How To Take Care Of The Exotic Pet : Anteater

I have 4 anteaters. 2 of them are giant anteaters and 2 of them are tamanduas. I know many of you are saying " ANTEATER? An Anteater for a pet ? Why ? Shouldn't they be kept in the wild ?" Yes they should be kept in the wild if they are able to. But they are endangerd species. They're endangered because of their forests and the people are hunting them down. So we should help to keep them alive. BUT you will need to research them. It took me 3 years. You will need to think about their diet , the most important and difficult to master. You will need a vet for them. This is very hard, most of them think your crazy. Maybe I am . But once you have one you will fall in love. I'm having trouble getting my pictures to load it takes for ever.I'll tell you where you can see them as pets.PLEASE read the following about them. TamanduaGirl (my friend) has two Tamanduas and, also has videos of them on you tube. But please read the following and tell me if you think you would want one or if something isn't clear let me know. :)

I know anteaters don't look like it but they are related to the sloth family and the armidillo family. Aardvarks are not related to anteaters, it is a very common mistake. They have their own family. There are three different types of anteaters : first there is the pigmi anteater (pigmis are the smallest), then there is the tamandua anteater(medium size), third there is the giant anteater(of course the biggest). Personally I think giant anteaters are a little too big, but you'll get use to it. Tamanduas are the perfect size (I think). Get what ever one you want, doesn't matter at all. Just the amount of food and care and love. They LOVE attention! As strange as it sounds anteaters have great personalities. Anteaters will respond to your name. See it for your self on you tube. You must give them tons and tons and tons of attention. They will cry if they feel they didn't get enough. They make all kinds of noises they cry,weep, groan, scream(if get baddly hurt ) hiss (when protective). lol . All they want is love , so please give them attention. They enjoy a warm climate. If it's cold then get a t-shirt (toddler size for pigmi) (kid size tamandua) (adult size for giant anteaters).

You should take your anteater for a walk once a day. You must put them on a leash even though they are tame, they might get interested under cars and then you might not be able to get them out again or they might climb trees without permishion. Put trainer on them . Not whenever you take them out. It seems to be comfortable for them. Again if it is cold put a t-shirt on them just in case. ; ) Take them to meadows bird sancutaries, parks but becareful people might panic. It's a lot quieter and calmer when you take them to a quiet place. You'll enjoy it more and so will your pet. There will be tons of people looking at you or talking to you, bothering you.

Food, food, food that's the tricky part with pets. Well I go out in the yard and look for ants (sometimes) or you can let them find ants themselves. It's better to let them do it, that way they don't get too lazy. I make soup for them (special soup: fruits , vegtables , ants , cheese. ) Usually I make some suop for them . They just adore advocadoes and blue cheese. If you are interested in their food look up what the zoo keepers feed them. (That's what I did.)

Get a huge cage for them. They'll need it. Hammocks is a must! (Get a big hammock for 2.) You can put some ropes in their that way they can hang around and chill. Put some toys in their cage like: squeaky balls, stuff toys, blankets, and a pillow. They should have fun in their cages. Let them out though! They will get antzy! lol They like playing peek-a-boo and love to wrestle! (It's hilarious!)watch it on you tube, click the link.

You wanna be careful of their claws you could get a big scratch if you don't file their claws down. But, usually it's not that bad. Sometimes it's like a cat scratch. You won't have to worry as long as you file their claws. File them once every 4 days. : ) TIP: They use them when they wrestle.

Anteaters cost about $1,400 to about $ 5,000 from what I have seen ! The prettier , healthier, younger the more they are. There are very few anteater breeders left since they have babies every 1 to 2 years. Plus I got all of mine from South America which took about 6 months to a year. To get all four of them that is. I must say I was pretty lucky. Usually it takes a year just to get one. If you want to get one you must do plenty of researching. They must have the proper care . And make sure you know all the sicknesses they can get. Again make sure you get a vet. And tell the vet that you have an anteater. Oh, and 1 more thing make sure you know the state law about exotic animals.

So hope you learned somethin. Do you want one ? Tell me if there is anything you don't understand or want more detail.


Krista 07

zzzzzz why did you wake me up? FOOD!FOOD!
zzzzzz why did you wake me up? FOOD!FOOD!
 Just takin a stroll in the garden. (I'm actually lookin for ants. sssssshhhhhh don't tell them.)
Just takin a stroll in the garden. (I'm actually lookin for ants. sssssshhhhhh don't tell them.)
This is Tammy! She is waving to you!
This is Tammy! She is waving to you!

