How to Pick a Good Hunting Dog

What Makes a Good Hunting Dog?

Good hunting dogs come in all different shapes and sizes. From the beagle to the blood hound and everything in between there is a good hunting dog out there for everyone. Now what makes a good hunting dog is choosing the right breed for the job.

If you are looking at duck hunting with a dog, it would not be wise to choose a chihuahua as the duck may be larger then the chihuahua and it is really just not in the poor little pup to drag that duck to shore. But if you get yourself a retriever breed, duck hunting can take on a whole new level of entertainment.

Breed is not the only important aspect to creating a good hunting dog. In order to have a good dog you must be prepared to guide the dog to use what he has been bred for in the right way. If you purchase a lab from a breeder that is known for trials but never teach the dog to retrieve then it will not be a very good hunting dog.

So, what makes a good hunting dog? Breeding and training are probably the most important aspects.

Lab Retrievers make a good hunting dog
Lab Retrievers make a good hunting dog | Source
Pick a good hunting pup...Pick chesapeake
Pick a good hunting pup...Pick chesapeake | Source
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retreiver pup
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retreiver pup


When you are out to get a few ducks or geese it is great to have a loving well trained companion to go out in the water and bring in your bird. There are definetly some wonderful breeds for this type of work.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador retrievers, or labs, are one of the most popular hunting and family dogs. Labs can be black, chocolate, yellow and silver in colour. The make very good hunting dogs and also make great companions. Most labs are extremly intelligent and are very eager to please. This makes them very easily trained and a pleasure to work with. A lab is always ready to work and play but will also happily lounge in the house with you during down time.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Like the labrador retriever the chesapeke is brave, intelligent and willing to please. They are a very loving a loyal animal and therefor they not only make a good hunting dog but they also make a wonderful addition to any family. A chesapeake, like most retrievers, has a love of swimming and water and requires excersize daily. Of all the retriever breeds the chesapeake tends to be the most dominant.

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

The nova scotia duck tolling retriever resembles a smaller version of the golden retriever. They are very sensible and trainable. They are quick to learn and are retrieving fools. They are excellent family pets and have alot of patients with children.

English Pointer
English Pointer
German Wirehaired Pointer
German Wirehaired Pointer
Wirehaired Pointer Griffon
Wirehaired Pointer Griffon


If you are out to hunt pheasant or quail then a good Pointer can be a huge assest. Most Pointers amke wonderful family pets and are also willing and able to get out there and track down some birds for you.

English Pointers

The English Pointer, also know as Pointer, is an extremely high energy, enthusiastic and powerful hunter. With enough excersize they will settle down in the home. They are very loving, loyal and will make a great family member. Pointers are patient, affectionate and intelligent. Interestingly enough, the English Pointer got it name due to the way it stands and points at game when it finds. They are used to flush out game and they do not do well in water and should not be expected to retreive.

German Wirehaired Pointer

The german wirehaired pointer loves to work. They are eager to please and make great family pets. They can get along great with other family pets and also alert you to any stangers around the home. The german wirehaired pointer is multi-talented, not only do they make good pointing dogs they are also great for retrieving, tracking and obidience. They make a good all around hunting companion,

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

The wirehaired pointing griffon is another good hunting dog. They are great for tracking, retrieving and are highly efficient hunters. They are high energy dogs and are most happy when they are out hunting and generally being active. This breed does well with families as they are gentle and affectionate. The wirehaired pointing griffon is a versatile hunting companion.

Training a Good Hunting Dog

Training is different for each type of hunting dog. When you start and how you choose to train is really up to you, starting with basic commands is a good beginning. A good hunting dog knows sit, stay and come, these three simple commands can mean the difference between a well mannered dog and a unruly beast of a pet.

After these three commands are well know then you can choose any direction you like with you new hunting companion. The most important part to remember is to enjoy the company of your pet and always enjoy the hunt!

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