How to Overcome Your Fear of Falling From a Horse

After falling from my horse, he simply looked at me from the above, sniffing me with his gigantic nose and wondering how I dismounted so quickly..


It eventually will happen sooner or later to most avid riders, but really the way you react to a fall from a horse is ultimately what will make the difference. You may turn the event into a positive learning experience or you may cause the fall to haunt all your future riding experiences. If this is the latter case, not all is lost, with some patience, lots of practice and some common sense, you may overcome your fear and go back to enjoy riding once again.

Falling from a horse, is something quite common in the equestrian world. As a matter of fact if you watch many equestrian sports you willnotice that often even the most seasoned riders eventually fall from their horses. Falling is often caused by inexperience, a distraction, equipment failure and often, simply bad luck. In many cases, there is nothing you can do to avoid a fall so it is a great idea to accept this possibility and mark it as a normal chapter or riding. After all, most sports have people falling, think of cyclists, skiers, and the most notorious of all: bull riders.

Following are some tips on how to overcome your fear of falling off your horse:

  • Learn How to Fall

Yes, this is correct. By learning how to fall correctly you may significantly lower your chances of injury. There is a special technique so to minimize the impact to the ground, thus minimizing the chances of injuries. According to the book Life in the Galloping Lane by Karen and David O'Connor, it mainly consists of tumbling to the ground with no legs or arms sticking out but simply tucking and rolling off and away from the horse's hooves. Holding on to the reins is generally not recommended, as this may dislocate your shoulder and give your horse a strong yank in the mouth that may startle him and hurt him.

  • Remount Right Away

If you are in riding school, very likely your instructor will tell you right away to check first if you are OK and then to remount and go on riding as if nothing happened. This is one of the best psychological lessons out there available, one that is often used as a metaphor for people dealing with various fear related issues. More often than not, if you are not going to remount because you are too shocked and fearful, you will practice future avoidance techniques that will only increase your fear. Simply remounting and not making a big deal of the fall, will help you really ultimately do that: accept it and drive on.

  • Use Safety Equipment

Often, fear of falling off a horse is caused by a fear of getting injured in a fall. One of the best ways to prevent this is to invest in helmets, crash vests, safe boots and safety stirrups. Safety stirrups in particular along with safe boots, will ensure that your foot does not remain trapped in the stirrups risking you to be dragged away by your horse.

If you start getting anxious about falling, try some breathing exercises and calming, rational thoughts. Don't imagine yourself falling to the ground, but instead envision yourself in control, or at least, being able to fall safely and remounting successfully. Don't let the fear haunt you and ruin your love of riding. Rather, take advantage and minimize your chances of falling by riding more. After all, falling from a horse can be a great learning lesson: because nobody really likes to fall, you will very likely try to do your best to learn how to avoid the likeliness in the future. This ultimately, is what makes a better rider.

Testimonies: How I fell off my horses

I have been riding horses since I was a child and owned two horses that taught me a lot. In more than 10 years riding horses, I have fallen off three times. The causes were various from equipment failure, inexperience and distraction. Here are my stories:

1) Falling from a Bucking Horse

The first time I fell it was sort of out of stupidity. I was riding at the riding center and had assigned a pretty calm horse. My friend instead, got a horse that enjoyed to buck. She did not know this until it eventually happened, the horse bucked and she got scared. So she asked me if we could change horses.

I was not really experienced with horses that liked to buck, but I liked the challenge.  I also wanted to show her that I was able to handle her bucking horse. So off we went. The horse bucked a couple of times and it was no biggie. We were returning back to the riding center and I was counting my blessings, because I was able to handle the bucks.

However, then we decided to change route and we went towards a hill. A kid with a motorcycle started to chase us, just to get a kick. My horse started bucking really bad. Off I went, flying bringind my dignity to the ground along with me.

I got up, the kid offered me a ride back to the center as a favor (and perhaps as a way to apologize) while my horse returned on its own to the riding center quite startled. I was unable to remount in this case, because the ride was already over. I still feel bad because as I was leaving I saw my instructor beating my horse for being bad...

