How to kill chickens.

For the first time in 23 years. I finally killed my first 3 chickens.

I grew up to love and care for chickens. I couldn't stand watching a chicken get killed. When I was younger, I used to help my parents killed chicken by holding on to thier wings and feet, while they get slit on the throat. I can feel their whole body shaking massively as they die. That was something I thought to myself... that I will never learn or want to learn doing.... killing a chicken.

Of course its very common in my culture to learn how to do these kind of things. Being married for 3 years now, whenever we bought live chickens, I depended on my mother in law to do all the killing, and I can do everything else. Such as plucking, butchering and preparing the chicken for meal. So when my mother in law left out of state. I knew I had to depend on myself for the killing part. I even searched on on how to kill a chicken. I've seen it many times while I was growing up. But I just couldn't give the courage to do it myself because I grew up caring and loving these creatures. So when it really came down to it... I did it for the first time. First you had to hold the chicken by the throat and pluck some feather off. Grab the knife and slit the throat open. Make sure you drain the blood out. The chicken dies.

I felt horrible! But I know eventually I had to learn how to do it one day.

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Trsmd profile image

Trsmd 8 years ago from India

How was the curry/meat/

dorry 8 years ago

i wish i was your husbund i find woman killing chickens very sexy not me only many men also you are greet and cute

moonlake profile image

moonlake 7 years ago from America

My family use to kill their chickens by ringing their necks. I remember my aunt with her apron on going out into the chicken yard and catching a chicken ringing his neck for our dinner that day. We had chickens at one time and let my husband and family members kill them I wouldn't even watch. I love chickens and hate to see them killed. Enjoyed your hub.

Janet 7 years ago

I dont think I can ever kill a chicken

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