How do dogs mate?

If you are a new dog owner and you have never witnessed dogs mating you will probably be apprehensive if you see your little Poochie being mated by the neighbor’s dog.  A dog that is mated for the first time would seem to be greatly distressed. The dog would whine and growl as if it is hurting.  Chill! Everything is happening the way nature intends it to. From this mating adorable and cuddly little puppies that look like your beloved Poochie will result.

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In the canine world, males are called dogs and females are commonly referred to as bitches. Most dogs mature sexually at a very young age. Dogs produce sperm at approximately 5 to 6 months old but even before reaching this age the dog would exhibit the mounting behavior. Generally, bitches reach sexual maturity at 6 to 12 months of age. Large breeds are slow to mature. It would take at least 2 years for these breeds to attain sexual maturity. The reproductive cycle of dogs differ from breed to breed although a bitch would commonly have a 7 month reproductive cycle. There are four stages in a reproductive cycle – the proestrus, estrus, deistrus and anestrus. Bitches in the proestrus and estrus stage are commonly referred to as in heat. Pregnancy is only possible if the bitch is mated during the estrus stage.

Dogs are ready to copulate anytime but this is not so with female dogs. A bitch will only be receptive of the attention of the dog if it is on the estrus stage. The bitch will exhibit flagging wherein the tail is held on one side to allow the dog to mount from behind. Canine copulation is different from human copulation. A dog’s slender penis is limp. A small bone inside the penis called baculum makes the penis rigid to allow the dog to penetrate the bitch’s vagina. After penetration is achieved the penis will be engorged with blood basically trapping the penis inside the vagina. This is known as the tie. The tie makes sure that the bitch will be impregnated. The dogs will separate after the dog has ejaculated. Dogs in this position must never be separated even if they are whining and appear to be distressed or extremely uncomfortable. Attempts to separate the dogs can result to injuries. Dogs that are mated for the first time may try to pull away. This is why it is very necessary to supervise the mating. It would help a lot if the owner would talk to the dog. The presence of the owner will reassure and calm the dog.

Assisted Dog Mating

Dogs Mating

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from my mom she knows everything :) 6 years ago

if they get stuck pour water on them all around the back of the mail and some on the female it will get the male small so they can pull apart...

No! 6 years ago

No! Ur not supposed to separate mating dogs! If u don't want pups then watch the female or neuter/spay?!!!!

neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 5 years ago

that sad for wat they call those female dog how would they like the to call them that hum.

wel 5 years ago

yall are so wrong i would never ever call my female dog that how would they like it if we call the males that.

Morgan 5 years ago

Too sad

Rai 5 years ago

Ok people stop being all "poor widdle doggy-woggies!" about the female dogs. The female dogs have always been called bitches, that is their real name, it's just that most people think of it as a derogatory term. Second, the dogs themselves don't even care.

Mitchy 4 years ago

r u 'posed to separate them?....weird...i don't like the female myself...

DOG CARER 4 years ago

Ya Ya Ya ive heard it all... I know but, if you don't like it then call them by their other name... Dams if you don't approve of that stop being so ridiclous!!???!!

Christal 4 years ago

If the dogs get stuck together how long will they be stuck together! And that's just sad that they call female dogs that name.

Buddy 4 years ago

It's not sad, cause the word bitch comes from female dog, not the other way around... People started calling each b#%}h cause it means female dog.

RAZ 4 years ago

Ok people stop being so f-ing stupid yes the female dog is a bich, not because your an ass and you call your girlfriend that its because that is what normal people have been calling them that long before it was a derogatory word. So stop being so ridiclous!

macky 4 years ago

Do you consider yourself a dog? Why your so affected when the dog called female? Are you insane?

arianna22 4 years ago

that is not cool for a girl dog to be called that

Poppet 4 years ago

Its not sad to call a female dog a bitch because that is its scientific name! In the article it says that a dog is the scientific name for a male and a bitch is the acientific name for a female canine. But we call them dogs when there names are canines!!! If that makes sense. The term bitch was used for female canines BEFORE it became voulgar language!!!:)

4 years ago

Yyyy would you want to pull it apart? Weird!!!

nik 4 years ago

It's funny how few people are so ignorant. Bitch is/was never derogatory. Women cannot really always suppress their hormones. It's Mother Nature to you guys. All she wants is you to have a good time, and give birth to as many as you can. Few women avoid situations whenever they feel they're attracted to men, and quit speaking/seeing him. Few cannot and end up obeying the law of nature; that is, mating. Also, I heard "She is a bitch" from my girl friends more than from guy friends.

Ginny 4 years ago

i don't like it.............................

R-Tards 4 years ago

I feel sorry for those who think its degrading and stupid to call a female dog a bitch, hate to inform you and all and have you enter the 21st century, but that's what female dogs have always been called, and then humans started calling other humans that.

rotzrock 3 years ago

Grow up!

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