How to Diaper A New Baby Monkey Using Small Baby Towels

When you first receive your new baby monkey he or she will more than likely not fit into regular infant sized diapers because they will be so small. So what's a monkey loving owner to do? Well i offer you an ingenious improvisation that will not only save you a ton of money but keep your new little family member clean and comfortable. Using a regular baby washcloth or towel about 5 by 5 inches is perfect for a one month old capuchin monkey.


One 5 by 5 inch baby wash cloth or towel One regular sized panty liner cut in half One large safety pin (the kind they use to close baby cloth diapers are perfect)

For this how to I will describe the towel as it lays flat with the tag side facing up as if there is a left, right, top, bottom, under side, and upper side. The underside is the side with the tag, the upper the side with the design print on it. Then you get the gist of top, bottom, left, and right sides.

First, lay the cloth out on a flat surface with the tag side, the underside, facing up. Next fold both the left and right sides until the edges of both outside sides meet in the middle. Then take the panty liner that you've already cut in half (so it measures about 2 by 2 inches) and place it sticky side down in the middle of the folded cloth. Now the sticky side of the panty liner should be holding the two edges together. Unfold the excess cloth that isn't being held together by the liner so it similarly resembles a makeshift diaper. Now this part is important, do not take your monkey off of it's bear while you are trying to put the diaper on it. You don't want to upset or stress your monkey in this process. Now, slide the makeshift diaper under it's belly so that the cloth you unfolded earlier or the tabs will fasten around it's back. Monkey diapers always fasten backwards, opposite of human babies so that they can't take them off. Pull the two tabs of the top of the diaper up and around the middle of the money and hold them there. Then, pull the two bottom tabs up and around it's tail until they meet with the other top two tabs you should be holding. Next pin all the tabs together being careful not to stick your baby of course.

Newborn monkey diapers should be changed about every two hours so after their used you can throw the panty liner away and then wash the cloth. This should save you about $30 to $40 a month while your baby is too small for diapers. Once your monkey is about a month and a half old you can switch to infant diapers that are so much easier. All you have to do then is to cut a hole in the FRONT of the diaper, slip it's tail through, hold his legs and slip the diaper under, unstick the tabs and wrap them around your baby.

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glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 5 years ago from Northern California

Very interesting! What kinds of monkeys are these meant for? Definitely a great idea.

EyesOfaWillow profile image

EyesOfaWillow 5 years ago from Georgia Author

Thanks!!! Typically a Capuchin monkey but honestly you modify this to fit nearly any animal who needs to wear a diaper. Since marmoset monkeys are smaller than Capuchins you could cut the baby towel to make it smaller or if you have an irregularly fat monkey you could get a bigger towel, the possibilities are endless : )

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