How to Tickle Your Dog

When a dog is laying down, that's your chance to strike!
When a dog is laying down, that's your chance to strike!

Loving your dog is one thing-- demonstrating your affection, that's another.

Wouldn't you love to have the enjoyment of tickling your beloved pet? Isn't the knowledge that you can affect someone so dear and near to your heart awe-inspiring? If you answered "yes" to either of those questions, then I will teach you the art of tickling your dog.

First step, of course, is obtaining a dog which can be tickled. It is not recommended to use a dog that is particularly aggressive or stronger than the person that plans to tickle it (for obvious reasons). After that, it is important to ensure that the animal is at peace and calm. If your furry friend is active and playful, it's doubtful that you'll even get a chance to tickle them!

After you have acquired your dog, make sure that their paws are exposed. Some dogs are very sensitive on the pads of their feet and can be tickled. Also, make note of any amounts of fur that could be found between their paws, that's one of the key places to tickle.

Once your dog is peacefully at rest, sit beside them and very lightly run your finger/fingernail across their paw pads or the little hairs between them. Another place you may have luck with, is right along the sides of their ears. If you just barely touch the small hairs on their ear, their ear may twitch and the dog might try to cover their ear with their paw. Depending on the dog, the results could be any of the following: twitching, pulling their paws closer to them, jumping up, or a variety of other reactions!

The realization that dogs, like humans, can be tickled creates an even stronger bond between man's best friend. Wouldn't you agree?

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zaza 6 years ago


Ethan 5 years ago

My Labrador puppy loves being tickled!

And yes, it does create a stronger bond between the two of us. ^__^

jake 5 years ago

my dog kicks me when im tickling her its so funny but i think she would rather go to sleep, shes soo lazy...

julia 4 years ago

my dog went crzy!!!!

Shayne 4 years ago

My dog looks at me with the really face:p its so cute

john 4 years ago

my dog could stay a whole day with u 2 get her belly tickled

veganhanz 3 years ago

I agree!!!!!!!

marilou 3 years ago

Our dog always set with us, she don't even want to be alone.......she sleep with me always she is so sweet .....and most of all she love to be tickled..

Cutie7 3 years ago

My puppy loves her ears being tickled

bbuttercup 2 years ago

My dog went nuts

Max_Da_Pom 2 years ago

When i tickle my Pomeranian it takes a while for him to cover his ears.

But when i do it to his fur in between his paws his feet get all movey

Arianna Torres 2 years ago

I don't give a fuck about the world and how it works and that my friends are making fun of me and I also like this boy at school named well boys at school named DAREUS, WILL,DAVID And that's about it that i care about in the world. Im' from alamogordo new mexico at chapperal middle school. in 6th grade right in Mr.Henchar's class right noting face to the chalkborde

Ben 2 years ago

I'm pretty sure my rotty puppy loves it, but she will pick up her head, look at me, and twitch her paw like crazy

Paw tickler 2 years ago

My dog hates having his paws/toes tickled but I cannot resist sometimes. He gets his own back by tickling my feet with his tongue. :p

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