How to Potty Train Your New Puppy

New puppies are such a joy and so much fun until they begin to potty all over the house, then no one is having any fun. There are a couple simple rules to follow when a puppy first comes home with a new family in order to potty train them and then everyone will be happy and the house will stay clean.

Using The Crate Method

One method of potty training a new puppy is the crate method. This is very popular and works with many small puppies because it gets them used to being confined and holding 'it' until they are let outside. The best way to begin crate training is at the puppy's dinner time. Make a game out of throwing a piece of food, dry kibble, into the crate and allow the puppy to chase it.

The Placement of the Crate

It is also important when crate training that the crate not be a 'bad' place. It should be a fun, relaxing place the puppy will want to go. Place a blanket or article of clothing that one of the owners has worn in the crate so they will smell their owners at all times. It would also be a good idea to put a toy or two in there but not so many that the puppy doesn't have any room to move around. In addition, when a pet owner leaves the puppy alone in the crate and leave the house, they need to take anything that could become a choking hazard out of the crate.

Getting The Puppy Into The Crate

One way to get the puppy to accept the crate is to sit by the crate and read or move it into a room where the rest of the family is so that the puppy will feel as if they are part of the 'action' and not being punished. The crate should not become an anti-socialization tool.Begin by placing the puppy in the crate for a short period of time and then let them out and take them immediately to potty outside. Designate one area of the yard for the puppy to do their business and continue to bring them to that area. Be sure to give lots of praise when a puppy goes potty where they are supposed to.

Keeping Your Cool

Do not every get mad at a puppy when they have had an accident on the carpet or floor other than a designated area. A person can get mad at the mess. In fact that is the right thing to do, get mad at the mess, but not the puppy. They will realize that making a mess gets you mad and will try to control it to please you.

Another training tip for 'on demand' type of potting is to give a command when taking the puppy outside. Something like 'let's potty' would be good to say and eventually the puppy will pick up on the upbeat tone of your voice and know this is a good thing. Always praise afterwards. Some people give a treat when the come back inside.

Remember, puppies are like babies and children, they don't know any better until they are taught.

Crate Training Video

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pinkdaisy profile image

pinkdaisy 6 years ago from Canada

That was excellent! I will use this when I get a pup :)

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