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compu-smart profile image

compu-smart 9 years ago from London UK

Wow, I never knew anyone could own an Anteater!! You don't live in a zoo lol.. Just kidding..;)

Krista 07 profile image

Krista 07 9 years ago from Europe Author

lol, They are tons of fun. Did you go to the you tube link?

Wasn't it funny? lol :)

compu-smart profile image

compu-smart 9 years ago from London UK

Hi Krista/

I tried viewing earlier and am still getting the following message.

The video you have requested is not available.If you have recently uploaded this video, you may need to wait a few minutes for the video to process.

PS. Is it a video of your Anteater? I look forward to seeing it and will try later;)

Krista 07 profile image

Krista 07 9 years ago from Europe Author

Yea it is. Just type in pet anteaters. You'll find a whole bunch! did you see the photo?

compu-smart profile image

compu-smart 9 years ago from London UK

Oh my god he's so sweet and looks so cool. Looks like he's doing a high 5 lol..I would love to come round your place and see all your animals. You must have so much fun and I wished I was in a position to be able to own my own Zoo."really"!


MrMarmalade profile image

MrMarmalade 9 years ago from Sydney

Fascinating and imaginable. Thanks but no thanks

I am staying a square. But good try and great hub

Krista 07 profile image

Krista 07 9 years ago from Europe Author

Thanks Guys! It's a her.Tammy.She has been wrestling all day long with Romeo (GIANT ANTEATER). iT IS HILARIOUS(BECAUSE HE IS SO BIG AND SHE IS TINY COMPARED TO HIM. It is a hand full. I am just crazy. My sister lives in Brazil so she has 2 sloths and one is always fighting with hers so she's planning to give me a sloth. OMG!

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 9 years ago from Georgia

Wow! I didn't know that you could have anteaters as pets. Do you need special permits for them? Very cool.

Krista 07 profile image

Krista 07 9 years ago from Europe Author

Yes , you will need a permit and check the state laws just in case. Some states you're not able to have anteaters as pets.

compu-smart profile image

compu-smart 9 years ago from London UK

Omg, i love sloths, they are thee cutest things ever, and yes, i did see quite a few videos on youtube on Anteaters, very strange but cute, and forgive me for calling Tammy a he!!.

Do you, or can you take any of your pets to the malls like a dog?

Krista 07 profile image

Krista 07 9 years ago from Europe Author

No ! THAT IS A BIG NO NO. LOL I tried it one time in Safe way and security said I cannot bring any exotic pets it was soo embarasing. Everyone was just starring at me. lol

Krista 07 profile image

Krista 07 9 years ago from Europe Author

manoharv2001: thankyou!

Krista 07 profile image

Krista 07 9 years ago from Europe Author

Thankyou for the nice comment.

apompell: I need some help. What do you think I should name a baby three-toed sloth ? / its a her. Any ideas?

I'm all ears. =]

Krista 07 profile image

Krista 07 9 years ago from Europe Author

Like the name Gracelyn . I keep all my animals in florida. No hasles what so ever. I have met another lady named Mary and she has a few anteaters.       I'still spend a lot of time with them. ( My work is boxing so I have an indoor gym all to myself. People think I'm cruel. because I don't spend a lot of time with them. But I do, it's just every once in awhile I fly to Europe for a fight, but other wise I just drive to some place and box. So at the end I'm actually with them all day long.( I've gotten some comments saying I'm cruel.)

Becareful with wolves!   Are you gonna raise them from puppyhood or ???

Anyway I found a nice site. Since you're gonna get wolves, This might help. 

go to I guy had wolves I think he breeds them.  :)

If this is to personal you don't have to answer : What do you do for a living? P.S. Europe is a good place to have exotic pets.

Isabella Snow profile image

Isabella Snow 9 years ago

Wow, Krista, this is very cool!

ericsomething profile image

ericsomething 9 years ago from Charleston, SC and Riverside, CA

Very cool! I never would have thought about anteaters. Well, in the southeast United States, food shouldn't be a problem for them -- not with all the fire ants we have here!

Krista 07 profile image

Krista 07 9 years ago from Europe Author

Isabella- Thanks!

