Indestructible Dog Beds- Most Durable Top Name Brands

Providing a dog bed is very important, but it's also very important to find a indestructible dog bed that your dog won't chew up. I remember walking into to my house and seeing my dog with stuffing all over the place and it's not from a stuffed animal. There are many pet beds out their that claim they are durable, or chew proof but not all of them are.

My suggestion to any one with a puppy, or a big time chewer i recommend to use a old towel, or blanket. That way it's easy to clean if they make a mess. Or if they chew it up it's not going to be such a big issue because it's old and you didn't spend $40.

But if your dog does chew you can take a look at these great indestructible dog beds. These beds are from amazon and have great reviews.

The top layer uses a soft but durable micro-suede that makes it comfortable for your dog or puppy, this bed is 6 inches thick so it can be used for senior dogs, puppies and pretty much any dog. Waterproof, heavy-duty 600-denier nylon on the sides and bottom layer.  You can also use this for a indestructible dog crate.

Durable Dog Bed

This bed is great for the summer time because the dog can get hot and this is a perfect ventialited dog bed. This is also chew-proof which is perfect for any dog. Also the bed has PVC piping and rubber feet that helps prevent tipping, or your dog from falling off.

Chew-Resistant Bed

This 30" x 40" indoor/outdoor navy & tan chew resistant pet bed features heavy-duty fabrics treated for water repellent. Filled with Eco-First recycled fiber fill for supreme comfort and warmth. Easy to care for removable cover is machine washable and dryer safe.

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