How To Prevent Feline Diabetes

Many people don’t know it but the number of incidences of feline diabetes is increasing. Diabetes in felines can be prevented and is easier to manage their prevention than to manage your own. How? Feline obesity is the main causes for feline diabetes. Most people feed their cats too much and usually the wrong kind of food. Feline diabetes comes from the domestication and the diet of the cat. A cat in the wild would not have to worry about their diet, but we as humans need to take up that responsibility.

Makes sure your cat’s dry food is animal based not plant based, and make sure the carbohydrate levels are low. Too many carbs, like with humans, can cause the cat to grow fatter quicker. Also make sure you have high water content if you feed them dry food. Canned moist food is best and dry food to most cats can be habit forming. Exercise is also recommended. A fat cat will sleep all day and just getting fatter. With fat come feline diabetes.

Blood sugar levels in cats can be regulated by herbs and supplements. To save on vet bills and to keep from buying expensive medications people are turning to supplements and more holistic approaches. Using herbs can also stop urinary track infections and kidney illness. Two Chinese herbs, Huang Gi and Astragalus are excellent sources of components that lower blood sugar levels. But remember, it is best to prevent than to treat. So watch your cats diet and if you suspect feline diabetes, contact your vet immediately.

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frogyfish profile image

frogyfish 7 years ago from Central United States of America

I had a special cat that lived 15 years, and she was the sweetest ever. She got sick on the weekend and I had to put her down which was so-oo tearfully difficult to do. Good info for kitty people here too. Thanks.

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