2) Falling from distraction

I was riding my 15 year old Holsteiner gelding Danger on a quiet rural path. For some reason, I got really used to riding bare back that the saddle oddly made me feel unbalanced. I felt like if I was higher and my inner legs had no contact with the horse's shoulders. This lack of adhesion, simply made me feel vulnerable, yet, it is odd because I know it is easier to ride with a saddle.

However, I was riding with the saddle, when suddenly my horse got excited and decided to go for a run. I was unprepared and distracted and ended up just sliding off my horse's neck. After falling from my horse, he simply looked at me from the above, sniffing me with his gigantic nose and wondering how I dismounted so quickly..

3) Equipment Failure

After I sold my 15 year old gelding, I got a 12 year old bay mare called Malbora. I still had Danger's saddle, so I thought to use it on her. She was a petite horse compared to Danger which was a former tall and big police horse.

Everything was going well, until we started descending from a pretty steep road. Suddenly, the saddle too big for her and because of gravity, started to move forwards with all my weight. I literally ended up riding her for a few seconds with the saddle almost on her neck! 

I eventually slowly fell, in one of the most ridiculous falls ever. I wish it was caught on tape, because it must have been quite spectacular. I only broke a nail in this fall and I am happy that I really never got seriously injured in my falls.

If you have any stories of how you fell from your horse or want to add something interesting, feel free to add in the comment section below..

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How Not to Fall From Horse

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Gypsy Willow profile image

Gypsy Willow 7 years ago from Lake Tahoe Nevada USA , Wales UK and Taupo New Zealand

Hi Alexandry, I have fallen off three times and I remember them well. The first when I was a teen riding a friends pony bare back when suddenly it took off and brushed me off by racing under a tree. The second was more serious happened when I was a young Mom and again on a friends horse it bolted for home and stopped so suddenly that I shot over its head and NOT letting go of the reins it pulled the tendons in my shoulder. Ouch! the pain was excruciatig and it took 6 weeks to heal. Lastly on my own pony, Polly, I was riding with a friend when my pony put her foot in a pothole and we both cartwheeled.I broke my wrist, again ouch.Maybe writing this comment will help me get over my fear of falling.

In the UK you do not see people riding without helmets but over here it is rare to see people riding with them. I wonder why. Check out my new horse hubs.

Lindsay 7 years ago

I just recently fell off. I was riding a TB i am currently leasing. It was a really windy night and the windows or Window was open the wind blew through hard i am guessing and he spooked took off in the canter across the diagional. And i came flying off i just remember the ground then hitting it and it hurt like hell but i couldn't say anything i blacked out from the landing and Cooper then i think tried to jump over me and kicked me in the cheek or head. I woke up and didn't remember the day or that i even rode!!!!!!!!!!! It was scary as hell!!!!!!!!!! I went to the ER got a CT Scan of my cheek and a MRI of my head everything came back fine. But man now i am kind of nervous riding but i still do. I just need to trust cooper again.

serena 6 years ago

I fell off a trail horse today, first day meeting her. The guide was telling us it was ok to try this dip at the hills, but i got a really bitchy horse, we were supposed to walk slowly down and then canter up, but being the impatient lady she was, she just tried to gallop down and up the dip. And the guide was just yelling for me to pull hard on the reins to make her walk (I was having really tight reins on her already and any harder of a pull she might have reared anytime then. I could sense she was really irritated with me and everything on that day. And I think the guide's yelling just made it worse then coz it's just gonna excite the horse and make things worse if I'm not wrong. )

I fell off a SECOND TIME at that same dip same day! Doing the same thing, I could tell she was going to zoom off anytime when we were about the enter the dip, and tried to pull her off the track but she just bolted off and I fell off the second time without even trying to hold on then.

All in all, good time, good tries, good experience, little injuries but feeling sore about my pride and the irresponsibility of the whole centre itself.

