haired or wooly rabbit, use the slicker brush. Move gently from the from under the ears, then move towards the back in even strokes. To get the hair from under the hair, use the wire brush and gently move backwards several times, then again forward to smooth the hair. For shorter haired rabbits, do the same with the bristle brush. To get the hair from under, use the comb. When brushing your rabbit's belly, use the soft bristled brush and gently brush. To make brushing easier, squirt a VERY LITTLE amount on your rabbit.

If Your Rabbit Is Uneasy

If your rabbit squirms, try's to bite, or just looks a little uncomfortable, it probably isn't used to being handled a lot. To change this, hold your rabbit very often or play with it, pet it, anything that you think would make your rabbit more comfortable with you grooming him/her.

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lily 2 years ago

you have a a very pretty bunny and its very mean to pick them up by the neck and u kept poking your rabbit in the eye.

claudia 5 years ago

very nice video and very helpful. You have a beautiful bunnie. It was also very calm. :) thanks for the help.! :D

bob 6 years ago

your bunny is so calm

Jade 6 years ago

Thanks i am getting a bunny soon and this really helped

anita 6 years ago

your rabbit was so carm my rabbit always scwerm!:D lol.

fred 6 years ago

thanks for the info i really needed it since im getting an abused bunny and it really needs yo be brushed and groomed!!

Taylor 7 years ago

Actually, I do not have a rabbit, I was going to get one, but didn't, but that is just from the weeks of research i did on them.

Heather 7 years ago

WOW! I wish my bunny would act like yours. I have 11 week old fuzzy lop with LOTS of hair and it is so hard to brush him before he runs away. He would NEVER let me flip him over like that.

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