Ampompell- wow! How long have you been thinking about having a pet wolf ? or breed them. I've always wanted to work at a shelter. Just curiousity how much do you get paid when you work at a shelter? or is it like a volunteer thing.

Eric- That's right! lol ; )

Krista 07 profile image

Krista 07 9 years ago from Europe Author

Oh that's cool. I can't believe it! YOU USUALLY HAVE 25 DOGS????!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!! What do you think you're going to name it when you get one?

PoleCat 9 years ago

Hi Krista. I know TamanduaGirl because I'm in a yahoo group all about animals from the order xenarthra. She created the group. When I first started researching my favorite anteater, the giant anteater, I thought that they were extremely aggressive animals that threaten people if they see them. I'm preparing to volunteer at the zoo and the woman helping us told us about the giant anteater and how Armani, a giant anteater who is no longer at our zoo anymore because of her area not being safe, would break into a gallop if a new keeper was in her area and actually rear up. She also told us about the keeper who was killed this year by a giant anteater and that they can be dangerous. For now, I will stick with the ferret, they're small and easy for a beginner, but someday I do want to work with the giant anteater. I don't know how to get experience with exotics if there aren't any around where I live, though. Could you lend a hand. Thank you.

Krista 07 profile image

Krista 07 9 years ago from Europe Author

oh that's cool !  did you want me to help you out on getting an exotic pet right 4 you..? or... if that is what you need help with I think my sister can help you out, she has tons of exotic pets and knows a lot about the permits and ect.ect. (she is on hubpages) =] just go to the search engine and type in Jackilyn.

PoleCat 9 years ago

Hi, thanks. I will look up your sister. The exotic pet I want most right now is the ferret since it is easy for a beginner. TamanduaGirl told me I should start with the tamandua before moving on to the giant anteater since the giant anteater as an exotic pet is very playful and rough in its play. Thank you again for your help.

Totally Anteater Crazy  9 years ago

hey i'm diffenatly never gonna get one at my age but i really really really hope to get one when i'm older and it will be pamperd like roalty!!! Any way i've only really interacted with one once but it was great. But any way how do you have a giant anteater?? I mean there so big!!!

Krista 07 profile image

Krista 07 9 years ago from Europe Author

Pole Cat: glad to help! =]

TAC- oh, I keep it out side in the yard. ITS just like a great dane! sorta , maybe a little bigger?! I don't know I'm just sorta use to it. lol why don'tyou join?

Totally Anteater Crazy 9 years ago

is it hard to take care of the giant anteaters they don't seem very pet like!

Krista 07 profile image

Krista 07 8 years ago from Europe Author

It's hard at first, but you get use to it. =)

horsegirl 8 years ago

I was wondering if you knew anyone that i could contact about getting a tamandua anteater. My mom used to have one when she was in college and i would love to get her another one sometime. Are there any breeders in the US?

stefeeb profile image

stefeeb 8 years ago from Texas

Totally awsome hub, I love to watch anteaters at the zoo.

Joe. 8 years ago

I want an anteater, but damn girl, check your spelling.

blah 8 years ago

-X: Are you a cat person or dog person?

-Krista 07: I am an anteater person...

-X: O.o

Personally i am a cat person...but always wanted to have a grizzlie :)

jakotah! 8 years ago

hey this is all so awesome! they remind me of my ferrets but i really need to talk to u and i have some questions! im 15 and im bad at looking up stuff like u did and how u got ur pets but im doin what i can do so plz call my phone cuz i have lots of questions my number is 1405-933-1854 cuz i couldn't find a number to call on the page but if i dont answer plz just leave a message ill get back to u! thanx a lot bye! :)

Spoon 8 years ago

I didn't know that you could keep these as pets but now I totally want one. I wonder who I contact to find out if they're legal to keep where I live. I'm gonna be broken hearted if I find out I can't have one.And to all the people complaining about the spelling: Grow up your pretentious wankers, this person is trying to share something she loves with you. So what if she's not a professional writer and forgot to spellcheck? You miss the point, and that's a lot more embarrassing than typing errors.

As for the kid who posted his home phone number on this public website: Wow... I'd feel bad for your poor parents but then again it's probably their fault you're so lacking in common sense.