Janie 6 years ago

I fell off my horse Nov 8th in 2009. I just got a beautiful Haflinger of 4 yrs old , never rodae a day in my life till age 37. Well that summer we rode about 4 trail rides, all day ones, and then around the farm. We were out on a ride and was going down the feild when my boyfriend went to turn and get the dog. he either turned to fast or my horse thought it was play time but she started to buck , I was told I had my eight sec in,,lol. But off the front of her i went. Broke my arm that now I have two plates and seven screws. six months later I finally got enough nerve to get back on her and low and behold she new I was scared and she tried o lay down , yes with me on her, oh I was off fast , got back on in about 1/2 hour not good should have never ot off but i did. Last night i rode again. and she felt me fear coming on strong, you cant fake not being scared , and she started to back up twist and turn and just act a fool , I stayed on legs shaking and all , but this fear i have is huge and all I want to do is over come it. I find myself having a hard time doing so. i get so upset at myself , when I first got her it was a game her and I would play , she would fight and I wouldn't let her win. but now I all i think of is getting off and all I want to do is ride.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 6 years ago from USA Author

Try to let her run in circles for a good 15 minutes before riding her to wear her off a bit, this may take away excess energy. Then ride her in a fenced area to gain some confidence for some days. Slowly, you should gain confidence. Good luck!

miss skye is 10 6 years ago

hi, i USED to go riding but a horse had me off when ever we tried to trot. they did not let me change to a diff horse and on my 4th week i fell on got really badly scared. it took me off twice in 4 weeks so on my 4 th week (when i was most hurt i got scared. i never knew i was as scared as a am because i love animals mostly horses but i saw my friends lesson and got scared when i was grooming kris (a horse) he snessed i got freaked and slowly continued. then a diff horse snessed,stubled and then rubbed againsted me a ran out.!!!

what will i do 'coz i am meant 2 try again at a diff stable - morrey spot stables...

profile image

GeorgiaO 6 years ago

I'd just like to say, NEVER use your hands to brake your fall. I did that, and I had a cast on for 5 weeks!! I also had to wear a brace for about 2 more weeks! So thats 7 weeks together!!

Molly 6 years ago

I recently purchased a beautiful Tennessee Walker mare. She was great when I bought her, just a little unsure. We had ridden 2 long 3 hour trail rides and everything was perfect. She is a sensitive and nervous mare naturally but I accept this and actually prefer it. Well, when I first got her to my current barn I tried to take her out on the trails by herself. It was clearly too soon and she bolted as I was mounting and I came off. I didn't get on her that day again but I did get on her a couple days later in the arena. She seemed her normal self but just as I was asking for a bit of speed she bolted again and I came off her after an abrupt stop. I spent several days doing ground work and just earning her trust and then attempted to get on again. This time someone was holding her. As soon as my butt hit the saddle she bolted and the holder let go of her. I hit the ground again and this time really injured my neck. Needless to say, I spent a couple weeks just doing groundwork, practice mounting without actually mounting, etc. She was clearly terrified I would come off again. Finally, I had a very experienced rider come out and assist me in getting her over the mounting hump. After a couple hours, I was on her and walking around in a circle on a lunge line. She has been doing great and I am now able to get on her and she stands beautifully. Even better then before when I first got her. I, however, am still utterly terrified to move forward and walk out with her. I know she can sense this and she seems scared to move out as well. I know I should probably just do it and take the risk of a fall but I am soooo scared she will bolt again. All seems good and calm. I'm doing lots of deep breathing and trying to stay relaxed I can as best I can but I hate being fearful of my horse. What can I do to get over this and move on to enjoying my new horse. I absolutly love her and she is so affectionate and loving. Giving her up is not an option.

Amanda 6 years ago

Fell off my 12 year old gaited standardbred last week. He was quite barn sour so I'd take him to the front yard and walk him in circles and figure eights for awhile. Eventually I THOUGHT he had just given up on wanting to get back to the barn so bad. Anyways I asked him to trot for me and about 5 seconds into it he suddenly switched direction (back to the barn.) and I fell off on the left side, fell flat on my back and hit my head. I was alright just kinda shaky b/c of the shock. I haven't been on him since.

