How To Pick The Right Veterinarian For Your New Puppy

There are several things a person must look for when picking out the right veterinarian for their new puppy. Just because a vet is close to the house doesn't mean they are good. Just as with a doctor for a human, a person should interview the vet and ask questions before deciding to bring their new puppy in for a check up and the required shots to keep them healthy.

When looking at possible veterinarians for a new puppy, ask to speak to all the vets in the practice. It is important that a puppy owner feel comfortable with all the associates within a vet practice because there will come a time when the vet you choose will be out and your pet needs medical care. This means you will either have to be seen by one of their associates or wait until the return and sometimes that is not possible. Another nice thing about having more than one veterinarian in a clinic is that they can discuss what is wrong so it's like getting more than one opinion without having to pay for it or travel to get it.

Be sure that all the veterinarians are all certified and graduated vets and not students. There are teaching clinics across the country and they can be cheaper but you get what you pay for and students don't always catch everything that could be wrong with a puppy. They could also miss something important that is needed for a puppy's growth. An experienced vet will know how to handle puppies of all breeds and sizes.

When visiting a pet clinic or office for the first time, try to notice if it is clean and smells clean. Many pet hospitals and vet offices go to great lengths to keep their facilities clean and fresh smelling, other don't and it shows. A dirty clinic can breed germs and disease that a pet could bring home, especially fleas or kennel cough. Kennel cough is a virus that dogs catch when they are in confined quarters with other dogs that are sick and it can affect their lungs and breathing if left untreated. It is similar to pneumonia in people.

Ask about payment plans and insurance. Some vet offices offer payment plans on expensive surgeries. Other offices have 'wellness' plans in which a person could pay a set price for the puppy's first year of vaccinations and other needs. These are typically a substantial discount and a convenience for both the owner and the vet office. They will send reminders as to when the puppy needs certain shots and checkups.

Ask about routine care such as nail trims and baths. These might be cheaper then the groomers and the vet's offices will have more experienced technicians on hand if something goes wrong. There are times when a groomer may cut dogs nails too close to the quick or a dog could slip in a tub and hurt their back; these are times in which it is best to have a vet or at least a vet technician on hand for proper care.

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