Vespertinne 8 years ago

Hi Krista,

It is very noble, taking in anteaters so they won't perish altogether. Are they able to live in homes with persons who have allergies to cat hair? I would consider taking in a pair of anteaters, firstly, because there are TONS of ants where we live (seriously... and hills all over the place); and secondly, because I do not want to see them die out.

I worked in wildlife rehab for a while and I think anteaters would be perfect pets for me.

Where might I find out more? Please write to me at vespertinne at hotmail dot com.

Thanks very much.


Endangered animals 8 years ago

C´mon please!!!! Anteaters? 6 months to get them from southamerica?? you really think is cool and worth it?? those animals were probalby extracted from the wild, and if they were kids, probably somebody killed their moms!!! because people like you ilegal traffic of wildlife from southamerica (wildlife diminishing and endangered) is the third most profitable bussiness after drugs and guns. Please stop buying "pets" for your enjoy think about the future, think about them they´re wild they´re not PETS. I hope someday you will know what you´re doing rihgt now, and how your actions are destroying our beauty nature.

zoe 8 years ago

hi im only 12 and i love anteaters lol i realy want one :) love all yours:) do you no any websites or shops that i can get an information book about anteaters from ?? if you dont it doesn't matter :) please reply thanks

Jennifer 8 years ago

I understand your desire to help this endangered species, but how are you helping them by keeping them in your home and turning them into pets? Preserving species is a job for the zoos, who can keep these animals in a close to natural habitats, as appose to your house. I am currently a senior at Delaware Valley College majoring in Conservation and Wildlife Management, so exotic and endangered animals are my study. People these are NOT PETS, nor should they ever be pets, and they are NOT domesticated! Putting an animal in your house and training it does not make it a domestic animal. If your that adamant on helping to save an endangered species then donate money to a cause. Keeping a wild animal as a pet does nothing to help preserve the species. And by purchasing one you are only helping to aid the exotic animal trade, which means your money is going toward taking even more critically endangered animals like tigers out of their natural habitats to be someone’s pets. Yes they are adorable and would be awesome to own, but if you really want to touch wild animals then get a job at a zoo and do something practical to help a species.

seanfury 8 years ago

Just awesome.

AntLover 8 years ago

Oh try actualy stating some facts and not proaganda. Tigers are all born and bred in the USA for many generations. No one is smuggling tigers into the USA for pets. There are more pet tigers in the US than in the wild and that IS perserving the species and everyone that sees one feels more of a connection than if they just watched them on TV in the wild and is more likely to help.

Anteaters are tied with capuchin moneys as the numer one animal killed as a pest in their native home. It is much better that these animals have a value so they are sent away for pets and zoos instead of just killed. Kind of like they used to do with prarie dogs.

They are however difficult to care for so you should learn about their care first.

Emmett 8 years ago

Hi. My name is Emmett. I am 7 years old and would love to care for 2 pet tamanduas? How can I find somebody who breeds this beatiful creatures.

CASSIDY 7 years ago

hI MY NAME IS CASSIDY! I love ANTEATERS!!!!! And I hav been REALY been wanting1. I no wat your thinkin an anteater? But they r realy GREAT animals!!!!!!! SOOOOOOOOO DNT NOKEM TIL U TRY EM!HAHA!

anteater6 7 years ago

omg i looooooooooooooove anteaters soooooooooooo much

and all i have is drawings of them!!!!!!

were do you live and how old are you??? (not trying to be creepy :P)

i would really love to have one so much but i live in prince rupert b.c. and it can get really cold up here and im only 13 years old! can you help me???

zirria 7 years ago

Greetings..... I from Russia... Very much for a long time I wish to have an anteater or 2.... At me the big private house in Moscow..... And the heap of desire to be engaged with animals.... But I do not understand as me to buy it.... Whether there are clubs of anteaters in europe???... Very much I look forward to hearing.... My mail or skype...... nikname Zirria

Rawr 7 years ago

Why are people so against keeping exotic pets? Dogs and cats were once "wild" too. If being a pet is so bad, then shouldn't spay/neuter dogs and cats out of existence?

I've read stories of lots of wild animals becoming pets. Will they ever be totally 100% tame and harmless? No. But neither are dogs or cats (or people)! Dogs maul people every single day, and there are big feral cat problems.

I've personally raised two starlings that were pushed out of their nests and they became very tame pets.

As long as they're obtained legally and the person has all the proper permits, a person should be able to keep any exotic animal as long as they take care of it properly.

