How to find out if your budgie parakeet is a boy or girl

Over the years I have spent quite a bit of time explaining how to identify a male or female parakeet, so I'm here to pass it along again!

Basically, a male parakeet will have a blue or purple nose (the area right above the beak) and a female will have a pink or brown nose.

While that is simple enough there is a bit of information you need to know! The age of the parakeet is important. I have had a customer in the past who thought they had a male parakeet because of the blue nose but when it matured it turn brown and laid an egg! Most pet store's sell their parakeets young so it may take you a few months to know for sure. I usually take a parakeet about a year to a year and a half to mature.

Another way to know is to have it sex by a vet, which is the most accurate way. Of course, if your parakeet lays an egg one day you'll have your answer then too! A female parakeet will still lay an egg even without a male. Don't worry, it won't be fertile!

Example of male parakeet nose

Example of female parakeet nose

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Tanika Croak 5 years ago

what about a budgie?????

OpeningTheDoor profile image

OpeningTheDoor 5 years ago from Georgia Author

This article is for budgie parakeets

Marianne Marlow 5 years ago

Nice article. It's called a cere though not a nose.


Unit 5 years ago

Is there any other way to tell what gender it is

elisha 2 years ago

My bugie has babys for sale do you whant to

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