I'd been having problems with him for a few months and decided to sell/trade him. In my situation I guess it was just inexperience w/ a gaited horse but the new owners (gaited horse owners) tried him out andfhe did fine. We ended up doing a trade and I now have a 10 year old TB mare. I'll walk/trot her but am scared to run her still. "/

Lilly 5 years ago

I've fallen off many times on my shetlant solo but about 3 months ago i got my sisters old horse Danny (14.00 hands) and i fell off 2 weeks ago because i was going to slow so my sister cantered of and was going to meet me half way so i didn't want to be slow and went in to a canter (first time ever) and then came to a complete stop next to my sister and fell over his head so it wasn't Dannys falt but i wasn't reedy for that and ever since then i have be very careful when riding and farly scared.

becky 5 years ago

the fall i took yeasday huets and it was funny i was riding polly and a friend was putting the jump up just as we turn around the person that owns the yard left little bits of wood on the flood and when we turm around we hit them she when down on her ned and and when over the top of her when i got up i hurt my shuner bad and she hurt her bad leg

Cheyenne C. 5 years ago

when i was 10 i got the 1st horse of my very own. i had had her for about 2 months and had started her on barrels from the very beginning. she had finally gotten the pattern and i was ready to time myself. it started out great. i came off the 3rd barrel flying. but when my dad stopped the watch but my horse kept running and i couldn't stop her. Then my feet started to slip out of the stirrups and my horse was going so fast i flipped over her neck and broke my fall with my arm . my dad said i should have broken my neck but i broke an arm instead. i found out my time for my ride was a 15 flat but i am 15 now and have not touched a barrel since.

kate 5 years ago

it would be easy to get back on if you take your time

Tyllore 5 years ago

Well, my QH mare Shadow has a bucking issue. Whenever I ask her to do anything she does not want to do she bucks. But now it's gotten to quite an extent that even if I ask her to stay behind another horse on the trail she explodes. I have fallen from her at least over forty times. On this one horse and I've only been riding her for not even two years yet..... My confidence is zero and we are slowly working our way back up to even just putting a saddle on this horse's back..ridiculous I know...

Chloe 5 years ago

when i was at my equestrian center i was on my horse bess and when i did a u turned she got spooked and started galloping, the instructor tried to stop her but she knocked her over and then i managed to get her to slow down to a canter but then she turned sharply right and i fell off left right in the middle of the road.

avary 5 years ago

this is sssuuupppeeerrr helpful,i am only 10.thanks to this i didn't get tramppled when the horse i ride,Willow, rolled over when i was on her!

Shweta Madhu 4 years ago

I go for riding lessons and on my third lesson a couple of days back my horse (minimum 16 hands), Ruben began to buck and kick the horse in front of her! I fell and my back hit the ground, when i looked up, I saw Rubens foot about to crush my face....i rolled for my life and nothing happened...not even a bruise! My horse was of course canged and now I have a 20 year old male! He is really gentle but i was still shaky about riding him after falling off Ruben!

I know riding is risky but I am willing to take the risk coz I love ebign around horses! :)

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Good for you! They say the best way to overcome the fear is to mount again and continue riding. Easier said than done! I once fell during class and remounted but couldn't focus on what the instructor was telling me anymore after that!

Jmj fox 4 years ago

I was trying out a mare I was considering buying. Walk, trot were ok. First time cantering around bull pen, owner told me to loosen reins, mare went faster and swung wide side swiping me into the rail, my left foot caught a vertical post and snapped my ankle pulling me off the mare. Compound fracture and dislocation of ankle joint...basically ripped my foot half off.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

wow, I am glad you are OK, I mean it could have been worse. best wishes for a speedy recovery!