And if I were an animal, I'd rather be in a loving home with constant food, shelter, protection from predators, attention, etc. than spending my whole life being high-strung and aggressive because something could pop out and eat me alive at any moment. Not to mention wandering around the forest looking for scraps of food before I starve to death.

Face it, people aren't going to stop killing pest animals in their lands because they're endangered and some people in another country like them. Some tarantulas in the U.S. are becoming scarce, but the majority of the public doesn't like them. I'm sure its the same for other animals in other countries. Is it better for them to die out forever or live on as pampered pets?

Even reptiles can become more docile after being captive bred for awhile. Captive bred snakes are much more docile than their wild counterparts, and would have trouble living in the wild. I'm sure anteaters could become more common exotic pets and adapt to captivity like a cat, dog or ferret.

If the animal is healthy and content, what's the problem?

bellatrix 7 years ago

I am thinkin' about getting an anteater except i dont no if the climat i live is will keep anteaters alive do you think i'll be fine p.s i live in ontairio, CANADA. A.S.A.P!!!

bellatrix 7 years ago

im only 11 and i want to buy an anteater but is it even legal to have one in canada? Im thinking about a tamandua or the small kind. How long do they live, are they like dogs and do they live for a long time? I have a lot of questions and im a big fan!!!!! Would the climat in canada keep the anteaters alive? Im so confused!lol! How much would it cost to have an anteater plus all the food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

respond a.s.a.p.!!!!!!!!!

pepper 7 years ago

Search Tamandua Girl she actualy has anteaters. This person ripped her "Pet" anteater photos off the web.

Antinfestation 7 years ago

I have an ant infestation, and I'm in Colorado. Anyone in CO in this forum who owns an anteater? I don't want all these healthy ants to go to waste, haha.

If anyone could post a link here on how to care for an anteater that'd be great :)

Trevor  7 years ago

im trying to find where to buy an anteater because they look awesome

AnteaterLover 7 years ago

Heather 7 years ago

The anteater is my dream pet! I'm doing the research so I can get one after college, but I'm having trouble finding where you can purchase them. Could you possibly point me in the right direction? :)

Cassie 7 years ago

Hello, Anteaters have been my favorite animal as long as I can remember. I have really been interested in learning everything I can about them, because I eventually want to own my own and care for it. So I was wondering how you got your pets. I would not be getting one till I can give it a proper home and can take the best care for it. But if you would let me know that would be great.

Thanks, Cassie- you can e-mail me at

Cassie 7 years ago

Sorry, I typed my e-mail wrong. It's

Lotta 7 years ago

Wow Krista, that's fascinating! I would love to have an anteater, they are very cute and they seem like good companions. Do they have to sleep in their cages?

brycewhitener profile image

brycewhitener 7 years ago from Fireston Co

Hey Kristy just to let you know i love ant eaters and yours are so soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute can you try to send me more pics and info on ant eaters at my email? It is plz? and love your ant eaters

econway87 7 years ago

me and my husband are trying to find a breeder, or someone who sells giant anteaters. we have searched online and have sent a lot of emails but we want a giant one. would you happen to know of anyone who has, or is selling giant anteater babies? or younger giant anteaters? thank you very much and have a wonderful day!

kbergs4 7 years ago

TamanduaGirl is need of help with her tamandua. Check out and see if you can help her out. While you're there, set up your own account and save for your own goal. Maybe save to get your own pet anteater!

iLikeAnteatersalot 7 years ago

i really wanna know if you can get any kind of anteater in the uk (northern ireland) plez plez anyone reply!!!!!!!!!

and i know u need permits but if i had them could i get one and who could i contact to buy 1?

skyhighheels 7 years ago


All the laws where I live keep talking about Class I and Class II wildlife, how do I find out what class a tamandua is in?

skyhighheels 7 years ago

Hello Krista 07,

Sorry to pester. I sent you that last comment moments before finding the information I needed. I live in Florida, but still can't seem to figure out what class the tamandua is in. I saw on your How to take care of a sloth you mentioned you lived in florida, do I need a license? Or do you have any advice on obtaining one?

Anteeter359 7 years ago

oh man, now i want one really bad!!LOL

Annie 7 years ago

I would like to buy an anteater for my yard in Florida as there is an all you can eat ant buffet.

If anyone knows a good, reliable source to buy one, could you let me know?

Thank you!

