How To Ride A Bike With Your Dog

How To Ride A Bike With Your Dog

Let's face it, your dog wants more exercise than you give it. It happened to me too, so don't feel bad. Riding your bike with your dog is a great way for you and your dog to get the exercise you need every day. This how-to will go into details on how to safely and successfully ride with your pooch. There are many leashes designed to hook on to your bike, but for this article we are using the standard 4 foot nylon leash.

There is an element of danger in this, so read on.

There are a few qualifications you and your dog need before hitting the road. 
-You need to be fairly skilled on a bike. Be comfortable riding at slow speeds and with only one hand. 
-Your dog must be able come when called, heel to the bike, and be in good enough shape to keep up a trot.

Step One

Acclimate your dog to the bike. On your next walk with your dog, bring the bike you plan on using along. Walk with you on one side, the bike in the middle and your dog on the other side. Take two or three walks like this, until your pooch is comfortable walking with the bike.

Step Two

Trial run. When your dog is comfortable walking along side your bike (don't rush it!) it's time for a trial run. Hold the leash with the hand that you plan on your dog running on, usually the right so you stay between her and traffic. You can hold on to the leash and grip the handlebars at the same time. If your dog is strong and yanks hard to the side, you're going to crash. If this happens, let go of the leash and go back to step one! 

Cruise around the street in front of your house for a little bit to see how they do. Take it slow and go at their pace, rather than how fast you think they should go. Start off in a straight line, add some turns in if your dog is doing well.

Step Three

It's showtime!! If you and your dog are comfortable going beyond step two, hit the road! Keep in mind that how far you go means how far you have to go the other direction to get back home. If your dog is struggling, take a break or move to a walk. Dogs are built like us in the sense that they have to get back into shape too. Don't push too hard too fast!

Some More Things To Keep In Mind...

-Keep the leash short enough to keep your dog at your side. If she manages to get to the other side of the bike, or the leash wrapped in the chain or spokes, it's light out for the both of you!

-They say that you never forget how to ride a bike, but if its been a while you should ride solo to get your skills back.

-A big beach cruiser style bike is the easiest to ride with. Their low/wide stance and feel will help you keep your balance while riding slow.

-Keep in mind that this is fairly dangerous! If your dog pulls hard to the side, you're going to crash! Let go of the leash.

-Don't try to cram all of this into a few days. Both you and your dog are going to be unhappy! Take the time to do it right so you both love bike rides!

-If you have more than one dog, ride with each one separately. Riding with two dogs is extremely difficult.

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