Introducing Koi Carp To Your Pond

Introducing The Fish

The way in which you introduce the fish is very important - especially with Koi Carp. When they are moved from one pond to another they become very stressed, and it is in the first couple of weeks that normally decide whether they live or die. There are certain things you must do to make sure that your water is right for the fish. It is important not to rush the introduction and make sure that fish are introduced gradually and slowly.

  • Use pond starter kits, there are lots available to choose carefully.
  • You should leave the pond for a couple of weeks after it has been filled - regardless of whatever pond started kits, de-chlorinators you might have used. Give the water a real chance to settle.
  • Add water plants. This will provide the fish with shelter, protection, and also act as a natural feeding source for the fish.
  • Introduce Oxygenating weed. You only need a small slither which you can pick up from most garden centres. This will grow quicky, and provide the fish with well oxygenated water and natural food - Just beware that it will grow very quickly so you will need to maintain its growth reguarly.
  • Make sure that there is running water in order to keep the oxygen levels up in the water. Your fish will not last long without any oxygen. Koi in particular need lots of oxygen.
  • Introduce the fish to water gradually, there are different methods for this, but you are probably best asking at the garden center or wherever you purchased the fish.
  • Do not put really small fish in with really big ones as they may get eaten.
  • Test the water for PH levels, and Oxygen levels. Do not introduce your fish untill they are right.

Around 1 in 10 fish will normally not survive when moved to a new pond, regardless of how perfect the water is. This can be seen as a healthy number, so do not worry if you find this. However if 50% of your fish have died then there is more than likely something to be wrong with your water.

If you have found that a large number of the fish have flaky looking skin and scales after being introduced, then you can find out a little more by visiting the page below.

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Kevin Warhus 6 years ago

Ive had lots of trouble introducing fish into my pond. Thanks for all the great tips!

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