Lia 7 years ago

My parents work in conservation, and I personally think what you are doing is cruel and unnatural. I hope animal protection services kick your arse. Animals are not a commodity.

Liana 7 years ago

hi krista, ive researched everythin about anteaters and think im ready for one, then when i start looking to buy one i cant find them anywhere. any suggestions of where to look to buy a tamandua?

Leopard 7 years ago

Do you keep yoour Giant Anteaters outside? If so, what kind of winter housing do you suggest? Maybe a heated hut or large doghouse?

Jessence profile image

Jessence 7 years ago


I just moved to an island in Bocas del Toro, Panama (Central America) and my fiancé and I are interested in perhaps reintroducing the anteater to this area, as there is a HUGE termite and ant problem here (probem for us~ Heaven for the anteater). Perfect anteater country, and no jaguars around! I just don't know where to get them. Would you mind writing me at to tell me where you got yours from (in South America)? I would appreciate any other input you have on the matter as well.


*~Paz y Amor~*

Maureen T Laverty 7 years ago

My favorite part of this article was "Personally I think giant anteaters are a little too big but you'll get used to it."

AARON SMITH 7 years ago






akula51 7 years ago

Love your page, thanks for the information. I'm a big fan of the anteater and would love to have one share our life someday. What is their life expectancy?

AD 7 years ago

Do you think they require more attention than dogs? I mean if you work all day are they ok? I had dogs growing up but I would feel bad that they had to sit around inside for 6 hours or more, so I would usually try to take them out for a long walk, but still I think they lead mostly bored lives ;)

anna mulve 7 years ago

wen i am uldu i wil help you

Nadia  7 years ago

Do you own an anteater in florida? my husband is really interested in getting one, and they look like an excellent pet. Saw the videos they are adorable ! thanks

lexie 6 years ago

i am obsessed with anteaters and i would love to have one as a pet but mom says not today

Krista M. 6 years ago

I have a little dog right now and I'm just curious if an anteater is much different than a little puppy, aside from the fact that anteaters climb trees and eat ants. I'm thinking about getting one in the future.

Kelcey 6 years ago

i want one with every fiber of my being

Kelcey 6 years ago

Where would you be able to find a cage?

Gabes 6 years ago

Krista, are you from America? I really want to know more about how to get an anteater, but i'm not sure if they're available in the UK.

Chris 6 years ago

Very interesting. I'm such an animal lover, and now I want one. I must admit, if it wasn't for the stupid Audi commercial during the Super Bowl, I would have never thought about it. What is the life expectancy of anteaters?

jillbill1212 6 years ago

All of you asking her about the anteater, Let me tell you, ITS HARD TO FIND, usually they come from over seas, and they can take a while and they can die before you get them. BUT its not impossible to find one in USA, its all about persistence, search every day on Google and email every person who says they have one BEWARE OF SCAMS, even call your local exotic pet store, chances are they have a contact. I tried finding a sloth for sale, and after some persistence, i now have 4 contacts which are ready to sell to me (don't ask, i wont reveal them, sorry but you'll understand once you get a contact). They are very hard animals to find for sale and so are tamanduas anteater there rare, but trust me, just keep searching, a little persistence will take you far :)

Goliszek 6 years ago

Hi Krista! I really want an anteater and was wondering where you got yours?

Tango 6 years ago

This person is a scam. You will actually get answers if you contact TamanduaGirl. She wont tell you where to get one either though.

Ants 6 years ago

This anteater needs you votes,cpt_ent...

Good till the 15th

starsplitter 6 years ago

Couldn't you all just go to your local animal shelter and adopt a domesticated animal that is on death row, desperately seeking a forever home?

Then train your rescue to get it certified to be a Therapy Companion. Now that is a real exotic animal that needs to be saved and can benefit those in need or put a smile on a cancer child's face. How cool of a pet is that?

