Hozelock 6000 & 9000 Pond Pump Review

Hozelock Easyclear 6000
Hozelock Easyclear 6000

Easyclear 6000 Review

Owning a fish pond doesn't have to mean lots of continous hard work and cleaning, although this is commonly the case. There are lots of different pond pumps and filter available to buy, but how do we know what ones really are the best? Some filters are huge so we automatically assume that this must therefore mean that it will be a fantastic filter. However, it's not always size that matters - not when it comes to fish pond pumps anyway!

After recently installing a celcon block fish pond into my back garden I found myself with the predicament of which pond pump filter to buy. I wanted one that wasn't going to take up too much room, and one that wouldn't appear to ugly. It was also preferable to have a water fountain to add to the feature of the pond. Being a fairly large pond, holding around 6000 litres of water I found it very difficult to find a filter that would be good enough to do the job, and was even left considering whether it would be worth investing in perhaps 2 or even 3 pond filters - but even then I was left with the issue of not having my water fountain. After thorough research on the internet, I came across the hozelock easyclear pond pump / filter / fountain! I was intrigued. The pump did not appear large, and reviews claimed that this pond pump would do everything that I needed it to - it sounded absolutely perfect, so I went ahead and purchased the easyclear 6000.

When the pump arrived I was a little nervous as I had spent around £100 and was praying that it would be satisfactory for my pond. I found setting the pump up was extremely simple, and you have the option of making your filter head taller for deeper areas and ponds. I wired the pump up and place it directly in the middle of my pond, where I had built up with bricks beneath the liner. The water fountain looks amazing and the sounds is completely relaxing. I have now had the fish pond and the pump running for over 6 months. There are trees at the back of the pond and over spring time lots of new blossom and leaves have been falling into the pond. The fish pond consists of 9 Koi Carp at present, who are all happily swimming around in crystal clear water. The pump has been absolutely amazing and done everything that I hoped it would. I clear out the pump once a month and I find this sufficient. It is great to be able to see the fish swimming around in all their glory, with very little maintenence required from me!

I would recommend the hozelock pumps to anyone who is considering buying a new pump/filter/fountain for their pond. You really do get 3 in 1 with the fantastic product. You even have the option to add another filter to it with the piping at the back, should you want to. I find the oxygenation in my pond is great and it reaches 4.5ft in depth at various parts, with an average depth of 3.5ft. My fish are happy, and so am i!

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Thierry Hillewaere 4 years ago

Thanks for the review, I am actually looking to buy such system for my pond, and pleased that you are pleased with it.

Gareth Lyon 2 years ago

This product is fantastic. I have over 20 koi in my 9000 gallon pond which is crystal clear.

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