How to Stop Blanket Weed in Fish Ponds

 Blanket weed can be the biggest pest in a fish pond, and is despised by most fish pond owners! Although blanket weed can be very good for the water environment, and provide lots of natural feed, it can also completely take over a fish pond if it is allowed to spread, growing totally out of control and completely destroying the appearance of a fish pond. It can also harm the fish if it grows too much. Some fish handle it better, such as the Koi Carp, whilst others do not. There are many types of blanket weed, with the most common being in algae form that sticks to the side of the pond and appears stringy. However you can find that from one year to another your blanket weed will actually change!

So, why does blanket weed grow in your fish pond? Blanket weed will grow in pretty much any given fish pond. Blanket weed thrives in clear water, which is exposed to lots of sunshine. You will find that blanket weed grows quicker in the summer and when the water is warm. Since the technology of UV lights have been introduced in order to keep water clear, more and more fish ponds are suffering from blanket weed. You will notice that most fishing lakes do not suffer blanketweed, this is because the water is natural and there is more competition from other sources. Fishing lakes are not clear water, and have no UV filter systems.

How to stop blanket weed and agae

  •  DO NOT use any plants or oxygenating weed from an existing pond that suffers from blanket weed.
  • Take into consideration the amount of sunlight that enters the pond. Perhaps you can reduce it by adding more shelter, whether it be plants, trees or water plants.
  • There are some summer water plants that will help to clear your pond from algae, add these to your pond.
  • A clear pond can be achieved without the use of a UV light, so if you can avoid it then do not use one.
  • Fortunately there are many products available in liquid form that you can add to the water. These will kill the blanket weed, but be prepared for your filter to get very messy! It is a good idea to remove as much of the weed as possible before adding this.
  • Products below.

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