nicole 4 years ago

I have been riding for eight years and fallen off eight times, first time I did a perfect cartwheel on the horses neck and landed of my feet! When I was about nine I had a "Show Horse". She was an amazing horse, very pretty, moved perfectly, jumped even better, had the biggest attitude you can imagine and never did a thing without a fight. I was jumping her and decided I wanted to work on my position, I thought I was leaning on her neck so I tied the reins and everytime I would get up to the jump I would put my hands on my head while in jumping position. She did it perfectly a few times then the lights around the arena came on and she decided to be scared literally of her own shaddow and as we are going up to the jump I get in jumping position (too early) and she spokes and I fall. A few months ago after not riding for over a year I decided it would be a good idea to go on a fox hunt my first time back in the saddle on a horse I have never met. We get up to a canter and as anyone who has been on a fox hunt knows you can go from a good canter to a complete stop at any moment. Well we were cantering up a hill and branches were hitting me every left and righgt and we came to a complete stop, I fell right over his head! Everyone says he triped and that why I fell but I thought I just fell due to incompitance lol. The other day I was walking my horse out and decided to do it bareback so I got off and took off the saddle then asked my friend for a leg up, jokes on me because she (cheerleader style) threw me straight over the horse. I have only ever had two bad falls and only one hurt. I was riding my green mare around the property and it was getting dark and a plastic bag flew in front of her and nearly gave her a heart attack! Needless to say she reared and took off, me being nine I ended up on her neck then gradualy fell to the ground. She tried to jump over me because I landed right in front of her feet but ended up stepping directly on my rib cage. I, amazingly, didn't feel a thing! The only fall I have ever felt was on a tall thoroughbred, we were jumping 3'6" and had done it a couple times already when I guess he got tired and decided as he was in mid jump (and I was in jumping position) he was going to run out to the left. I made it over the jump though! While hitting the pole on the way down. My back has never been so sore in my life! I actually got up and got back on and made him go over it, I just didn't tell anyone that I couldn't feel my legs. I have fallen a few times and I get nervous just like anyone else but horses are my life. I would never give it up no matter how bad the fall. I now have a green mare TB and a yearling QH. I go see them everyday and needless to say I do a lot of training on both of them. They have my heart completely and though I get frustrated I wouldn't want to be doing anything else. I love to ride but that's not even the best part! The best part is the horse. They have helped me through everything and more, they have my heart and I wish I could give them the same joy they give me. Without them... I wouldn't be me. They truly are my life, my love, and my heart:)

Mikaela 4 years ago

Just yesterday I fell off a horse because a trash truck was coming. My horse is blind in one eye (gets spooked often too) and didn't know what was happening so he started to go in a fast trot and I stopped him and he did it again. Somehow I lost control because we were suppost to stay on the road but he went on the grass which was uneven and so I slid onto his neck and put my feet on the ground and landed, lucky right? Haha no I'm fifteen and I started to cry I was so shocked because I just started riding again after a fall that caused a a broken arm and I didn't want to fall again. One thing that was good was the horse stood there and was calm. He cheered me up by eating the corn plants that were by the grass. I will keep riding!

Then two years ago I was riding on my horse and I think I was trotting and a car came by really fast and my horse got spooked once again and I fell of and broke my arm. I was just really scared.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Mikaela, I am happy to hear you made a safe landing and your horse took advantage of this to eat some corn. I once fell in a similar way and my horse was looking at me as if saying "hey, what are you doing down here?" Make sure you wear protective gear ie helmet.Happy riding!

Belinda Viljoen 4 years ago

a Few months ago I had my 1st (and hopefuly ONLY fall) during a horse riding camp. Lost my balance during the canter and had a torn gluteal muscle to show for it. Two weeks ago I went to the next horse riding camp and when I saw the other people doing the canter I kind of just got a panic attack watching them doing the canter. I did not ride the horse I fell from for the 1st few days, but eventually I mounted him again and that 1st time on his back I was beyond terrified, but like friends of mine said, the more you spend time with that horse in the stable, grooming him et et you will start to feel comfortable with him and that really worked for me. After the 1st time on him again it just went better and it really felf sooooo good riding him again, but my fear of cantering is still there and I cannot do anything about that fear at the moment, cause my butt cannot handle the "harsh" beating on the saddle, and I really don't want to sit with a butt that is swollen again......I was only doing the trot and my butt just pained to much, but I know I must start to canter as soon as I can, cause I really HATE this fear and I want to get rid of it and start to really enjoy riding again. But to me, mounting that horse was a big achievement for me......a step in the right direction.

