How to get a Pet Chipmunk

Chipmunks are rodents that live in the ground, usually in an elaborate tunnel structure. Chipmunks, like other rodents, can be kept as a pet under the right conditions. Chipmunks can be amusing because they dig, climb, jump and love to play with toys. However, they usually do not become tame enough to be handled often. A chipmunk may bite when being picked up so be sure to wear gloves if you need to handle your pet chipmunk. Chipmunks are also social animals and will be happier if they have company.

Step 1:

Check your local animal shelter. Some chipmunks may be relinquished to an animal shelter when the novelty wears off. If your local shelter does not have any chipmunks, they might be able to tell you of a sanctuary or other local place where you can adopt a homeless chipmunk.

Step 2:

Search through classified ads in your newspaper for chipmunks. Some specific breeders also sell chipmunks. Chipmunk babies will usually be available in late spring and in fall.

Step 3:

Search online for chipmunk breeders. There are websites that list chipmunk breeders by state or have classified ads specifically related to chipmunks. Check the “Resources” section to find links to some such websites.

Step 4:

Visit your local pet store. Some pet stores sell chipmunks along with other small rodents.

Step 5:

Choose a chipmunk that is old enough to be weaned from its mother and appears healthy. Chipmunks should generally stay with its mother until it is eight to ten weeks of age. The chipmunk should not have any discharge from its eyes, nose or ears. The chipmunk’s coat should be bright and shiny with no areas of missing hair. Watch the chipmunk play and make sure it is active and alert.

Tips and Warnings:

Make sure you get a large cage for your chipmunk. Many chipmunks in captivity become bored so add toys and activities to the cage.

Do not get your chipmunk from the wild. Only purchase a chipmunk from a reputable breeder or shelter.

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lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 5 years ago from Troy, N.Y.

I adore chipmunks! They would probably make a good pet, just like hamsters and such. As long as they are given a good home. Vote up!

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