How to make an incubator

How to make an incubator

Doodle the duck was hatched in a homemade incubator
Doodle the duck was hatched in a homemade incubator

Homemade incubators are very easy to make. Why not just buy one? Well, mainly because a good incubator can be very costly. They an range from $80 - $700. This is also a great project for kid's.

You can make an incubator out of almost anything. Let your imagination run wild. I have seen them made out of aquariums, styrafoam, old coolers, and refrigerators. The sky is the limit. When deciding what to make it out of keep in mind that you will need cord holes for your fan and light. Ex. if you are going to use an aquarium. You can make a plywood cover and drill holes in it for the cords to come out the top.

You will need a light. This will give you your heat. Take an old lamp apart and use the light cord. You will have to play around with the wattage to keep a consistent temp. Whatever watt light that will keep a consistent temp of 99.5 - 100.0 degrees. I bought a dimmer switch for a couple bucks. This makes it a lot easier to adjust the heat to keep the temperature you want.

If you are using a box you can tack something to got buy some hardware cloth. (plastic not metal) Tack it to the inside of box to make a shelf. This is so you can put your tray of water underneath to leave room for more eggs.

Humidity is made from water. So you will need a bowl or a tray with a sponge in it and water. You will have to add water in there at least 2 or 3 times a day. At 99.5 - 100.0 degrees water won't last all day.

Place a thermometer in there so it is on top of the eggs. You want the egg temp not the air temp.

You don't have to put a fan in there but I think you will find it easier to keep the heat and humidity even if you do. Nothing special just a small fan. I have used a little computer fan. Just something to keep the air flowing.

If you want to get fancy you can buy an egg turner. If not you will have to turn them by hand. Just mark (with a pencil only!) an X on the eggs so you know which side is which when you turn them. You will need to turn them a couple times a day. Egg turners can be expensive but worth it if you don't have time to turn them.

If you have kids or want to watch yourself. You can take an old picture frame and remove the glass. Cut a hole in the box a little smaller then the glass from the frame. Glue the glass to the box. There you go you have a window.

If you use a refrigerator it will be more work. But you can build trays to slide in and out. But you use the same rules. You will probably need a bigger fan also. You will be able to incubate a ton of eggs for sure.

Just let your creative self go and you will be bale to build an incubator. Just relax and have fun with it.

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augustine montoya 4 years ago

yes i just read your passage and an old coleman coller works without a fan and i keep the temp at 99.0 deegrees

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