Please watch the program "Fatal Attraction" on the Animal Planet Channel. You can learn more about exotics there...

yo987 6 years ago

can you get an anteater from some where other than south america

Alex1001111 6 years ago

Can you delete your sloth page???? Its a lie :)

Ally 6 years ago


I'm currently researching anteaters as pets, because my friend and I are very interested in getting one. However, I want to be very educated in the area beforehand! How often do you bathe your anteaters? I've heard that they can be somewhat smelly. Also, how do you go about getting one? (Did you adopt them as adults or adolescents?) I know you said you received yours from South America, so I'm guessing it's very difficult to get the pets. I currently reside in Florida, and am aware of the permits and such. :) thanks

Jason 6 years ago

I live on Minnesota and it gets pretty cold here so I was wondering of it was possible for them to spend the winter inside or would they not like that

Cami 6 years ago

Yeah, I live in Minnesota also and am thinking about getting an anteater and was wondering how to get ants when it's too cold for ants outside. I was also wondering how you find out about the state laws on exotic animals. (Having troubles finding them)

Keiffer 6 years ago

Yeah the sloth page is a lie and so is this one. She has no anteaters and the only good info was stolen from TamanduaGirl.

Chris 6 years ago

Just to let all of you know that live in northern regions for what I have read in several listings these animals thrive in tropical / warm climates and changing that can lead to problems with the anteater.

anteater guy 6 years ago

oh my god... if you ever get babys just let me know i have whanted one from when i was five to get me just email

J. 6 years ago

Hahahaha, I love your anteaters! I don't think I'll plan on getting one though, too much stuff involved in the law ect ect.

ellahall2011 profile image

ellahall2011 5 years ago

Anteater? What the cool, I wonder if i have that pet, That's great.

jake97 5 years ago

Is it legal to own anteaters in the northeastern part of the US?? How much do they go for??

Mitch 5 years ago

Can you please provide details on how i can get an anteater?

kristin 5 years ago

Aneaters have been my favorite animal since i was three I've always wanted one!

karlee 5 years ago

wow i never knew you could own one im going to do all my research so i can have one :) they are so cool

Heather Flathau 5 years ago

I want one so bad haw do you get license for one

oscar 5 years ago

From where did you order them? im intressted to get one.

Emmi 4 years ago

Are they legal in Finland? :) They are cute, very cute!!

yahtzee! 4 years ago

are they illegal in pennsylvania?

KIM 4 years ago

I have been in love with anteaters ever since my husband bought me a stuffed animal anteater.. I still sleep with it every night lol.. I have had it for about 7 years. His name is Archie :O) I now have 2 but would love a real one and would love to get your help.. THANK YOU


Obie 4 years ago

I'm planning to get a pet giant aunteater, i'm waiting until after university and my vet course though, this way i have the training and the tools to care for him or her, and it'll be much easier to find a vet lol because it'll be me

Todd M Roberson profile image

Todd M Roberson 4 years ago from Raleigh, North Carolina

For Exotics and all animals!

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Jill 4 years ago

I think they need to come here because their food is in Florida. There is so many fire ants from south america that it drives me crazy, and it doesn't feel pleasant when they bite. The other ants are annoying as well, and they are hard to keep out of the home.

Sammie 4 years ago

You got it from south America? Are you sure not from some illegal pet traders? Usually they kill the mothers and take the babies to be sold in the US.

connor 4 years ago

where did you get a leash

Please read 4 years ago

To be promoting a trade which takes wild animals out of their natural habitat and in to peoples homes is to promote the extremely distressing and growing trade of exotic pets. Think about the trade in exotic pets long and hard and please do your research, your perceived love of animals has made you delusional to the extent that you would prefer to be able to hug and pet an animal as opposed to try and attempt to view the animal in its own habitat through research and an adventure in to the wild. The trade of exotic pets can has devistated some species.

One of the most recent exotic pet crazes was the slow loris, you may well have seen these very cute little animals being tickled on youtube, a massive demand for slow loris as pets not only has depleted slow loris numbers in the wild many people who brought them didn't realise that slow loris' have there teeth forcefully removed before being sold as a pet as slow lorises have a toxic bite through a toxin which is produced by them licking a gland on their arm, and the secretion mixes with its saliva to produce a deadly bite. So in order to get round this pet traders rip out there front teeth causing.

Please if you love animals we need to start showing them we love them by fighting to save there habitats and supporting the groups saving wildlife. Don't think that you are doing the species a favour by taking them out of them and hugging them, grow up and think.

Miranda 24 months ago

Hello, I'v done A ton of research on these beautiful creatures because they're just so amazing and I now desperately need a companion to share all my time with and I know a tamandua would be perfect for me. The only problem is that I'm not sure how I should go about getting on and I was wondering if maybe you knew of one for sale or how I would go about getting one in general. Thank you.

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