Sophie 4 years ago

well when i had just turned 5 and went to the riding stables as usual,when i got there i was assigned a horse named Tinker who was relatively new to the stables and i found that i was a little concerned with the choice but still went along with it as you cannot change the horse you have been paired with and because i had never ridden him before i was naturally a little worried but they all went as soon as i got on. we waited until the instructor arrived with a woman i had never seen before and he announced that this woman would be teaching us while he went to do some work.I have recently found out that this woman had no experience or training with instructing a riding lesson and was infact our instructor's girlfriend! i didn't particually want to canter and i stated this to the woman who was taking us and she assured me all would be fine.we started off with a warm up and when we were lining up for the canter.two people fell off in the first round and then another person fell of the second time around and when it came to the third time after being fine twice i simply thought i would be fine with this one.i don't remember much this time.all i can remember is cantering around the final corner and feeling like something wasn't right. The next thing i know im on the floor screaming because i broke my collar bone.i cant remember how i fell but my mother came rushing over trying to help me up ,she walked with me towards the exit and the instructor had brought Tinker over just about forcing me to get back on.i tried but my collar bone pain was unbearable and i couldn't manage it.for some reason i just couldn't look at Tinker and had to go away . after i had healed i wanted to ride again so i got took back to the stables but i never felt the same.and after a while my confidence snapped and i couldn't even get on .now my sister has her own horse and lets me on him but whenever i am about to mount i begin panicking and i freeze ,my brain shuts down.its horrible but i have kept going back to ride after all of them ive tried plenty of different stables and none worked.i am sick of this fear i cant shake, i miss riding and being around horses. please if you have any advice it would be most welcome

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Perhaps you can start in a closed area and build up your confidence gradually. Improve your equilibrium so to boost your confidence. Always wear a helmet. Discuss your fear with your instructor. Choose mellow horses. Breath and perhaps learn some relaxation techniques. Worse comes to worse, A friend of mine got scared once and couldn't bear the thought of riding but she still loved horses too much so she started working with draft horses and got really into sports with carts. I wished I could help you more, I 've been there too so I know how it feels.

Sophie 4 years ago

thank you so much for the advice :) i will try it when i get the chance

patricia 3 years ago

Hi there :)

I have had some pretty spectacular wipeouts on horseback and was lucky I wasn't killed. I was riding a mare and she slipped on a piece of plastic that had blown into the field and actually did a mid air somersault with me on her back. We were doing very light riding because she was pregnant, so no saddle, just bareback and slow. She hit the ground and I landed just behind her and her hoof shot out and just missed my head. Another horse I was riding did the same thing only this time, he bent himself so he wouldn't land on me and I hit the ground chin first, which snapped my head back hard. I could have broken my neck. I was wondering what 1200 lbs was going to feel like when it landed on my back and if anyone would hear me scream before i passed out, but it iddn't happen thankfully. The funniest was when the first mare I mentioned decided she didn't want to be ridden and so went ounder a tree branch to try and lose me. HOwever, the tree was old and dead and so the branch, which was fairly big, broke off and I wound up sitting on my butt, with a tree branch in my lap. The way she looked back at me was so funny I couldn't get mad at her. Re: your instructor breating your poor horse because a motorbike scared him, how unfair. I hope she doesn't have children.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 3 years ago from USA Author

Wow, quite some adventures you had there Patricia, I am happy you're safe and still in one piece!

Kenda 3 years ago

I just got an 11 year old mare mustdang. She is the sweetest, most gentle horse but she is kind of green. She has never showed any signs of bucking or kicking. I was riding her on our property and I was loping all over, she was responding really well and listening to me. And then I walked her for a while to cool her down. We were heading back to the barn and I was feeling pretty good so I told her to trot. She trotted for about 3 seconds, loped for one step and the galloped. Now I know you are probably thinking she is barn sour but I don't think she is. We ran and almost hit the corner of the barn but then she spun and went the other way, away from the corral. Me, not being ready for this quick turn, slid off her back and landed on my butt. I didn't get on her for another four days. Then we got another horse that was old and supposedly well broke, for me to practice and gain my confidence on. I asked the horse to lope and it bucked five times. I managed to hold on and get the horse to stop. I am now concerned that my mustdang will buck, even though that was a different horse and I am also terrified to even ask my horse to trot for fear that she might take off again. I have tried ground work and riding her in a round pen and a small area and it haven't seemed to help me over come my fears. If you have any ideas over and above just riding her and doing what I've been doing, I would love to hear any sugustions. Thx!

alexadry profile image

alexadry 3 years ago from USA Author

Google -prevent horse from bucking- and then work more on your balance skills in the pen area. Perhaps practice with one of those fake bucking cows you see in some areas.

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